Seymour sees playoffs for Raiders in 2009

This week’s episode of Two Deep Zone on 1530 Homer with former NFL players Artrell Hawkins and Charles Fisher included not only some eye-opening remarks from Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but also a jaw-dropping prediction from Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour.

Seymour says that the Raiders are going to the playoffs.

“You can mark it down,” Seymour said.  “The Raiders will be in the playoffs in 2009.”

(Upon hearing the prediction, the NFL asked Seymour to submit to reasonable-cause drug testing.)

It’s really not a completely ridiculous suggestion.  At 2-4, the Raiders are only a game behind the logjam of teams jockeying for the No. 6 seed.  Currently, the Ravens, Jets, Jaguars, and Texans are 3-3.  The Dolphins and Chargers are 2-3.

77 responses to “Seymour sees playoffs for Raiders in 2009

  1. Not with JaMarcus Russell at QB.
    It will certainly be interesting to see if Oakland opens up the bank vault for Seymour.

  2. although his comment is laughable…I love watching him play…I wish the vikings would have made a move for this guy…He is awesome to watch

  3. why, does he plan on buying tickets for the team to travel to them???!!!
    OR maybe he plans on knocking off Al Davis in the off season….until he’s gone the Raiders won’t see JACK SQUAT!!!!!
    Seymour, thanks for all your time in New England, but keep your mouth shut until you have something insightful & smart to say…..

  4. depends on which raiders? and russell.
    the one who showed up vs. kc, san diego and philly? yes they are a contender, but if they play like the other 3 games – not a prayer.

  5. Possible…The level of talent on team is as good as any in the AFC.
    BUT the offensive has to grow by LEAPS and BOUNDS and the Raiders HAVE TO get a return game worth a damn going in both punt returns and kickoff returns.

  6. “I marked it down”.
    However not one NFL team will be in the playoffs in 2009 in the current NFL season.
    Why? Because all 32 NFL teams play their final game on January 3rd 2010.
    So how can any team be in the playoffs in 2009?
    Give that man a copy of the NFL schedule!

  7. If they had a quarterback at the competency level of even a Jeff Garcia, I don’t think it would be a completely insane prediction. The combined record of the remaining teams on their schedule looks to be a tick under .500. Crazier things have happened. Probably…….

  8. Knock him all you want, you have to admire the confidence and passion he’s obviously playing with, despite not originally being so pleased with the situation. He’s sucking it up and giving it his all. The Raiders could use 52 more guys like him.

  9. Sure they have a shot considering they have to get through Denver (which they couldn’t), Pittsburgh, New England, Cinnci, Baltimore, Indy, Houston (which they couldn’t), Jets, San Diego the list continues if they continue to play like they have been they are going to go nowhere. Beating philly was pure luck. Heck, cleveland beat the Gmen last year.

  10. Yeah Seymour.
    Way to go all Jim Fassel on ’em (‘I’m pushing all my chips to the center of the table. This team is going to the playoffs. Anyone who wants in, get in. Anyone who wants out, get out.’).
    Hopefully this inspires the rest of that team. The Raiders have 2 tough but winnable games coming up against the Jets and @ San Diego. If they can pull those two out they’re sitting 4-4 heading into the bye riding a 3-game win streak against 3 pretty good teams. Next up after that is a game vs. KC.
    This is a critical, critical stretch for the Raiders organization. Way to step up and fire sh-t up, Seymour.
    What a great trade that was for the Raiders.

  11. Kiss Bill’s Rings (BTW nice handle) all teams have to start somewhere. I seem to remember the run to glory for the Patriots didn’t start until Drew Bledsoe got his head taken off by Moe Lewis and the famous “Tuck Rule” game.
    All I am saying is that a run to the playoffs has to start somewhere and quality veterans on defense like Nnamdi Asomugha Greg Ellis and Seymour are a great place to start!
    Now our offense and return game (not to mention owner) certainly make it an unlikely scenario, but not impossible.

