Justin Fargas has an interesting theory about the pigeon

By now, most NFL fans have seen the video of the pigeon that flew in formation with the Raiders while the team covered a kickoff during Sunday’s game against the Eagles.

Running back Justin Fargas has a theory.  Though it might simply be the result of hanging around with Yukmouth and his turkey bags, it’s an interesting idea.

Fargas, appearing on KHTK in Sacramento (via SportsRadioInterviews.com) said that the Raiders think the bird was inhabited by the spirit of the late Marquis Cooper, a former Raider who drowned in March after a fishing boat capsized in bad weather.

“It kind of gives you a different perspective on things,” Fargas said.  “Yeah it was definitely a strange event seeing that bird flying out there.  It seemed comfortable on the football field and comfortable flying down there literally on special teams.  It very well could have been Marquis.”

We assume that some of you might have something to say about that.  So we’ll shut up (for a change) and let you have at it.

113 responses to “Justin Fargas has an interesting theory about the pigeon

  1. Well it definitely deviates from my theory that the pigeon is trained by the Raiders to go out there and serve as an obstacle to the return team.

  2. Sounds like the pigeon isn’t the only one flying high out there. Lay off the sticky icky, Justin.

  3. I actually I have it on good authority that Marquis Cooper was the file cabinet that Coach Cable threw Randy Hanson against.

  4. Oh…Florio…please tell me you didn’t just open those flood gates. You’re gonna have 200 comments from over sensitive religious types in 15 min.

  5. Wow, he’s claiming the guy got reincarnated as a rat with wings? What did Marquis ever do to deserve that? I could see a hawk or an eagle, but pigeons are disgusting, trash eating vermin. They are the Vox Veritas of the the bird world. Cooper’s family should demand an apology.

  6. Pidgeons are a trip. When I was in highschool we were out on a photo shoot. We were almost home when a pidgeon swooped down across the hood of my car while at a stop sign. 2 miles down the road in a 35mph zone – I look out my window and the(a) pidgeon is flying right next to my window. I reached out for the heck of it, and was able to grab it. We were only a few blocks from home at that point so I drove with it on my hands. We got out of the car and the pidgeon wouldn’t leave. I tried to give him a gentle lift to encourage flying away, but wouldn’t leave. I set him on the garage and eventually he left. Something going on with those pidgeons!

  7. Film of a pigeon accompanying the Raiders down the field on a kickoff return made for an amusing highlight, but struck a few players as something more significant.
    “You see that pigeon?,” Green said to teammate Sam Williams. “That was Marquis.”
    Indeed, even the mother of Marquis Cooper, the Raiders linebacker and special teams standout who was lost at sea on March 1 and presumed dead, thought the same thing.
    Williams checks in with Donna Cooper regularly.
    “She said, `That was Marquis out there with you guys,’ ” Williams said. “That was something else. I just saw it on the field, wondering why it was there. Once I saw it with us, covering the kick, it was special.”

  8. I find that much more plausible than trying to figure out why the refs didn’t flag the Raiders for 12 men on the field. That’s the bigger mystery to me.

  9. I thought it was gonna get stepped on by a player and then the player would yell out “We had a deal!” in frustration.

  10. I think that theory makes about as much sense as Florio taking the Dolphins over the Saints this week.
    Really Florio? Really?! You think the Wildcat is going to be what stop the Saints this season. Please.

  11. That’s an excellent theory by Justin Fargas. I love it.
    It’s amazing how the bird did leave on cue as the announcer said and flew in formation.
    Pretty wild.

  12. $5 says Belichec reads this and comes up with the idea to train flocks of undead pigeons to attack the facemasks of opposing players.

  13. it must stink for an NFL special teams player to know that they’re going to end up being a pigeon after they die… I wonder what T.O. will be???

  14. while I may think its absurd that Marquis Cooper’s soul has found a home in a pigeon, I’m not going to rip Fargas if he truly believes that.

  15. The pigeon is probably a more accurate passer than JaMarcus. I hope it doesn’t fly near his face mask. He might eat it.

