Floyd Reese's wife goes off on Titans

Rarely if ever do we hear from the wives of anyone in the NFL other than the players.  Even then, it’s typically the wife of a high-profile player, like Kurt Warner or, well, Kurt Warner.

But, on Thursday, the wife of Floyd Reese, former G.M. of the Titans and current senior advisor to the Patriots, sounded off regarding the manner in which the Titans treated Reese — and regarding her satisfaction with the manner in which Reese’s new team dismantled his old one.

Appearing on WGFX in Nashville (via the Nashville City Paper), Sally Reese suggested that Floyd was fired with no notice, that he was given no opportunity to clean out his office, and that his resignation letter was written by Titans senior V.P. Steve Underwood.

She called the station in response to comments from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, who covered the Titans when they were the Houston Oilers and who apparently suggested that some sort of friction between Floyd Reese and coach Jeff Fisher contributed to Reese’s departure.

“I was here in Nashville, and I was listening to John McClain speak,
and I just had to kind of set the record straight, because my husband
won’t,” Sally Reese said.  “There was no fighting between Jeff and Floyd.  I will
say this, if pressed, that different people called us for months before
and said they were picking sides. . . .

“So bottom line is my husband just went along and did his job and
everything was just fine and one day he went to work and said, ‘Gee
after 21 years we’re going in a different direction.’  Floyd still kind
of didn’t get that.  It was like, ‘What, what?’  Now what I read and I
hear all that stuff.  My husband was totally oblivious.  All he did was
his job.”

As to the suggestion of friction between the two, Sally Reese in a roundabout way confirmed that Fisher wanted Reese out. 

“He kept Jeff from getting fired two times,” she said.  “So if he’d let him get
fired, he’d still be there.  Hello?  That’s hindsight.  But
you know paybacks — can I say bitch? — payback’s a bitch.  Sunday I was
hoping they’d run it to 100.  And I love Tennessee.  All you Tennessee
people, my dad’s from Tennessee, but when you get sucker punched, you
want to sucker punch back.  My husband said it would be very uncool.  He
said, ‘We have to play them again.’  I said I only hope.”

Sally Reese also acknowledged that she’ll have some explaining to do to her husband.


“He won’t like it,” she said.  “My son just called me a little while ago, and had
I told him, he would have gotten through to Floyd on the plane.  So I
didn’t tell him either.  But it’s all good.  Oh, and
the last thing when the statement was issued, when Floyd issued a
statement.  Floyd didn’t issue a statement. Underwood made it up.  That’s
another thing.  I don’t know if that’s a lawsuit, but being a vindictive
wife, I would have done a lawsuit.”

Technically, Floyd Reese did resign from the Titans in early 2007.  But the move came only a month before his contract was set to expire.  With the team deciding not to keep Reese around, it made sense for him to leave early and commence his search for new employment.

“I had hopes of signing a contract extension and staying with the
Titans for many more years, but it became apparent to me over the last
several months that that would be difficult,” Reese said in the statement released by the team.  “Rather than drag out a process that would
probably end up with us going our separate ways, the right thing to do
is to cut ties now and let the Titans move on and me as well.”

Even if the statement was written by Underwood, it hardly sounds like a collection of words aimed at making the franchise look good. 

The collection of words uttered by Sally Reese doesn’t make anyone look good — and if she ever asks Floyd why he can’t find another position as a General Manager, all he needs to do is play the tape.

48 responses to “Floyd Reese's wife goes off on Titans

  1. She needs to get back in the kitchen. Is that the same John McClain from the Nakatomi Towers and that mess at Dulles Airport?

  2. She obviously should have had no comment. Apparently unable to do the intelligent thing, Mrs. Reese should have just kept her comments to There was no fighting between Jeff and Floyd.. Pretty much everything she said after that needs to be filed under the heading of “Shut up Mrs. Reese!!!”. I suspect Floyd Reese would agree with me but, unfortunately for him, her comments are already out there.

  3. I can’t see how her comments reflect poorly on Floyd at all. If she’s telling the truth then good for her for speaking up.

  4. Cue the inevitable “the wife should never speak” comments, but how’s it going down in Moonshine Land post-Reese? (0-6; 59-0; coach would rather wear opponent’s jersey, etc, etc…)

  5. Well, anyone whos married knows that you can ask your wife not do do something a thousand times and it wont matter if she thinks shes protecting the family. It doesnt matter how PC or un-PC the situation is she will do and say whatever she thinks is in the best interests of the family. And honestly if thats the way things went down then she probably should speak up and defend her spouse. Lets be honest here, if Floyd is worthy of being a GM for a team he’ll get hired by someone. And if he doesnt its because hes not good enough, because not all 32 teams have a grudge against him(apparently just the winless ones, good job in the offseason fellas.)

