Source close to Gibbs doubts he would return to Redskins

As we pointed out earlier today, there’s a rumor that two-time former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs could return to the Redskins in an executive-level role that would entail, for starters, hiring the next G.M. and head coach.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post has tracked down a source close to Gibbs.  The source “seriously doubts” that Gibbs would return for a third stint with the team.

The primary potential impediment?  Gibbs has a lot on his plate right now, and he apparently doesn’t have the time to work for the Redskins again.

But the total time commitment will be a key factor in whether this thing goes from rumor to reality.  Gibbs wouldn’t be grinding like he did as the head coach — he’d possibly be only a part-time employee with the goal of stabilizing the franchise and getting the front office and coaching staff into the right hands.

Then there’s the money.  If the offer is sufficiently large, Gibbs can find a way to make whatever time is necessary to step into a scaled-down role.

28 responses to “Source close to Gibbs doubts he would return to Redskins

  1. Gibbs II was a huge bust and so would III
    Gibbs II already proved that the HOF committee needs to renovate Gibbs’ bust and resculpt it to look more like Bobby Beathard!!!!!

  2. Much as I would love to see Gibbs comeback for stability, I don’t blame him for not wanting the drama of working with the danny.

  3. Gibbs will return only if he wants money for nothing …. kind of like all the Redskins employees, coaches and players.

  4. Maybe Snyder can just make a Lottery Scratch Ticket, where the Grand Prize is a job as the teams General Manager. Seriously, it cant get any worse…

  5. Joe Gibbs is almost 70 years old and his second stint with the team proved the game has passed him by…

  6. Snyder wants Gibbs back in a Tuna role because he’s the only guy on the planet who wouldn’t fire Vinny Cerrato. Once again, Vinny would be GM and would be protected from above.

  7. Patriots just beatdown a team 59 – 0.
    Last major beatdown was Patriots over Gibbs 52 – 7.
    Gibbs should stay retired.

  8. Gibbs was terrible in his 2nd return. Why would they expect better if he came back? Sounds like Snyder knows/thinks that none of the other big names wants the job.

  9. The difference between Miami and Washington is that Miami’s owners are not trying to play fantasy football with their real football team. As long as Snyder does that the Redskins will never be a contender.

  10. By all accounts, Gibbs has plenty of money. With that in mind, why go to work for Dan Snyder, AGAIN? I would think he would have to be significantly hard up for cash to go through dealing with Danny a second time. Has anyone that is no longer cashing Snyder’s checks had one positive thing to say about him?

  11. Are ya’ll truly forgetting that Gibbs would stay on (when he left) in an advisory role ? Danielle Schneidly said it himself at the press conference when Joe announced his retirement and Gibbs acknowledged it.

  12. Gibbs wouldn’t be coaching or calling plays. I know most people forget, don’t realize, or don’t care but the Skins did go to the playoffs two out of the 4 years Gibbs coached when he came back. Considering the Redskins only went one other time between his first and second stint he still proved that even if the game has passed him by, he at 70 years old is better then anyone else the organization has brought in.

  13. All you Gibbs haters out there can bite me. You’re obiously not Redskin fans and therefore you should simply just shut up and stay out of it. Gibbs 2nd stint was successful in comparison to where the organization was when he took over. He didn’t win a SB, but Parcell (who’s JV compared to Gibbs) didn’t either in his 2nd stint. Gibbs restored pride again for 4 years. That pride is gone now and only a Gibbs-type legend could save it…again. I’d like to see Gibbs come in and get Russ “The Flea” Grimm to be the next head coach. An true Redskin legend with attitude is exactly what we need coaching this team right now.