  12. If they can get all the opposing coaches to not prepare all week (like Andy), they may have a shot.

  13. Big Sey just became my second favorite Raider after Nnamdi.
    I mean, it has almost no hope in hell of happening, but I love that he said it. I think if this team finishes 8-8, especially after playing 3 increasingly bad games against Houston, Denver and the Giants, it’ll be a HUGE accomplishment.
    In theory, it could happen. I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to said the Raiders could go into the bye at .500. In the 2nd half of the year, you have to expect them to beat the Chiefs, Redskins and Browns. They’ll almost certainly lose to Pittsbugh, Denver and Baltimore.
    That leaves the Cincinnati and Dallas games as the toss ups. If they win both of those and the season ends up going like I predicted above, they’ll be 9-7 with at least an outside shot, depending on how crowded the wild card race is. I guess it’s not theoretically impossible, but it is massively unlikely. That 6th seed is much harder to snag in the AFC.
    Two things, though: 1) The Raiders have to keep bringing it every week like they did on Sunday and 2) JaMarcus Russell has to progress or the chances drop to ZERO.
    Still, I like what Seymour did. He certainly is gonna play his ass off the rest of the year to keep himself from looking stupid and maybe it’ll provide motivation to the rest of the team to fall in behind him.
    He’s written the check. Can the Raiders cash it? Stay tuned….

  14. Actually, it is a ridiculous statement, but not for the reason that you stated. Week 17 does not end until 2010, so how can the Raiders (or anyone else) be in the playoffs in 2009? Florio, I’m surprised you, as a lawyer, did not catch that one.

  15. Um, wow RaiderRedleg. As talented as any team in the AFC? That comment is almost as rediculous as the one Seymour made.

  16. Maybe they will travel to the playoff game on the unicorns that Seymour saw in the Raiders’ parking lot.

  17. @RaiderRedleg are you serious? As talented as any other AFC team, are you kidding me? There are backup QBs way more talented than Russell. And your receivers make Jacksonville’s receivers look like all-pro’s. I’d make a few more comparisons, but if I named some players on your team nobody would know who the hell they are.
    Asomugha may be one of the best in the league. After that, the talent level drops off considerably.

  18. “It’s really not a completely ridiculous suggestion.”
    This comes from a man who predicted the Redskins to be NFC Champions.

  19. No one cares what NE fans think. shhhhhhhhhhhhh. The Raiders have the talent, that was clearly shown on opening week, and if you didn’t watch that entire game, than you have no right to dispute it. The only thing the Raiders need to do to make the playoffs is get rid of Russell. Worst……QB……..ever……… DHB and Murphy will rock the NFL once Russel is gone. Seymour is no fool, he wouldn’t run his mouth just to get in the news. They completely dismantled the E-gals, embarrased them. Most people did not give the Raiders credit, they simply said the E-gals did not play well. Why do you suppose that is? The Raiders completely controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. McPukey was on his ass more than his feet. Some people blame Reid whenever they lose saying they throw too much. To said people……..have you ever watched an E-gals game? That is what they do every game. It should be of no surprise to anyone they throw as much as they do. Big ups to Oakland and after they beat the Jets I can’t wait to hear the excuses posted on this site.

  20. It is a completely ridiculous suggestion. The Raiders will be lucky to win another game.

  21. Nitpicking about 2009/2010 is really weak. It’s the 2009 season. Everyone knows what that meant.

  22. ” At 2-4, the Raiders are only a game behind the logjam of teams jockeying for the No. 6 seed. Currently, the Ravens, Jets, Jaguars, and Texans are 3-3. The Dolphins and Chargers are 2-3.”
    And all of those teams are better than the Raiders. Seymour has never had any sense.

  23. It is okay for a player on a team one game out of the wild card race to say his team is making the playoffs. If everyone on the team believed that statement it would likely come true.
    With that said, it is very unlikely that their team makes the playoffs.

  24. “The Raiders will be in the playoffs in 2009.”
    Funniest statement I’ve heard since “Rex Grossman is our Quarterback”.
    Raiders have the talent but not the coaching or QB to make the playoffs.

  25. Richard, lets just be concerned with winning against the Jets, and the Chargers the next two games heading into the bye week.
    Talk is cheap, show it on the field…..

  26. @Levito
    Defensively, there’s a huge amount of talent….just a lot of it never gets noticed because they’re on the Raiders. Asomugha and Seymour are two of the best in the league. Greg Ellis is a talented veteran. Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard are the most underrated linebacking tandem in the league. Tyvon Branch would be getting all sorts of praise if he played on a team with (positive) national exposure.
    On the offensive side, the talent is there, but it’s mostly just potential. Mario Henderson is a great LT. He’s given up 1 sack in the 11 games since he took over as a starter. Zach Miller is as good a tight end as you’ll find. I have full confidence Chaz Schilens and Louis Murphy will emerge as top notch receivers in the next year.
    The question marks are the QB and running backs. Enormous potential lies in Russell, McFadden and Michael Bush. It needs to come out soon, though, or the team is going nowhere for more years to come.