  6. Not surprising as I recall the time she wandered up to our post-game tailgate outside what was then called Adelphia Coliseum.

  7. Anyone who’s married knows that you can ask your wife not to do something a thousand times and it won’t matter if she’s an a$$hole.

  8. I like the wife dishing it out.
    Apparently it seems that Fisher must have been telling everyone that Reese was making him do things that were keeping them from being a superbowl team. Now Fisher is wearing Colts jerseys and saying he wants to look like a winner.
    The NFL is about winning and the current state of the Titans would seem to suggest that Reese was a winner and Fisher is a loser. He’ll get another shot but he will need to win to stay employed.

  9. She’s standing up for the man she loves….and whom she feels was untreated fairly. Only you dipsticks living in your Mom’s basements and never have had girlfriends, not to mention wives, can fail to understand.
    Good for her. I’m sure Floyd won’t like it, but how mad can you get when she’s doing it out of devotion?

  10. No way anybody goes near this mofo now, not that any were going to before this anyway.
    How embarrassing for Floyd Reese. His wife comes out wearing the pants and speaks for her husband, who’s wearing the skirt.
    Aye carumba.

  11. One other thing. Floyd Reese drafted Vince Young. Vince Young was Rookie of the Year in 2006. He went to the Pro Bowl.
    Then his career went completely in the wrong direction. Nothing after his rookie year makes sense.
    If I’m the Titans GM, I would ask if Jeff Fisher screwed up Vince Young’s career.

  12. Stay classy Miss Floyd. They hired your husband not you.
    And how is payback a bitch, what did Floyd Reese do to help the Pats beat the Titans?
    She is a liability…

  13. ralph gre nader, he is with the patiots. he got hired in January to help with player personnel, and the patriots just had their best draft in 4 years. he wasnt blackballed.

  14. Uh, she may find that ole Floyd did tell her the full truth.
    And the Patriots? Live by the sword, die by the sword. Go ahead and whoop! it up some more. No really, go ahead.
    When the hard fall comes, as it surely will, I will laugh all the more. The pendulum always swings equally both ways.

  15. @Ralph Gre Nader says: October 23, 2009 7:48 AM
    ..And honestly if thats the way things went down then she probably should speak up and defend her spouse.”
    or HE could grow a pair and stand up and speak for himself.

  16. @Florio says: “…and if she ever asks Floyd why he can’t find another position as a General Manager, all he needs to do is play the tape”
    I highly doubt her comments would hurt the man from getting a GM job. He is either qualified to do the job or he isn’t. If he is qualified he’ll be hired in a minute. I love her attitude. Don’t mess with the Reese family unit.
    Oh, and Florio, there you go again slyly putting your opinion in a piece where you subtly make it seem like it is fact. Re: when Mrs. Reese says Floyd did not write the statement – she never said it sounded “like a collection of words aimed at making the franchise look good” (or bad) like you opine (slyly). She just said he did not write it. If Underwood did write it he was probably very smart to keep it “neutral-sounding” (just like it sounds) so everyone would just go their own ways.

  17. Cue the inevitable “the wife should never speak” comments, but how’s it going down in Moonshine Land post-Reese? (0-6; 59-0; coach would rather wear opponent’s jersey, etc, etc…)

    Idiot, Reese has been gone 2 seasons, including the 13-3 season prior to this one.
    Reese’s parting gift was drafting PacMan and Vince Young. He should’ve been gone in, oh, 2004. Maybe without him we would’ve had Antrel Rolle and Jay Cutler.

  18. Honestly, this is one moment she’d have been better off in the kitchen.
    Basically as others have said, his wife has become a liability to him and will have put HIM in major jeopardy. Sure, it made the Titans look not so good, but it did the same for Floyd Reese.
    Hopefully, he does amazing things in NE and doesn’t need a new job, but I doubt it. (Granted, it’s hard to believe that his role is that pivotal after all of this talk about it being a 1 man show in NE)

  19. or HE could grow a pair and stand up and speak for himself….
    How often does it do any good to publicly bad mouth former employers?
    I am sure that most of the owners in the league know almost exactly what went down with the
    Titans when Reese resigned (was fired). His wife did not need to publicly defend her husband, by ripping the Titans, to change the view of Reese among other NFL owners/execs (whatever that view may be). I agree with Florio (for a change) that his wife is doing Reese no favors by opening her mouth. Right now Reese has a pretty good gig with the Pats that may have been his ticket to another GM job; but other owners may be hesitant if they see his wife as another Mrs. Warner.

