Winfield apparently won't go

When the Minnesota Vikings line up against the pass-happy Steelers (that should work really well once the weather turns in Pittsburgh), the Vikings most likely won’t have cornerback Antoine Winfield.

The Pro Bowler is in a walking boot due to a sprained foot, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune suggests that he’s an “extreme long shot” for Sunday’s game.

Also, linebacker Ben Leber defended cornerback Karl Paymah, who was torched repeatedly after replacing Winfield during Sunday’s wide-left win over the Ravens.

“It was a tough position to put any corner in last week,” Leber
said.  “Backups get marginal reps during the week and to ask these guys
to come in and play at a high level is a tough thing to do.  No doubt
they have to do it.  This is our first real test with [Winfield] not
being in the lineup so it still remains to be seen.”

Paymah, nickel back Benny Sapp, and rookie Asher Allen are the candidates to replace Winfield at left cornerback.  It’s believed that starter Cedric Griffin will remain on the right side.

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  1. “…pass-happy Steelers (that should work really well once the weather turns in Pittsburgh)”
    Yeah, because no one can pass in bad weather. Oh wait, didn’t Brady just put up 380 and 6 TDs in a snow storm?…shut up Florio.

  2. No doubt we’ll have to rely heavily on the pass rush and stopping the run. The defense needs to be 150% focused and communicating is essential. I think it is going to be a high scoring game on both sides offensively. Brett will put up 3-4 td’s and maybe AP gets some running room. Please Bevell/chili, stop running AP wide left or right….that plays right into the LB’s hands. Quick hand offs straight up field where he can pick his holes. Then watch the play action really work. Brett will rely on the real West Coast Offense..short passes and let the receivers go. It’ll be a close one but I think the vikings could be 7-0…

  3. It will be even more imperative that the Vikings front four get consistent pressure on Big Ben. I think they definitely can – the problem is he is like the big kid in backyard football who won’t go down even when there are 2 guys trying to tackle him he somehow manages to shot put the ball out to Heath Miller or whoever else is close for key 1st downs. This should be great game – 2 good teams.

  4. Favre has to win this game for Vikings because we know Peterson will be shut down. Steelers 34- Vikings 24

  5. Once the weather turns, the Steelers will turn. They have one big advantage over other teams, they know how to win.

  6. It’s a funny thing. If the weather turns bad in Pitt especially with a college game there the day before, Winfield’s coverage skills might not be as sorely missed.
    But at the same time, if the weather turns in Pitt then the Vikings explosiveness on offense might be limited. Plus the fact that Pitt is more used to playing in that slop.
    This game might come down to turnovers and kickers if it is truly a sloppy mess there like it is shaping up to be.

  7. Well done Roboto. I have lots of respect for people who spend time reading blogs, then post that they dont respect the author, then keep coming back. It totally makes sense …

  8. Pass happy Steelers. What r they supposed to do with Parker and MENDING-hal hobbled? It does look like there are chinks in their armor. this season. I wouldn’t be looking for any repeats.

  9. Paymah sucked in Denver and he still sucks in Minnesota. I would start anybody over him. He got burned bad on Sunday in a game where the Vikes could’ve/should’ve lost, partially due to his poor performance.

  10. The vikings have faced these QB’s so far this season:
    Rookie Matthew Stafford, Brady Quinn, Shawn Hill, Kyle Bollar and 2nd year Joe Flacco;
    who have combined for a 91 passer rating against the vikings (the vikings defense is 23rd in the NFL in passer rating given up).
    The vikings are 19th in points allowed against those QB’s.
    The vikling secondary is only 24th against the pass.
    The vikings defense is 27th in NFL in completions surrendered to the QB’s listed above.
    The vikings are 31st in plays over 20 yards surrendered to the QB’s listed above.
    The vikings seconday is 26th in completion % given up to those QB’s listed above.
    In contrast to the list above the viking pass defense still has to face:
    Manning, Warner, Cutler twice, Rodgers, Hasselback and Palmer, plus the NFL’s passing yardage leader Roethlisberger, on Sunday.
    And that poor viking secondary is now injured.
    You fantasy football players should go with any Steeler receiver and Roethlisberger if you can.
    It should be a blow out.