  16. Lil Huggy Bear came up with this theory? Seriously, Lil Hugs? Think im making fun of him by calling him that? Guess again, he doubles as a rapper whose stage name is Lil Hugs, check it out.

  17. KNBC Houston is reporting Barrett Robbins got ahold of some peyote and transposed himself into his Spirit Animal, attempting to make amends for his Superbowl XXXVII.

  18. Well since Ice Cube is a huge Raider fan and he probably knows Forest Whitaker from the Hollywood scene, I think Cube called Forest to learn the Pidgeon training he used in “Ghost Dog”. Together they were conjuring up the “Way of the Samurai”. I bet if you roll audio on that tape you can hear a RZA beat driving that pidgeon just before the kick! That bird was a silent blade striking a blow through the soul of the Eagle…. Reincarnation? What a ridiculous theory.

  19. I’ve had a number of experiences that have convinced me that departed souls can either temporarily occupy the bodies of birds and/or animals or at least use them to deliver brief greetings to loved ones left behind. I know most will laugh; that’s okay.

  20. If it inspires them, motivates them, and helps them remember him, it is a good thing. No one should make fun of them for this.
    Especially when there are so many other easier things to make fun of them for.

  21. So basically Marquis Cooper led such a horrible life that he was reincarnated as a freaking turd factory pigeon.

  22. wow – that’s pretty touching (regardless of anyone’s personal beliefs). Nice to hear a player remember another like that.

  23. Florio, you’re an idiot.
    His belief my seem odd, but it is HIS belief. If that is what he so chooses to think, that is his personal freedom.
    We all think differently. Don’t persecute the thoughts of another, or how they choose to remember someone, you insensitive clod (then again, what does one expect from a lawyer??)

  24. Well, considering how fast it flew down the field, I’d say it was a draft pick of Al Davis.

  25. I thought the pigeon was one of those messenger types. You know, so Al could call plays in to guys on the field since he doesn’t have the strength to pick up a phone.

  26. How terrible a person was Marquis Cooper to be reincarnated as a pigeon? Rae Carruth will come back as a pimple on Florio’s butt.

  27. no pigeon worth his salt would wanna be affiliated with the raiders. he was merely trying to take a crap on them.

  28. I’m impressed with the way the pigeon broke down on the kick-off coverage. In a related story, Al Davis attempted to sign the pigeon after the game to which the pigeon replied, “I’d rather s**t on cars”.

  29. Could have been a Raider special team player…… it started off sides, and finished no where near the ball, and just like Fargas, ate a bunch of grass afterwards.

  30. Somebody’s son died. Somones Husband passed away. Some child’s father will not be there. If football is so important to you Morons who cannot think of ONE kind thing to say about someone who was obviously thiking not of himself, then now you know why most teams see fans has uneducated buffons with wallets full of money to be taken!

  31. Guys,
    The Raiders are back. I can just feel the emotion from the Raider players. They want to go out and shock the world. They’re going to.
    I had called Jamarcus Russell a bust. Well, he played like one. He is done with that phase. He is going to play well from here on out.
    Good luck, Raiders. Shock the world!
    RIP Marquis Cooper

  32. I’m more interested in how many people that think this is a positive religious thing would think the same if the story had muslim overtones.
    I bet it would be none.
    This religion thing is really funny to observe, well until the hand of their god controlled by some moronic human leader is pointed at you and your life is now threatened. You know even though every life is sacred and abortion is bad etc etc etc…..
    ok i’m still laughing at it…..

  33. It’s funny that this was mentioned, Marquis’s mother had the same thought when she saw the video with the pigeon during the kick off.

  34. guys, i don’t think justin meant the pigeon was literally marquis, lol.
    it’s a fun way to enjoy a spirituality angle with a deceased friend and a brave bird. 🙂
    i thought that pigeon was awesome. i wonder if he’s a free agent after this year, the dolphins need serious help on special teams!