  14. @moosev:
    I swear, you must be Snyder’s gardener. Once again, you defend Snyder up until the very end. You’re like the crew that was rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  15. I hope Gibbs does say no! Im a HUGE Redskins fan but he isn’t the band aid needed to stop the bleeding. So Snyder stop fluffing the fans with big name comebacks. I give my self better meaningless hand jobs.
    First name sounds like hill, last name hour. He is the only “available coach” out there unless Fisher gets fired or Synder pretends to be Baby Jesus from under Dungys bed. Telling him its all part of the plan for Tony to be the next figurehead/coach in DC. Too many names in the mix slept in beds made by others…. Holmgren that was Farve, Gruden that was Dungy, The Rat was The Donkey, the list goes on and on. The last thing we need in DC is a coach who caught fame from being in the right place at the right time. Besides I have seen them mad on other sidelines and it pains me to even think of that in a Redskins hat.
    But even with a GREAT coach/GM I fear we are still years away (more than 3) from a solid organization and team. With no great amount of draft picks and a young offense that has been ruined in their developmental years and O line that is way to old to play 16 games more if we are lucky enough to get to the real games.
    I would love more than anything for the MNF game this week to be a turn around game….. But if dreams like that came true I wouldn’t be able to see the game past a naked Beyonce telling me in “asian like broken English, I don’t know but I want to rearn”. So with that in mind don’t feel bad Zorn. If you burn the fries at Burger King they will fire your ass! Except this isn’t fast food this is the Redskins. Ao once proud and competitive franchise in the NFL. With one of, if not the biggest fan base around. I say before this begins to look like “Deer Hunter” meets “Silence of the Lambs” (Put the goddamn playbook in the basket MAU!). Jim give the keys to Dan and Dan give the keys to someone who is “football smart” because you are not.
    Im going to get back to the bottle now until given a reason to put the cap back on.

  16. No Randy,
    Snyder is a bafoon and terrible for Washington. He’sbeen bad from the beginning. I was merely defending one of the all-time great football minds in Gibbs. I hate that Gibbs has to associate with a cluck like Snyder. But since Snyder isn’t going anywhere, I have to deal with reality. Gibbs is a proven winner in multiple sports and is a supremely good human being. If given this potential new role as “Team President” he would undoubtedly succeed…not as coach (which he doesn’t want) but as the leader of the organization. It’s a no lose for Snyder.

  17. What was was. Time to move forward and begin to search for the future (GM/Head Coach). The biggest mistake would be to bring in Shanahan, Cowher, or Dungy and also make them the GM. It didn’t work in Seattle too well with Holmgren and the Redskins shouldn’t make the same mistake just to reel in a big name Head coach with a history of success. The writing is on the wall for Zorn and hopefully Cerrato to move on from the organization and simply start fresh.

  18. To all of you Gibbs haters out there, How many coach/GM’s do you know that has lead teams to MULTIPLE championships in both NASCAR and the NFL? WHAT’S THAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!
    Most people in either sport would consider a SINGLE championship in either to be the pinnacle of their careers.
    I am not a Redskins fan, but I am a huge fan of Joe Gibbs, having lived in Washington when he was coaching (the first time).
    A fine coach, a fine man, and an absolutely outstanding human being……….

  19. I like Gibbs returning in that role for ONE reason.
    One step closer to bringing New Mexico State Head Coach DeWayne Walker in as the head coach.
    A former Belichick, Pete Carroll and Gibbs desciple, Walker is the type of coach that Gibbs could team with a proven GM to turn the Skins around.

  20. Surely Joe Gibbs doesn’t need this kind of stress. He’s havin’ fun playin’ with his race cars, and he certainly doesn’t need the money.

  21. Why don’t we just hire a GM and let him pick the coach? All of these statements saying “hire this coach and pair him with this GM” are just Snyderisms. Stay on point and look big picture.
    We must get away from Snyderist statements such as “consultants”, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, etc.

  22. Gibbs II was a huge bust and so would III Gibbs II already proved that the HOF committee needs to renovate Gibbs’ bust and resculpt it to look more like Bobby Beathard!!!!!
    you obviously did NOT watch any Redskins game to say that Gibbs 2 was a huge bust, if you think making the playoffs two years out of four is being a bust, then i want that bust here more, now he him not coming back isnt a personal deal with Snyder, i think he just doesnt want to come back, he suffered a tragic death last time and i think that made him think of his family when
    Sean Taylor died, if he did come in to be an executive type role i think he would do a GREAT job, he knows how to lead.

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