  11. sand0,
    How is that so? It would be easier to be the person running the route because they know where they are going. This is more of an ADVANTAGE over the DB in bad weather because the DB is reacting and cutting more on bad turf. Winfield’s (or any good corner’s) services would be more sorely missed in bad weather.
    And also it shouldn’t be a sloppy mess. They just re-sodded the field.

  12. Roboto…Shut up dude…What are you? A sensitvie 40 year old woman?
    I expect AP to spank that Steeler D…You guys dont put enough big men on the line…all these weird formations with 1 guy on the line? Dont get me wrong, it works well against the pass now that James harrison is at full speed but Florio is right. Passsing is not going to win this game.
    Make sure all of you steeler fans get ready for Adrian Peterson making a man out that “head shoulders” Troy Fagamolu (only pro athlete ever to endorce head and shoulders shampoo)…Seriously this dude has the voice of a 10 year old girl! All Day will own the steelers!!!! Oh and Big Ben ROTHLESRAPER will be sacked a minimum of 6 times..guaranteed lock it up!

  13. Well, we all know that Florio has his built in excuse to blame Favre if the Queens lose on Sunday.
    Doesn’t matter if Winfield’s replacements get torched for 4 touchdowns, or if Favre himself throws 5 touchdown passes, if the Queens lose, it’ll ALLLLLL be Favre’s fault, right Florio ???

  14. “the Minneapolis Star Tribune suggests that he’s an “extreme long shot”
    Great, about equal to the chances that the Vikings might actually get around to winning a playoff game. I sense this might be the beginning of the downward slide that can happen to teams that go 6-0 and yet are ranked in the mid-20’s in pass defense. Not exactly a formula for going deep into the playoffs.
    When your secondary sucks and then you lose your best player in the secondary, that light at the end of the tunnel is an on-coming train.

  15. Their defense is still nasty and with Polamalu healthy they will return to the position of carrying big Ben’s fat arse.
    Mendenhall is a proven runner who can carry the load in the cold weather, something Parker always had issues doing even when he was healthy.

  16. ask Tom Brady about weather conditions and passing in them you fool ….. it would be to the advantage of the offense as shown by New England last week unless theres about a 40 mile an hour wind …. funny how all the blame is on Paymah (way to throw that guy under the bus) when that whole pass defense was lit up like the skies on a 4th of July ….. those other two wonderful lb’s (greenway and henderson) give up big pass plays all the time while Lieber is taken out and he is the best pass cover lb they have….oh , how about the wonderful jared allen giving up those two long td runs to his side late in the game …. put the blame where it should be

  17. Bob Nelson
    That’s a very impressive list of stats you compiled, but you somehow managed to omit one very important stat… 6-0. I wonder why that one failed to make your list…..

  18. They call him all day but he has never been all season, look for the mid season fade the vikings have perfected under Chili. Steelers by 10

  19. Bob has been tyoing his anti viking rhetoric for a long time now.
    I fully expect a tough game sunday, one that could go either way. i don’t think most Vikings fans are foolish enough to think we are going 16-0.
    Tough team, on the road. I expect this could be 1 of our losses.
    Bob, you’ll be right around 4 times this year, this amy be one of them.
    The following week Favre is going to spank your beloved Pack right in lam blow!
    Your season will then be finito.
    Then, I don’t expect we will see you the rest of the year.
    Vikes offense is too high powered to be a blow out. i also think the Vikes D is going to be hungry to prove themselves.
    Should be a great game between 2 great teams.
    Bob, you wouldn’t know anything about that, you are a Packer fan.