  20. Every man needs a woman like this. The “Tennessee” organization has really gone downhill since they moved from Houston. Much cooler team when they were the Oilers.

  21. Reese could have spoken for himself if he had chosen to. Clearly he decided to take the high road, forget defending himself and making the Titans look bad, for the sake of future employment opportunities. Sadly, his wife isn’t as mature as Floyd, which she proved by waiting until he got on an airplane – and by not telling their son – and getting on the phone as soon as the plane’s wheels left the runway.
    She may have felt she was “defending” what she clearly saw as a sackless husband, but she did him no favors at all and may have harmed any future oportunities after New England.
    Floyd Reese no doubt is going to be very displeased with Mrs. Reese, with every right to be.
    The fact that Tennessee is currently a train wreck after his dismissal speaks volumes about Reese, he didn’t need to say a word, which he didn’t. If the man wanted to defend himself, he would have. No doubt Reese chose to take the higher road. His wife should have respected that. It wasn’t her place to speak FOR him.

  22. “Is that the same John McClain from the Nakatomi Towers and that mess at Dulles Airport?”
    Well, he’s mostly bald and fat so it could be him. Seriously, McClain is one of the best NFL guys in the press and is fairly well-known throughout the country for a guy not in the national press.
    “One other thing. Floyd Reese drafted Vince Young.”
    Wrong, buddy boy. Bud Adams stepped in and gave the directive on that pick. Reese may have handed over the name as GM but that call by Adams was all about “sticking it” to the fans of Houston. That’s pretty much how things work out for Bud. He’s a bumbling idiot who inherited his money from dad and got lucky by investing $25,000 in an AFL team. The luck was when the AFL merged with the NFL and then everyone started getting rich(er).

  23. Idiot, Reese has been gone 2 seasons, including the 13-3 season prior to this one.
    Reese’s parting gift was drafting PacMan and Vince Young. He should’ve been gone in, oh, 2004. Maybe without him we would’ve had Antrel Rolle and Jay Cutler.

    You think Reese had nothing to do with the 13-3 season? Just look in the mirror to spot the real idiot…

  24. @Serr8d says:
    October 23, 2009 9:22 AM
    Cue the inevitable “the wife should never speak” comments, but how’s it going down in Moonshine Land post-Reese? (0-6; 59-0; coach would rather wear opponent’s jersey, etc, etc…)
    Idiot, Reese has been gone 2 seasons, including the 13-3 season prior to this one.
    Reese’s parting gift was drafting PacMan and Vince Young. He should’ve been gone in, oh, 2004. Maybe without him we would’ve had Antrel Rolle and Jay Cutler.”
    I’m sure he never did anything good for that organization, correct? I’m also sure he sucked in the SB year also when the Titans missed that Lombardi trophy by about…what, 10 inches?
    You note ” He should’ve been gone in, oh, 2004. ” So what does that mean? From 99′ to 04′ he should NOT have been gone? We really liked him then? I like my teams GM’s and my head Coach’s to be “perfect”, and to draft perfect but unfortunately they have not invented those guys yet. Gotta love hindsight. Blame it on the deposed GM. I guess they should have fired those 15 GM’s back in 85′ who did not draft Jerry Rice before SF did.

  25. I like to learn info of the goings-on inside franchises. Normally we have to pick over the tweets of NFL “experts”…aka dumb ex jocks…so I thank Mrs Reese for giving us a better look inside….Full Disclosure…I was rooting for an 80 point blow out

  26. Even the hillbillies from Methopotamia (TN), don’t even know the sordid history of their soiled franchise!? To claim VY a Reese pick, is a true sign of clueless meth/moonshine induced denial.
    Bud Adam (aka “Son of Satan”) hand picked VY in hopes of “sticking it” to the people of Houston. His handling of this franchise has been (and forever will be) ineptness and another fifty (50) years of heartache to these “fans” of the Tits.
    Read the history of the Oilers/Tits/Flaming Meatballs! In the 70’s, he had his lackey, Ladd Herzog, fire Bum Phillips. With a hodpodged group of misfits, who fought the Steelers for the AFC playoffs twice (epic battles against a juggernaut SB winner), to get fired for what? Ineptness…
    I’m glad Ms. Reese spoke out. The cloud of “secrecy”that ruins coaches and GM’s careers can explain why a franchise owner could/would/should let them go. Everyone knows Al Davis is insane but, how many other owners are in that club!?

