'Skins calling an audible on Zorn's role in sending plays to the field

In what appears to be another effort by the Redskins to wave in the face of coach Jim Zorn the pieces of his manhood that have been surgically removed, Zorn won’t be relaying the play calls from Sherm Lewis to the quarterback during Monday night’s game against the Eagles.

Earlier this week, Zorn said that Lewis will be in the booth, that Lewis will communicate the play to Zorn on the sideline, and that Zorn will send the information to the field.  Wednesday, Zorn said that Sherman Smith will instead be the middleman.

It’s possible that Zorn opted not to be involved in the chain of communication, since his only input would be to repeat the series of words, letters, and/or numbers.  It’s also possible that others decided that Zorn might be in position to “misunderstand” Lewis or to deliberately overrule him, defeating the purpose of removing the function from Zorn’s plate.

Jim, if you have any pride whatsoever, turn off your computer, grab your keys, get up, and leave that place.  You’ll get another job next year when Mike Holmgren is back in the league.

Unless, of course, Holmgren is working for the Redskins.

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  1. To sum it up, the Redskins (Snyder) want to humiliate and embarrass Jim Zorn enough so that he resigns. The Skins don’t want to pay out the contract. The Skins are going to do a lot of other stupid stuff, too.
    Zorn is too smart. He will just put up with all this ticky tack cr*p and then he will get fired, get paid, and eventually find a much better team to work for, albeit as an assistant coach.
    Maybe Zorn does better as head coach with another team. Maybe a team that has an offensive line.

  2. On the bright side Zorn is still allowed to drag the tackling dummies off the field after practice.
    However – juast for laughs – Snyder makes him wear a pair of frilly pink panties while he does it.

  3. Yeah I agree with that last paragraph. I’m starting to feel for the guy. Stick it in their face and quit.

  4. The reason this was done was because they did not think Zorn could repeat the play with out screwing it up
    Do not leave Jim stay and get fired that way you have your cash

  5. The Redskins are a wreck and it starts from the top! They will never have success until they change the people that are running the show! Owner included! From what I hear, Snyder is just a bad guy in general. Coaches will continue to come and go with this guy in power! Its sad…it really is. At least before, he would pay obscene amounts to coaches, but now he doesn’t even do that. What has he done for the league? He can sell seats, so maybe he should just do that and leave football alone. PLEASE!

  6. # MattMoore For 09 says: October 21, 2009 6:01 PM
    B1 P3 B6 B12 J7 B2 Y8 K9 J8 N4 C10 V9
    Not to nitpick here, but the only letters in Bingo are B,I,N,G, and O. There are No C’s, V’s, K’s, Y’s, P’s, J’s, or N’s. If you don’t believe me, just ask the soon-to-be interim head coach of the Washington Redskins.

  7. Redskins fans think they have it bad??? Try being a Raider fan with clueless drooling Al Davis running the team further into the ground every year.
    Stuff like this happens to us all the time. So Snyder hired a guy who was working at a bingo hall and out of the league 5 years. Al Bundy Davis hired a guy that ran a bed & breakfest and was out of football 10 years. Then to top it off hired the clipboard carrying shows as much emotion as a tree stump Art Shell.
    Trying to get Zorn to resign??? Undead Al even typed up a letter of resig. for Kiffin to sign.
    After trying for weeks Cable and Marshall just got permission from Count Alcula last week to blitz.
    Misery might love company. But nothing compares to the horror of an Al Davis.

  8. I agree he should ride it out and make them pay for embarassing him the way they are. i hate the redskins but feel bad for that guy. Snyder is more than an idiot.

  9. I have to say this is a freakin disgrace. Al Davis has lost his way because of age, whats Snyders excuse? Al looks sane compared to that asspirate.

  10. Two notes:
    Largent is speaking out on Zorn’s behalf, and says his friend has too much integrity to just walkout. I think that’s admirable to a point, and I’d want Snyder to have to pay me off too.
    Also, Zorn was concerned about delay of game penalties with the play-call two-step, which is a legitimate concern, although not as juicy as other speculations.

  11. Since taking over the Skins Dan Snyder has:
    1. Made poor draft / free agency choices.
    2. Hired / fired way too many coaches.
    3. Increased ticket, parking and concession prices.
    4. Charged fans to tailgate.
    5. Hired, Fired and Re-Hired Vinny Cerrato.
    6. Sued season ticket owners.
    7. And my personal favorite; makes everyone address him as “Mr. Snyder” and the staff at the stadium must “clear the hallways because, Mr. Snyder is on his way in.”
    The list goes on and on, but there is only one way to correct this problem. STOP attending games, and all this will go away.

  12. how is zorn getting so much criticism. what about cerrato? he’s been fired and rehired and he obviously does not have an eye for talent. he got a couple of lucky picks in SF. just cant see how he is still there

  13. I feel sorry for Skins fans everywhere.
    And mygirlfriend being one of those fans…. The Synder hatred abounds in my household.