  35. # Triryche says: October 22, 2009 4:34 PM
    Florio, you’re an idiot.
    His belief my seem odd, but it is HIS belief. If that is what he so chooses to think, that is his personal freedom.
    We all think differently. Don’t persecute the thoughts of another, or how they choose to remember someone, you insensitive clod (then again, what does one expect from a lawyer??)
    You’re right on but Florio’s not alone, Triryche.
    This place is full of ignorant assholes who have no class whatsoever.

  36. Hey Bossbro510-
    Forrest Whitaker is still alive. Get you’re “I want to insult a large African-American Actor” name straight!

  37. Awesome thought. Though I don’t think he was actually the bird, I think the bird is a sign that Marquis’ spirit is there at the games.

  38. “None of us will ever know for sure until we have to go pay a visit to the Big Man upstairs.”
    Or at least the old men with stale bread in the park.

  39. Marquise craps on the Iggles.
    Maybe the bird was on the way to the baseball stadium so Randy Johnson could cook it with a fastball. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  40. Sportnman says:
    October 22, 2009 5:26 PM
    Hey Bossbro510-
    Forrest Whitaker is still alive. Get you’re “I want to insult a large African-American Actor” name straight!
    Hey dipshit, Forrest Whitaker was in the movie “Ghost Dog”. Where in his post does he mention Whitaker being dead, and how do you turn this into an issue of race?
    MORON? Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  41. Interesting. PFT planet managed to refrain from ignorant religious comments, but a story about politics causes normally sane people to go crazy with rage.
    I’m impressed…yet confused.
    I hope this brings some peace to his family and friends.

  42. Its interesting I also thought I saw the ghost of Gene Upshaw on the field during the Giants game and Antonio Pierce still ran over him.

  43. Flowerio, for you to even post this article and let these imbeciles respond truly represents what an insensitive clod you really are.
    If this story was about someone from West Virginia and not the Raiders, I can guarantee it would not have been published on PFT.

  44. It was odd to see that pigeon mirroring the special teams squad — but one theory might be instinct. The bird may have instinctively been trying to keep up with the flock.

  45. I usually leave the Ghost Whisperer stuff to my wife…but that was one odd bird. Not only did it leave perfectly and stay in its lane, but then it was somehow smart enough to stay the hell out of the way and not get crushed. It was way to comfortable, too. That was ‘wierdest’ thing about the clip to me.

  46. “I could see a hawk or an eagle, but pigeons are disgusting, trash eating vermin. They are the Vox Veritas of the the bird world.”
    You don’t like them because they poop on everything in NYC. Come to think of it, that is a lot like me.

  47. mooremi9 says:
    October 22, 2009 4:46 PM
    This day is slower than David Ortiz’s Bat speed.
    Make that “golf club speed”, since the only game that the Red Sox are playing right now is GOLF!
    Ha ha ha ha!

  48. I’m not especially religious, but I did have the same thought about Cooper while I was watching that pigeon take off and fly down the field in special teams coverage on Sunday.
    And Fargas isn’t alone. Several other Raiders and Cooper’s mom also espoused the same belief after the game.

  49. Somebody’s son died. Somones Husband passed away. Some child’s father will not be there.
    All true, and the best they can come up with is he found his way into a pigeon and flew down on a kickoff. Why didn’t he scratch “Hey, it’s me!” in the turf with his beak? Why not sit on Fargas’ shoulder? Because it was a freeking BIRD.
    Because the human race will believe the most asinine things to make themselves feel better. I’m sure the boating accident was God’s will and he needed them in heaven for something important too. Forget free will, everything is mapped out by God. What a waste of existance if that was true.
    I’m not cold hearted, just realistic. The bird was following it’s instinct to follow the flock.

  50. The worst thing about this is that the pigeon is second on the team in special teams tackles up to this point in the season. And he is only one tackle behind the leader.