  27. I liked the Die Hard comment the best.
    Good stuff.
    Ok, let’s see if I can clear this up:
    1.) Floyd Reese will be fine.
    2.) Mrs. Reese blew off some steam, but it won’t amount to anything.
    3.) Nobody looks bad, nothing terrible has happened …life goes on. Stop judging and acting like she verbally sodomized the Titans.
    This will be forgotten and far in the rearview mirror by the time they chalk up another “L.”
    We return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast already in progress…

  28. I heard the interview while driving around. It was jaw dropping, to be sure.
    There was much more to it, and she held back nothing. The announcers were kind of speechless when she finished.

  29. Say what you want about the wife, but truth is they ae 0 & 6 & on a 10 game losing streak. Changes need to be made, including the owner getting it together & making the tough decisions. If you can let a guy go after 21 years, then you can fire the longest coaching tenure too. He now must eat his cake with the ice cream he wanted all along.

  30. Obviously, she felt like she needed to clear the air. But, it wasn’t necessary. In business, you don’t burn bridges that way and you don’t give potential future employers something they should be concerned about. No business is perfect and no business wants to hire someone whose wife might make their imperfections known publicly. It’s bad for business.
    If a player leaves a team and then bad-mouths that team, he’s unlikely to receive a warm response from other teams. It’s that simple.
    She should have talked with her husband first before opening her mouth and giving the rest of the owners in the league something to be concerned about.
    There’s many women in business. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate it if their husband said things that could negatively impact her career. It works both ways.

  31. Don’t lose sight that this is an argument between John mcclain and mrs Reese. The titans never said anything and have been moved on for over 2 years. Mcclain has been off the mark with a lot of his predictions lately and he speculates about stuff he knows nothing about. For the past year or so, I, and a lot of other Nashvillians have turned off the radio when he comes on to do his segment cause he’s just too wrong. I also can’t find mrs Reese credible cause one of her arguments on the show was how Floyd had Devan Hester on the phone drafting him while jeff fisher went out and drafted lendale white without telling Floyd. A much better pick than Devan Hester cause Hester is and will be a one year wonder and lendale, given the chance to start and not split carries, will be a consistent 1000 yard back in this league for year and years to come whether u think he’s fat or something else, doesn’t matter. He is what he is and that’s a good power running back. Floyd had some really good drafts incluing the 05 draft when we got 3 of our starting offensive linemen including pro bowler roos, but it was over shadowed by the pacman pick, but even with pacmans off the field issues, he was well worth the first round pick. But anyways, she said later that had they drafted Hester, that would have given Floyd 4 rookie of the years. Which isn’t true cause that year Vince won ROY and Hester hasn’t won anything but the love of Deion Sanders. The biggest thing that matters to me, is his contract had one month left on it before he was canned. It wasn’t like we fired him 2 years in to a 7 year deal. Floyd had his chance, but went against what jeff wanted. Jeff and mike reinfeldt haven’t have only had good success with their first rounders thus far. Floyd had some good drafts first through 7th(finnegan). Vince is buds guy. Floyd was a really good gm for this franchise and I bet u anything jeff would agree with that and have nothing but gooD words to say about Floyd, it was just, our playoff record wasn’t what it was in earlier years, we were trying to find a way to get over that hump, and back in the super bowl and we thought letting jeff have full control was a better option. Nothing against Floyd, but jeff knows his system and knows what plyers need to do in order to be a key contributor to his system. Griffin, chris Johnson, and Kenny Britt will all be good players in the league for a while. It’s whether or not those picks from 2nd round on will do anything. But it does seem that we have a GM just to be Jeff’s skapegoat at times. And this is a perfect time for mrs Reese to speak up an point the finger at jeff when he is down. Last year when we were 13-3 or hell even 2 two ago when we were 10-6, no one questioned jeff fishers way without Floyd. Just seems if we were winning everyone would be calling this woman an idiot and pointing the finger at Floyd instead of raising eyebrows and questioning Jeff.