  27. @pastabelly
    Al will make Seymour a very generous offer. He’s not shy about opening up the checkbook. Seymour would be wise to accept it too, because he’s going to be a Raider for the next two years at least. Asomugha is under contract now, so they’ll use the franchise tag on Seymour. Ain’t no way he’s escaping for the next couple seasons.

  28. I like this. I dont think the Raiders are going to make the playoffs this season. But by Seymour saying this it shows that the team hasn’t quit on this season yet, I think that Giants game was a big wake up call for alot of them. No professional athlete wants to be embarassed like that. It would be refreshing to see the Raiders back in the playoffs, but I dont think it’s going to happen this season. But stranger things have happened. The Arizona Cardinals went to the superbowl last year lol.

  29. Raider Redleg…thanks man, I owe the name to Ryan , he cracked me up when he said that when the Jets hired him… a life long Patriots fan, I feel your pain….TONS of scar tissue to prove it!!! I’m just saying that tallent alone won’t get it done & Davis not being smart enough to step back & hire & trust a coach to do his job without worrying about being replaced the next year will continue to haunt the franchise….there are soooooooo many intangibles to building a great franchise that the Raiders are currently missing & not even attempting to embrace, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon I’m sorry to say….but good luck anyway!!!

  30. “RaiderRedLeg: All I am saying is that a run to the playoffs has to start somewhere and quality veterans on defense like Nnamdi Asomugha Greg Ellis and Seymour are a great place to start!”
    As long as Crazy Al is alive, Asomugha will probably get traded to the Patriots next season for a 5th-round pick. LMAO

  31. I see a reality check by week 13 when the RAIDERS ARE KNOCK OUT OF PLAYOFF CONTENTION, OFFICIALLY

  32. FOR: birdmancometh,
    It is actually spelled “ridiculous” but understand your point all the same.
    FOR: Levito
    Your points are extremely valid…Some of the “no-names” on offensive have to do ALOT better, but if they can play as a complete team like they did against San Diego and Philly they could at least be competitive which is a HECK of a lot more than they have been since 2002.

  33. This is the 2009 NFL season folks. The NFL isn’t like hockey which says the 2009-2010 season. As for the offense, Chaz is back this week. Huge upgrade for the receiving corps. You will see less double teams on Miller because of this. Gallery may be back for the Chargers as well. No more Chris Morris, thank you! Al better continue to give Cable and Marshall the green light to blitz, if he doesn’t, the season will be lost.

  34. I would hope he sees the playoffs. If a guy that rich doesnt own a tv with at least basic cable somethings wrong with him. Good thing he resides in oakland now….the weather in January should be just about perfect so he wont have to run up the electric bill using the A/C.

  35. Half you idiots didn’t even listen to the feed, it’s not like the guy came out and insisted that they were going to the playoffs, they asked him. What’s the guy supposed to say, no…. no way in hell….. not going to happen this year. They wanted him to say yes, so he did while laughing about it. Ask anyone on any sub par team if they “think” their team is going to the playoffs, if they say no, how long do think that guy is going to have a job? I just hope the team uses this as motivation. Leave it to Florio to take a shit and say it’s meatloaf.

  36. in the defense of seymour (and florio) no one ever said 2009. maybe he meant that the Raiders would be in the playoffs “eventually,” cause not once did i hear him OR the host of the show say 2009, even if it was inferred.

  37. JaMarcus Russell may have problems, but the Raiders receivers have been atrocious at best.
    I have not seen all their games this year, but from what I have seen the Raider “receivers” average about 10 dropped passes per game.
    I seriously doubt that the Raiders will make the playoffs, but if the receivers start catching 80% of the dropped passes Russell may start to look like an average QB and that may help the Raiders win a few more games.
    They do have some talent on the team, but I don’t see the playoffs in the future.

  38. ” But stranger things have happened. The Arizona Cardinals went to the superbowl last year”
    Their run will give hope to marginal franchises for decades to come.

  39. he could be confident without making outlandish claims.
    9 times out of 10, players that make these kind of claims are underachievers… as are the teams they’re on.

  40. The Raiders are as talented as every other team. The talent gap is so small in the NFL all 32 teams are very close. So even though Peyton is worlds better than Russle Nnamdi is light years better than probably 60 of the 64 other starting corners. The reason the Raiders suck is where they are talented you can have a good defense and a solid running game but if your QB isn’t even up to Trent Dilfer status than it’s going to be tough to win games. Of Russle can become Dilfer or Shuan Hill or Kyle Orton (yes he is a game manager) than the Raiders have an decent chance to sneak into the wild card. The problem is they are going to have to beat at least one team like Baltimore or Pittsburgh so they have a tie breaker over someone. And when you beat the Eagles it’s a little harder to get the jump on those type of teams.