  51. Wow. Amazing how “courageous” and “humorous” some idiots can be behind the veil of an IP address…

  52. 5 Thoughts
    It kept it’s lane integrity better than 1/4 of the special teams in the NFL.
    Football so easy even a pigeon can do it.
    Were there any Raiders slower than the bird?
    The bird just figured the Raiders need all the help they can get.
    If the bird will just return Al Davis has a contract for him 3.2 mill for 2 years. (Hey they won the game didn’t they. Al knows a winner when he sees it.)

  53. I swear that during the game I was thinking that, but about Eric Turner. Trippy. Marquis makes more sense.
    And for those that choose to limit their own beliefs, That is fine, but there is room for everyone.
    Bring on the Jets.

  54. i totally forgot about marquis cooper. i did think at some point watching it, and the heavy rotation of highlights, that biker mamas from coast to coast were claiming that their dear departed raider loving biker men were speaking to them through the pigeon….
    as silly as it may be, its no sillier than most organized belief systems.

  55. Mike, if you were hoping to discover which of your readers would stoop lowest for a punchline, I nominate Rex Grossman and Zeagles. Just send them a six pack. They’ll be thrilled.
    The pigeon thing was one of nature’s cool freakish moments. The Raiders should issue a poster of the scene. If it had happened to the Steelers, I’d buy it.
    RIP Marquis. Your teammates miss you.

  56. Hey andrew61083-you’re an asswipe!
    1) You obviously have not seen the movie! nuff said on that.
    2). The fact that you even think humor and tragedy sould be buddies is insulting on many different levels.
    3). As mentoned earlier….you’re an ASSWIPE!!!!

  57. “That explains why Al Davis’ car was covered in bird-Sh * t.”
    Cripes, a full half-page of scrolling before I finally find something that made me laugh.

  58. People need to show sum respect…makin fun of the pidgen and how they view it’s significance to the team.He meant so much to them and is still with them in spirit.
    Show sum dam respect for man that suffered a unthinkable fate.
    If this wasn’t the Raiders, and it was the Pats or sum other team I bet people would have all kinds of inspiring takes on it.

  59. # Rex Grossman says: October 22, 2009 6:28 PM
    What do Marquis Cooper and pigeons have in common?
    Neither can swim.
    Wow, congratulations. You’re now the biggest ass hole here, douche bag.

  60. If Marquis Cooper is coming back as a bird for the Raiders, when is Sean Taylor going to come back to play all 11 positions for the Redskins offense?

  61. Maybe most have you have forgotten or never read who we were made by. Did you ever lose someone and hoped for a sign that whomever you lost was not gone forever. Man, you idiots better get a grip and think about life instead of your next comment on a blog. I just keep reading idiot reply’s on this board and wow! Let players play the game and give a response that makes sense to them and support there “God Given” talents that we do not have in a respectable way!

  62. Just when you thought the situation in Oakland couldn’t get any more bizarre.
    Even Al Davis is saying, “That guy is nuts”

  63. zygizag says: October 22, 2009 11:36 PM
    Football so easy even a pigeon can do it.
    OK, now that’s funny. Get ready to put some commercial slots together.

  64. People come on!
    It’s a joke.
    No one knows what goes on in the afterlife. For all we know he could be in heaven shaking his head and laughing at all of us, or in he*ll two steppin wit Satan, or somewhere inbetween, or somewhere on the bottom of the ocean, or he*ll in the Bahamas somewhere not giving a d* mn about the Raiders.
    The people on here that are clowning us for making jokes are just as wrong as everybody else to think that a man can come back as a pigeon.
    The jokes were intended at the pigeon not Marquis Cooper. Well, except for the *sshole comments about him not being able to swim.
    I’m waiting for the press conference that says “You thought I was a Pigeon?!? I was held hostage by Somalian pirates!”

  65. I don’t really go for that sort of thing but it’s a nice touch.
    I think the heart of the matter has been overlooked however… That bird flying in formation with the team was f’n awesome.
    Maybe not as awesome as the Randy Johnson pigeon pitch but in my book it gets a high grade for oddity.

  66. I forgot about Randy Johnson. I don’t know who came back as a pigeon that he killed, but he should be charged with manslaughter at least.

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