  20. blitzed:
    You are a dumb ass. The media is blaming Paymah.
    Read up on what the Vikes players are saying.
    They are DEFENDING him.
    They know they ALL went to sleep in the 4th quarter.
    Jealousy of a 6-0 team will get you nowhere, you crybaby Ravens fan.
    Worry about your 3 game losing streak why don’t you?

  21. @MajikMan –
    Good point…
    Seems Little Bobby Nelson also omitted that we faced one more quarterback this year. I guess it’s easy to overlook who that was, being as that quarterback spent more time on the ground than standing during that game.
    Funny though, the forgotten QB does seem to make the list of quarterbacks who we will be facing…that is, if he’s still able to walk…

  22. Nice nugget list Bob Nelson. Steelers still #1 against the rush, should make for a long day for AP and force favre to throw it. I’ll be taking the burgh -4.

  23. @Bob Nelson:
    Dude, every week, every post, you clamp down on the Vikings. Get a f’in job where you can do something other sit around day-dreaming and posting on this site.
    Go ahead and cite the QBs we have played. We beat the teams we are supposed to beat and we kicked your arss too. Oh yeah, you made it interesting in the last 5 minutes of the game when the Vikes went into run and prevent D mode, but dont kid yourself, it was 30-14 with 5:02 remaining. Further, its curious you leave Rodgers out of the QBs we have played. Maybe its to make your post look better or maybe its cuz your pathetic O-line left Rodgers looking up at the Metrodome ceiling all night, until it didnt matter.
    Lastly, Flacco has more TDs and more yards passing this year than Rodgers and regardless of his tenure, he is a damn good QB.
    A typical, whiner, hater, packer fan. Now, predictably, you’ll mention how the Vikes havent played anyone, blah, blah, blah. Beat your arss! Beat the Ravens (something the Pack wont do)! Your team has played two teams with winning records BOB, the Vikes and the Bengals. Hmmm, 0-2. Lastly, the Vikes have been out to big leads in all of their games this year aside from SF. They shut the run down consistently. Both those ingredients add up to teams passing on the purple, which enhances the stats you cited.
    I signed up just to throw this back in your face. I wont be able to spend all day on here like you, but rest assured, I’m gonna teach you lessons on this board whenever time permits.

  24. Bob Nelson,
    You also forgot that they have faced Aaron Rodgers who is a pretty decent QB.
    Oh, and you also have forgotten to include how many turnovers that this defense has caused.
    Oh, hey… what about 3rd down and red zone defense. Can I get those stats?
    Suck on it Bob. I can’t believe you are still writing on here after condemning everyone for saying Brett was coming out of retirement. I would like a list of all Bob Nelson’s posts during the summer since he was sooooo sure of himself.

  25. Boob Nelson – for a Packer fan, you sure obsess a bit much on the Vikings.
    Why don’t you turn your obsessiveness to something we all would like – like picking out your casket and burial plot – and then using them?

  26. Troy Fagamolu (only pro athlete ever to endorce head and shoulders shampoo)..
    CORRECTION: Craig “Iron-Head” Heyward once endorsed Head & Shoulders Shampoo around ’94. If memory serves, they did a play on words with “Iron-Head & Shoulders”.
    Wow. Don’t ask how I remembered that one.

  27. Bob also forgot to mention Aaron Rodgers on that list. But of course he would.
    In any case, the Steelers are preparing for the Vikings in another way, by strategically laying new sod in the middle of the field to help their guys get grip there, but then leaving the outsides of the field loose to cut down on the Vikings explosiveness, slowing down their receivers and outside runs.

  28. Chickenfoot says:
    Vikes offense is too high powered to be a blow out. i also think the Vikes D is going to be hungry to prove themselves.
    Really? Really? They are ranked 13th in total offense which is sure to go down lower now that they got the 4 cream puffs out of the way. Not to mention the fact that all their road games were against terrible teams, while every tough game has been in the comfort of that humpty dump I stare at every day from my window.

  29. Bob Nelson is speaking the gospel. Those who hate are blinded by facts – and a spot of childish ignorance.

  30. Bob Nelson, you hit it right on the head!!!! Don;t listen to these Viking bandwagon gurus, they don;t like the truth, a spanking on Sunday will be the truth.