  14. If poor incompetent pussy Jim Zorn is being sooooooooo emasculated, why doesn’t he quit like a MAN. Only his gynecologist knows for sure.

  15. sad. a once great franchise, and this is what they have become? pathetic. zorn deserves better, and so do the redskin fans.

  16. # DocBG says: October 21, 2009 6:17 PM
    # MattMoore For 09 says: October 21, 2009 6:01 PM
    B1 P3 B6 B12 J7 B2 Y8 K9 J8 N4 C10 V9
    Not to nitpick here, but the only letters in Bingo are B,I,N,G, and O. There are No C’s, V’s, K’s, Y’s, P’s, J’s, or N’s. If you don’t believe me, just ask the soon-to-be interim head coach of the Washington Redskins.
    Not to nitpick here, but I do believe there is a N in BINGO. Do you happen to be a packer fan per chance?

  17. Zorn, I agree. Pick up your keys and leave.
    This whole situation is going to look good for your future when you hit the market. Show some cojones.

  18. Ok, at first I thought it was Zorn’s fault for all of this. But, after much thought, it is truly (as most people have stated above) this is an upper management problem. Synder is the problem and has been since the day he started asking for money to do this and that at the stadium and still the accommodations are the poorest (i.e. parking in the swamp mess during the preseason game vs Pitt).
    I have been a skins fan since the day I was born and my father before me, god bless his soul. But, now he spins in his grave and would just shake his head in despair over this mess.
    Furthermore, Joe Gibbs is not the answer, he is a coach not a personnel man ( BTW J.D. runs the NASCAR part not Joe).
    To sum it up [Daniel Synder], you will never bring a winner to D.C. until you learn to just sit down, shut up, sign the checks, and pay someone who has a multitude of NFL knowledge to be the general manager and the coach. You don’t know skwat about football operations in the NFL and only will learn until someone with the big ones comes in and sets you straight.

  19. The good news is they are going to have Fan Bingo they will play every time the other team scores
    While of course not a skins fan I hate to see this happen to a team that I DID once respect

  20. Cubano says:
    October 21, 2009 6:28 PM
    Since taking over the Skins Dan Snyder has
    Charges for tailgating
    How do you charge for tailgating

  21. At least Al Davis won’t be around much longer. Us skins fans are stuck with this little ass munch for the next 40 years.

  22. splitting these duties (playcaller, relayer, etc.) is common practice with successful NFL teams …
    Zorn was trying to do too much and should let his coaches coach their respective assignments while he manages the team … trying to have your hand in too many things at once is not a good thing …
    with this delegation of duties, JZ can either prove or disprove he belongs as a head coach …

  23. Surprised?……..NO!
    Remember this is the organization that sued a 70 year old season ticket holder who was about to lose her home to foreclosure.
    Nothing surprises me about this egomaniac Dan “Napoleon” Snyder. This franchise is in ruins. Jack Kent Cooke must be rolling over in his grave.

  24. sim448 says:
    October 21, 2009 6:47 PM
    sad. a once great franchise, and this is what they have become? pathetic. zorn deserves better, and so do the redskin fans.
    Smartest thing that the Redskins franchise ever did was leave that shithole known as Boston.
    Ha ha ha!

  25. Someone call the Special Victims Unit(SVU) and get some help for Jim Zorn. My message to Zorn… Hang in there and don’t let Daniel Synder strong hold you.
    One thing no one can take from you Zorn is your pride. You will find and job somewhere else and you will know what it’s like to win again. Just don’t quit, take Synder’s money for us.
    BTW If you work for the Skins, Daniel Synder is not “special” and should not be referred to as “Mr. Synder”.

  26. And to think that just a few months ago, people were asking for Josh McDaniels to be fired before the season started. This whole episode in Washington might be the ugliest thing I have ever witnessed just short of the cowardice of the Colts moving to Indianapolis in the dead of night.
    There is no doubt they are going to try everything to embarrass Zorn to quit so they don’t have to pay the rest of his salary. What a class organization.
    This is what happens when a fan of a team becomes the owner of a team.

  27. Bigbluefan, have to get designated tailgating passes which cost money. There are also only certain parking zones permitted for tailgating which I think cost more.
    I too was at the “swamp mess” gray lot parking area during the skins-pitt preseason game. My car got stuck as soon as the front wheels left the gravel onto the the “parking grass/mud” If anyone saw a black 07 civic SI stuck half way in the mud half way in the gravel semi blocking the exit that was me =(

  28. Hang in there Jim. The only thing left for me to root for this year is for you to take more of that assholes money. Force him come out from behind his girl Vinnys skirt and fire you. Personally, I’d love to see you pull a La-Z-boy up to the sideline Monday night and watch from there. Drink in one hand, cigar in the other.

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