PFTV's Week Seven game of the week

We’ve got a new set of PFTV segments.  So here’s the first one.

It’s the Week Seven game of the week.

We usually don’t identify the game in order to entice you to watch the video.  But that specific nuance has been lost on the folks at NBC who spoil it with a still image.

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  1. One thing Florio….Troy is NOT what you can consider “healthy”. I hope that w/ the bye week coming after this game he goes a little harder than he did in Cleveland. But the Flyin’ Hawaiin isn’t NOT 100%.

  2. Nice segment, should be a good game. Have you guys ever thought of doing a round table type discussion? You have plenty of bodies that write, combining Joe and Mike in a round table would be a new twist on your segments.

  3. Shouldn’t the Vikings game be game of the week every week? They are the hottest thing since grilled bread. Probably the best team in the NFL to boot.
    I mean, what other team could give up 21 in the 4th to the Ravens and still win? The list can’t be very long.

  4. don’t see this as a worthy game of the week. Minnesota SHOULD steamroll the steelers based on what we’ve seen thus far. and no, i’m not a fan or hater of either team.

  5. I think the Atlanta @ Dallas game will be better. There’s more riding on it than this one. Florio’s got the “Hitler disease” with the hand shakin. He should do what Napoleon did.

  6. by the sounds of it Florio the game is already over according to you so why is it the game of the week? Something about your face just makes me want to hit it with my fist

  7. I think the Steelers Defense is overrated, esp with A. Smith out for the year, and thier corners are suspect.
    The Steeler O-line is a joke. Can’t wait til we get them in Denver.
    They will be exposed.

  8. The Viqueen’s have played a bunch of cream puffs and teams at the right time (Packers) and have been very lucky, especially against Baltimore and SF. They finally start to show their true colors this week in Pittsburgh. 18th ranked Defenses (24th ranked Pass D) don’t get better when the only player worth anything in the secondary is out. How many undefeated teams stay that way when their Offense is only ranked 14th and don’t have a strong defense to carry them. Rothlisberger must be licking his chops and I’m definitely glad I have him on 2 of my fantasy teams this week!

  9. Steamroll? From what we’ve seen so far? Idiotic statements not based in football facts. Tell us “why” the Steelers should be “steamrolled”.
    It’s always funny seeing people/media make assumptions in September/October.

  10. @ SANDO,
    HAHAHA…. Best Team in the NFL? I’ll give it up that you are off to a 6-0 start. But I don’t have to point out that the defense you have ranted and raved about for years, has been less than impressive lately.
    Queue the comments on everyone not giving the vikings the credit they deserve, but they’re not all that you homer fans crack them up to be. They beat the raves cause of a blown field goal, but they pounded sand up your ass the whole second half.
    The 49er’s also outplayed you and they were missing gore, undoubtably their best player. You can keep talking all you want, you will make the playoffs no questions, but the following teams will beat you if you face them.
    Eagles (again)
    There are a few more that have just as good of chance at beating you as you doing them but Im not about to start a holy war. Come week 17, hope it doesn’t come down to a Gary Anderson chip shot, since this team is so strikingly similar to the 98 Vikings to you Homers.

  11. Yeah, they match up good on paper…
    Pittsburgh has looked soft this year. Lackluster running and less intimidating defense, now they lose smith? Ben is taking sacks left and right and averaging an INT per game…I dont really have many hard facts, call it a gut feeling.
    Perhaps since it’s at home, out of the dome for Minnesota…it could be a closer game than I initially thought…I just dont think it’s the best matchup.

  12. Each team has some key injuries. Ben has made few mistakes… not every INT is due to the QB.
    While I’ll admit the outcome can go either way, I would like to point out that the Steelers have not been routed for quite some time.

  13. The Steelers have played 1 team with a winning record, the Bengals, and they lost. They also lost to the Bears.
    Here’s who they have beaten.
    Not exactly the class of the league there.

  14. Too bad Winfield will be out. He’s such a major part of the Vikings D. Was looking forwrd to both teams running at top speed for a true comparison.
    Steelers 31
    Vikings 27

  15. It’s early Keith. The two games they lost were due in large part to the mistakes they made. Good teams learn how to minimize those… and the Steelers have been good for a long time.
    This should be a good game. A. Smith is out… that’s my biggest concern.

  16. rydendonkeys – i can tell you haven’t watched a single steelers game this year. the offensive line has improved tremendously in the pass blocking department. this is not last year.
    hold on tight on that broncos bandwagon b/c they will be one and done in the playoffs. don’t forget that your quarterback is kyle orton lol!

  17. rydendonkeys….I can’t wait until we play Denver too…so we can bring your team and city back down from Cloud 9. Wait and see….
    Steamrolled? LOL….a reckoning is in store at Heinz Field this Sunday. Should be action packed.

  18. Of course, comments by a couple of cheesers with nothing better to do but whine about the team that kicked their ass two weeks ago. So the Vikes have played teams at the right time? What, the Pack with an injured Clifton and Bigby lost to the Vikes because of timing? Typical woulda, coulda shoulda we’ve had to listen to the last year.
    As if playing the Bears w/o 2 starting LBs and an injured CB, the Rams w/o their starting QB (who suck anyhow), and the Lions without their top 2 starting QBs and best player (Johnson) is something to crow about. Not to mention losing to the Bengals who got beat by Houston last week. Now the Pack gets to play a Browns team with half the starters out with the flu. Maybe now the O-line will only give up 3 sacks. Of course, the week leading up to Favre’s Lambeau game will be filled with all sorts of Pack is back crap after they have run their own juggernaut of tough games to a stellar 4-2 record. At least the Vikes have beaten more than one team without a losing record.
    I can hear the reverberations from the land of blaze orange and cheddar now if the Vikes win this weekend — of course it will be a fluke, due to luck, the refs, an injured Polamalu, the easy prior schedule or perhaps Sunday’s alignment of Jupiter and Mars.