  31. Ouch, Florio, what’s with the dig? It’s not like Ben’s never had to throw in cold weather. And we’ve finally rediscovered our running game, so we do have options to the pass. The Vikes are a good team (even if some of their fans posting here are jackasses) and it should be a good game. But I like our chances.
    @LarryBird18 …
    Yes, Polamalu is soft-spoken and endorses shampoo. So what? Namath endorsed panty-hose, and he’s STILL a hottie. As for Troy, maybe he understands that talking big and being obnoxious doesn’t make you a man. Maybe you could learn from him …

  32. Even as a diehard Vikings fan I am a realist. And out of respect for what Winfield brings to the table I no longer see how the Vikes can win this one in Pittsburgh….
    …Single tear….

  33. Lil bobby nelson also forgot one OTHER stat……………….. and it goes with our 6.0 record…………………………………………
    31.5 ppg 2nd in the NFL!!! All with his former poster boy and HERO at the helm. No wonder he fantasizes of Viking Fandom and keeps his Vikign journal living strong!

  34. Yes, the Vikes are 13th in Yards per Game, but they are 2nd in Points per Game, which is more indicative of an offense’s performance. With Percy Harvin returning kicks, and a +8 turnover ratio, the Vikings often face short fields. So they don’t really get a lot of opportunities to rack up yards. But when they get the ball, they move the chains and score 30+ points a game, 2 qualities of a high powered offense.
    Nice try to spin it though, but next try looking at the complete stat line, rather than just the ones that help you lame argument.

  35. @ bob nelson, keep up the good work man, you are succeeding, but once the playoffs start and the pack is out, its okay for you to switch back, the job will be complete by then.
    @ jimmysmith, Unless you are expecting the vikes to go 16-0, why is this really any suprise at all? wins and losses are part of playing football. The defense is going to be incredibly fired up to prove that it can finish (which it can), because they have been sitting on leads for most games and need to buck up a little bit.
    @whatthehellisgoingonoutthere What 4 cream puffs are you talking about? The packers that we scored 30pts on, the 49ers that we scored 27 on, or the ravens that we scored 33 on? which one is it? What I will say is this, The vikes settle into chilly ball once we have a lead and chilly does not run the score AT ALL. it would be nice if against teams like the pack if he stay aggressive and put up another 14 points, which could have been done easily enough, but it wouldn’t change the fact that we are 6-0, so it makes sense that he doesnt.
    Fact is that the viking D has something to prove against the steelers. They are the defending champs, and we are playing in their home. This is going to be a tough game. The vikes are capable of winning it, but its going to be incredibly difficult. If we win, fantastic, if we lose, lets be honest here and not pretend like its the end of the world. worst case scenario, we still lead the pack by 1.5 games and thats assuming they win against cleveland (which might not happen)
    Whats going to be incredibly funny is if the vikings and packers both lose, because the morons from GB will be talking smack like you wouldn’t believe, even though they lost to cleveland.

  36. What I don’t understand is that all the Packer Fans bash the Vikings, and say we take “Packer has-beens” (right, the ones that kick your ass) and that the Vikings haven’t played anyone, that’s why we’re 6-0….. OK?
    You haven’t played ANYONE (other than us) …. Detroit, Rams, Cincy and you’re 3-2. So what does that say about your team….? Keep bitching, because I bet, Cleveland pulls out a win this weekend.

  37. Purpleraid12,
    Let’s place a little wager on your Cleveland pulls one out this week.
    If Green Bay wins, you can’t post for the month of November,
    If Cleveland wins, I woundn’t post for the month of November.
    There is no way the Brownies will win, I am as sure of that as I am that Brent will not get to another Superbowl (that’s in the bag with Chilly coaching the team)

  38. Considering all the steelers potential playoff aponents
    are also pass happy, pats, colts, ravens, bengals, texans, chargers and the broncos, I would agree it should work just as well in the bad weather considering not one team I mentioned has a good running game!