  41. Kiss Bills Rings,
    Roger agree with you about the coaching …2002 was probably the last, best chance of Al doing business HIS WAY.
    It would have been interesting if he had hired Belichick instead of Gruden, but the end result would have most likely been the same:
    Probably a few great years followed by being fired/let go for being percieved as replacing Al Davis as the most important person in the organization.

  42. I like Seymour a lot, but I have to disagree with him here.
    First off, JaMarcus is still developing, (I’m not prepared to call him a bust yet, but there need to be positive steps).
    Our receiving corps is terrible right now, with all rookie starters (Schilens is coming back soon hopefully).
    Our run defense still sucks.

  43. Seymour Butts has been dabbling in toxic pez.
    Next time the Raiders make the playoffs is when they are the “L.A. Raiders,” playing at the new stadium.
    This franchise in Oakland is being run into the ground for a reason.

  44. “First off, JaMarcus is still developing, (I’m not prepared to call him a bust yet, but there need to be positive steps).”
    Can you believe an idiot put this sentence together with no spelling errors? INCREDIBLE!

  45. “He certainly is gonna play his ass off the rest of the year to keep himself from looking stupid……”
    ….and cash in on that last big contract he’s going to get when the year is over.

  46. prophet of the light
    Playoffs in 2009 so that NE can have the #1 overall pick in 2010 😀
    i’m not sure what the hell this means? by the way the pick was for the 2011 draft.

  47. Those who are criticizing Seymour…….enough already. He has brought a positive attitude and great play to the Raiders. He has solidified their defense. If the Raiders can get ANYTHING from their offense…they at least have a chance in the AFC West or maybe to squeak in as a wild card.’s still a longshot…….but having a positive attitude and spreading that to your teammates is not abad thing and doesnt deserve criticism.

  48. # jb10 says: October 21, 2009 4:25 PM
    prophet of the light
    Playoffs in 2009 so that NE can have the #1 overall pick in 2010 😀
    i’m not sure what the hell this means? by the way the pick was for the 2011 draft.
    Bear with me and I will explain it………..if the Raiders finish 1st in the AFC West…they will play a FIRST PLACE Schedule next year…which usually is much more difficult than a 3rd or 4th place schedule. Thus….a much better chance of having a poorer record and a higher draft pick in 2011 fior New England

  49. titanstrides,
    I did not click the link, so you might very well be right that Seymour did not say that. Don’t be so quick to bailout Florio though.
    From Florio’s article:
    “You can mark it down,” Seymour said. “The Raiders will be in the playoffs in 2009.”

  50. Seymour must know something we don’t …
    1. JaMarcus is being benched
    2. Al Davis is no longer calling the shots on defense.

  51. I swear, the average age of people here has to be 12, what a joke. Seymour was asked “will the Raiders make the playoffs?”
    What the hell do you expect him to say?
    Wake up, kids.

  52. Manhandling King Dunlap and whatever 2nd and 3rd stringers the eagles had left doesn’t make you a contender.

  53. ignoringthehaters:
    I’m not sure what’s funnier: E-gals or McPukey. Now, that’s funny!
    Where is that punk Jevon Walker these days? What’s the over/under on his Chapter 11?

  54. One game at a time fellas. Our offense has to keep movin the ball for us to have any chance at winning consistently. Jamarcus needs to keep playing with the passion he had last week. We’ve had alot of success against the jets. This could be huge if we can win this game Sunday going into San Diego with a 2 game win streak.

  55. Where is that punk Jevon Walker these days?

    Cable threw him out there, hoping he’s make a catch or throw a block or run back to the huddle like he was getting another chance, in the vain hope some desperate team would offer a goat and a 7th round pick for him.
    As for Seymour, get off him. Confidence counts, and somebody on that teams need to talk.

  56. That’s a pretty bold prediction.
    Especially since this season’s playoffs don’t start until 2010.
    So presumably Seymour is postulating some theory involving quantum physics and time travel back to the playoffs in 2009 and alternate universes in which Al Davis can pick a competent coach.

  57. that was a comment submission error. Where is Professor Emmitt when you need him?

  58. so Artrell Hawkins straight up ASKS Richard Seymour, “Are you going to make the playoffs?” Seymour says “Yes” and everyone bashes it.
    May I ask you all one question?

  59. artrell hawkins asks him if theyre gonna make the playoffs and he says yes… what do u expect him to say? is he supposed to say, “no, not this year man, maybe next year”? hahahhaaaaa
    listen to the interview haters

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