  19. “I mean, what other team could give up 21 in the 4th to the Ravens and still win? The list can’t be very long. ”
    Any team whose opposing kicker misses a last-minute field goal, that’s who.

  20. @ PurpleIsFor Greatness –
    I myself would not say the Vikings are the best in the NFL. Nor would I crown another team as of yet. Giants were getting rave ratings and look what happened to them. If Saints played them in Ney York I think the outcome would have been much different.All this being said,I do think the Vikings are a top 5 team,capable of laying the wood to anyone. Oh …the 49er’s outplayed us?? BUZZZ That take sucks dude, like to see the reasoning you have on that take genius.
    Ben has a fondness lately for pulling that no huddle offense. I hate that against the Vikes,especially with Twon’ out. If Ben starts that 4 wide no huddle, let’s just say I’m not liking it. That takes a toll on our giant tackles and causes confusion with our young d backs. Look for Pitt. to go wide open, be one hell of a test. Offensively, I’m not concerned. We can score at will…if Chillyball don’t take over. Steeler D will be prepared big time,we all know where their head coach came from. Fitting game of the week.

  21. Just some facts and figures:
    Roethlisberger leads the NFL in:
    passing yardage
    yards per attempt,
    1st down %,
    Pass plays > 20 yards,
    He is 2nd in completion %, 2nd in completions, 4th in passer rating,
    The vikings defense is:
    31st in plays over 20 yards surrendered.
    27th in NFL in completions surrendered.
    26th in completion % surrendered.
    24th in passing yards allowed.
    23rd in opponent passer rating.
    19th in points allowed.
    The only reason Roethlisberger won’t get 400 yards is if the coach pulls him when the Steelers have over a 3 touchdown lead.

  22. Spy:
    The point he’s trying to make is how many teams would be up enough points on the Ravens in the 4th quarter, to be able to give up 21 and still win.
    It’s not that hard to follow.
    reading comprehension is a wonderful thing, you should look into it.

  23. @Purple is for Greatness,
    Vikings are 6-0 with a high average margin of victory. A couple of those other teams you think are so great have suspect D. I think that you badly underestimate the ability of the Vikings defense. Yes they fell apart in one 4th quarter this season.
    But you look through the other 5 games and our D did not give up very many points outside of garbage time.
    If the Vikes can put together 4 solid quarters this should be a win. Unfortunately I think that the steelers might put an end to perfection this week. But even if they do, 6-1 is still pretty good.

  24. Hi Tokyo Rose Nelson,
    You’re just as sultry as ever. Cooing away. Thanks for the stats. Still have all that time on your hands, I see. Now that you’ve pointed it all out, the Vikings Defense will fold up and bow out, I suppose? With Winfield ailing, Paymah still putting ointment on that torched butt, and Asher Allen getting baptized, you’re putting your mortgage on the Steelers. Cool!
    The last 6 weeks, you’ve bubbled seductively about how Minny would fail. A couple of close ones, one purely lucky one, and here we are in week 7. Yup. The Vikings have a growing lead on your glorious Pack. Oh, and on the Bears, too. Baltimore had better stats then Minny prior to last Sunday, and it’s possible that the Ravens have better stats as of today. The results are in, Bobby. You’ve seen them, which is why you’re loading up on the Book of Numbers again. I can’t wait to see how Chilly and the Geezer and what’s left of our Defense, including that guy, whatshisname, ah, Allen, that “got schooled by a rookie” respond. And thebestfootballplayerintheuniverse. Him, too. And Sid Rice, you know, Bobby, “stats man”, the WR that lead the league in receiving yards last week?
    How about the TD/INT ratios? I know that one. Geez is better than Benny there. Fewer yards, WAY fewer picks. Zero PickSixes. Looks like the Geezer has wised up a tad. Still throws a nice ball, too.
    So what. Who cares what the ball looks like in flight? Billy Kilmer didn’t, Joe MotherF’in Kapp didn’t. I still wouldn’t like to mess with Joe, and he’s like 70 now.
    Rosie, you’d better stick with cooing to the Pack. If they don’t massacre Cleveland Sunday, even nice people will be mean to you. Just because you’re you.
    Here’s a whatif: Rodgers gets hurt against Cleveland. How fast does GB sign, ah, ah…..Holy crap, WHO would they sign? Flynn will soil his armor by the end of the quarter Aaron Rodgers goes down. Brohm isn’t likely to be active. Perhaps a trade with Tampa? Yikes, anyway.
    I don’t know the outcome of Vikes/Steelers, and it’s up to Chilly and the Purple to work it out. They’re pretty good at it so far.

  25. @ Purple hay-seuss – My hats off to you sir! Couldnt have said it any better myself. This asshat leaves posts on anything Viking related and to what….a 6-0 team? Hahaha, loved your post!

  26. Deadguy says:
    October 22, 2009 11:53 AM
    “It’s always funny seeing people/media make assumptions in September/October”
    You are 100 percent right just look at the teams from last year.
    examples from 08: BILLS started(5-1), BUCS started(9-3), JETS started(8-3). All 3 teams missed the playoffs. JETS and BUCS had leads going into week 12 of the 08 season.

  27. Hey purplegay – im sayin the queens go 0-2 the next couple of weeks.
    Or let me put that in Minnesota terms.
    Hey der- im tinkn da viks will lose to da steelers and da pack don cha know.

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