  39. Throw out all stats in this game…this will be a slobberknocker game, which will make it so much fun to watch. I think the Steelers’ offense has a great advantage due to this being a home game. The Vikings defensive line is awesome, but the crowd noise within their dome makes them even more effective. This week Ben and the offense will be able to hear the snap count and make audibles at will. If this game is in the dome I’d be even more scared of the matchup between the Steelers offensive line vs the Vikings defensive line. Ben has a lot of weapons at his disposal, if the Vikings cannot get him down their injured secondary will get torched. Ben loves to escape left out of the pocket to buy more time. This week that could be a huge problem w/ Jared Allen applying pressure from that side.
    The Vikings offense vs the Steelers defense will be an interesting matchup. I know the stats about the Steelers run d, but this is AD we are talking about and he can break a tackle and take it to the house at any time at any point on the field. The Vikings wide receivers are emerging, but I’m not sure who their number one guy is? (which can be a strength). The Steelers pass defense has been their achilles heel all year. If Favre can stay upright and connect on quick passes the Steelers d will be in for a long day.
    I’m not sure how the Vikings special teams coverages have been doing this year? But, I am aware of Percy Harvin’s elusiveness. Josh Cribbs torched the Steelers last week (w/ a blatant hold), but nonetheless special teams can be a game changer. Kicking is always an adventure at Heinz field.
    Looking forward to the game…no bold predictions.

  40. Purple Raid you’re a joke….
    “You haven’t played ANYONE (other than us) …. Detroit, Rams, Cincy and you’re 3-2. So what does that say about your team….?”
    You’ve also played detroit, rams, browns and the 9ers without Gore…. and SF nearly won (It took a miracle pass in a game that should have been over when gore left)
    The only decent, reasonably healthy teams you’ve played are the packers and the ravens (both at home). Apparently the packers are a joke because they lost to cincy….. Yet Cincy beat the Ravens (who should’ve beaten the vikes), and the pack lost to the vikes on the road…. Only lost by a TD while torching your 2ndary. I’d be terrified at the prospect of going to lambeau with winfield either limited or out…. Arod threw for 384 yards with him in and pressure in his face all day.
    Compare your total D and total O stats to the packers…. and consider they’ve basically played the same quality of opponents… who’s the joke now?

  41. # ZN0rseman says: October 22, 2009 11:42 AM
    Bob also forgot to mention Aaron Rodgers on that list. But of course he would.
    In any case, the Steelers are preparing for the Vikings in another way, by strategically laying new sod in the middle of the field to help their guys get grip there, but then leaving the outsides of the field loose to cut down on the Vikings explosiveness, slowing down their receivers and outside runs.
    Moron, the Steelers have just an explosive passing game, arguably one that is more explosive.

  42. Bob Nelson do you have a life why are you always on Vikings columns spraying stats out of your ass that probably took you an hour to find. Heres a thought, get out of your mom’s basement, find a job, take a girl on a date if you can find one that will date your fat sconnie ass and FINALLY LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY

  43. I don’t know how an article on Winfield turned into a referendum on the Vikes/Pack teams. Wait, yes I do, fans of an average team no one cares about have nowhere else to post. But hey, how about that Green signing?
    One thing I do agree with the cheesers on is that the Vikes pass D sucks, and will suck even worse without Winfield. It will be pretty tough to beat the Steelers at home under these circumstances, particularly since Tomlin knows our offense from his days as a Vike D coordinator. Wouldn’t suprise me at all if we lose, but even if we do, we’ll still have a 6-1 record and an O-line that knows how to block.

  44. Right Florio, passing just doesn’t work in bad weather. Brady actually ran for 6 TD last week.
    Does Florio even know how to spell NFL?

  45. “Cincy beat the Ravens, who SHOULDA beat the Vikings”… well guess what, you SHOULDA seen it, cause the Vikings won…. and “The Pack torched our secondary”… yea, and you still came up short.
    “Compare your total D and total O stats to the packers…. and consider they’ve basically played the same quality of opponents… who’s the joke now?”
    The Joke could be the fact that you are still 3-2 and we’re 6-0. My point was you say that we haven’t played anyone, well that maybe true, even though in football anyone can win at any time. But yet, the packer’s haven’t played anyone better than us…. and you’re record still sucks. thats my point… I’ll compare the one thing that matters thank you kindly, and that is This years Wins and Losses, care to look at those?

  46. armchair_probowler says:
    October 22, 2009 1:28 PM
    Compare your total D and total O stats to the packers…. and consider they’ve basically played the same quality of opponents… who’s the joke now?
    You are a moron, why dont you compare are 6-0 record and your 3-2 plus we have the tie breaker and GB will lose at LamBlow, face it your team is horrible now go get a life sconnie.

  47. All the experts are picking Pitt to run over the Vikings and they may plus they claim the Vikings have not played any tough teams as of yet. Please take a look at Pitt wins which is 4 and those teams they beat, Tenn, SD, Det. Cleve. have a record of 4 wins and 19 losses and the two teams that beat Pitt which are Chicago and the Bengals have a record of 7 and 4 so Pitt has faced teams with a record of 11 wins and 23 losses and the Vikings have faced teams with a record of 11 wins and 23 losses. I would say Pitt has not faced any better teams then the Vikings have.

  48. stiller43,
    Your logic is fine I guess. Problem is that Heinz field is often a sloppy mess when they have rain and back to back college/pro games. Usually the slower the field the lower the scoring on that field.
    I’m really not making any assumptions. Just looking at the history.

  49. So Bob Nelson woke up this morning saying to himself “Please, please, please let there be a Vikings related headline on PFT, pleeeeease”. He logged on and saw a headline about Antoine Winfield…SCORE…”Now I can post all these stats that I gathered by staying up until 4am this morning” says Bob. Logs into PFT, copies and pastes his list of stats, and…and…nothing. Nothing happens. Should he go onto other teams pages and blast them? “No, why would I? I am here just to post on Vikings related news and try to singlehandedly bring down the Vikings fan base with my posts”. It’s up until that point that his grandmother calls at him to get out of the basement and go pick up some cheese curds and mow the lawn.

  50. People pull way to many stats out. Vikings are 6-0. Their average margin of victory is more than a score. You can cry and whine about how they shoulda lost this and shoulda lost that all you want.
    At the end of the day what separates average teams from good and great ones is the ability to pull through games decided by the end. So far the Vikings have been better at that in their two close games and managed to easily defeat the other 4 opponents.

  51. JimmySmith says:
    There is no way the Brownies will win, I am as sure of that as I am that Brent will not get to another Superbowl.
    Didn’t you also say that there was no way the Bengals would beat the Packers, and no way the Vikes would beat the Packers?

  52. Bobby Nelson is crying again, who cares. What’s new.
    Carl Gerbschmidt: who needs to stop listening to Kfan and acts like he is the 2nd coming of Jesus said maybe the dumbest comment I have read in awhile. “They call him all day but he has never been all season, look for the mid season fade” Come ON RETARD… Stop trying to make it seem like AP / AD is somehow a bad running back and has all these major faults. You bash with stupid reasoning. I think you’re right, since it’s mid year the Vikes should trade him for Ahman Green because he is healthy and wont fall of for the later half of the year…
    This will be a great game to watch and should be close. I give the edge to Pitt but anything can happen!

  53. Jimmy & Bob. Do you guys have anything going for you in life other than talking about a team your not even a fan of.
    I don’t read comments everyday, but when I do I just have to question where’s your head at.
    You need help. Wipe that Emo eyeliner off and grow up. Or maybe have a beer & a brick of cheese to feel better…

  54. Reading some of the comments on here is good comedy.
    As many yards as the Vikes have given up, they are still keeping teams out of the endzone more often than not.

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