  32. Basically, it does not matter Floyd Reese is screwed either way. If he keeps quiet, then he is agreeing with them. If he speaks out, then he is a cry baby. Sally spoke out because she is tired of being bullied. Because it is her and her families life too. If an NFL team won’t hire you because your wife spoke to the public, and you are not being judged by your own credentials, that just shows how small minded this business is.
    This has happened here in Indy, I watched my neighbors get treated similiarly, but no one said anything, they just took it. So that he could get another job to support his young family. Then it happened again here. …… At least here, The Colts organization is bigger than everyone else. They think they have no one to answer to. They forget that these people are our neighbors, friends and family. And we see it happen. Anyone else reading this may say I’m sure there is a good reason. However, is there a good reason to let someone go with NO warning that has a family, so with in the couple days you no longer have heath insurance after being there 15 + years???
    So good for Sally. At least some of these NFL ‘high standards’ are exposed.
    Maybe Jim and Bill may want to offer some hush money to the families they did it to!!! (lol)

  33. i can understand her position. when you see incorrect stuff reported, and you know he won’t say anything, you want to protect his name and image.
    i think the way she went about it was wrong, but i can understand her frustrations.
    i do NOT think this will hurt Floyd much in the future though. He’s still a very good GM, and this league has shown us that even with a loud or nagging wife, if you are good, you’ll still find work. 😉

  34. Don’t you know Sally has a dick hole in the front of her pants and panties cover Floyd’s man-gina.

  35. What year is this people? A women should only stay in the kitchen???? Shame on you.
    As long as she is telling the truth, she is covered.

  36. Reece built the Titans, not Fisher! The fact that they fired him is ridiculous. Look at them now. She’s standing by her man…perhaps unconventionally, but whatever. He didn’t let Haynesworth walk! They suck without Reece. Period.

  37. This is David Givens. No B.S…. It is not a coincidence what is going on with the Titans organization. What comes around goes around! I have never posted a comment like this in my life. I truly respect Sally for unveiling the Truths Layers. ( as Neil Armstrong says best)… When a person like myself (or floyed reese) WORKS for 25+ YRS. to become the best they can be at a particular occupation, and is then set up by a certain group of people, and stabbed with a double edged sword in the back, through the lungs,heart, sternum, and u look down and see the tip of the sword pertruding out the center of your chest……. it hurts beyond repair. It takes a unethical non-integritous, scared, weak minded, ignorant individual to post some of the comments im reading above. Some of you uneducated people with this sexist looser mentality probably think i should have keep my mouth shut as well about my situation. I probably would have if we were still in the 1800’s, but the year is 2009 for those who forgot….and guess what, its time for the Truth to come to light. None of you posting these negative comments have any idea of what life is about……….legally i cant say much right now, but we all know Karma is a ………………. and like Fisher says “The truth will Prevail.” Titans Patriots game(59-0) was the first football game i have been able to limp around at, since my career was abruptly cut short through no fault of my own… i just wish the score could have been 87-0. i wouldnt wish for anyone to live, or deal with the pain and suffering ive endured over past 3 years, nor the mental depression, insomnia, anxiety shooting pain with every step……. when you loose all trust in corporate america and dont know who to trust in the medical field dogs can be and are a lifesaver…I dont know floyds full situation, but my one main question is are we working to progress or degress as a society? i ask this only because it seems that there are so many writting comments who dont want to see or hear the TRUTH. when one lives a life of lies and deciept ones conscience eventually comes into play, and many do some of the strangest things………Do we want an nfl that is built off of lies or one built off in integrity? (ex. 60 minutes a day for youth excercise., yet injured players are put out on the field after misleading the players of severity of injury, ex. concussions) with out guarenteed contracts. is the nfl truly concered about health or is it really just about the money? you make the call. to progress as society team, organization, ect. the truth is paramount! I fear nothing or no one, and im happy to see sally feels the same.

  38. David G. – well said. Truly messed up what happened with you by the Titans. Hope you get everything that’s coming to you and you’ll always be remembered as a Super Bowl hero to millions.
    And don’t sweat it, Internet commentators are the rudest and most ignorant posters out there. The truth in its entirity will come out……..take care brother.

  39. DAVID: I certainly hope your health improves and although no one knows the details of your situation but I highly doubt this would be your position if you did not have a suit pending against the Titans. In fact you could give a damn about Floyd’s wife and her opinion. You would probably say “…..shut the….up!” had you been able to play out your contract. True, money is a huge area the NFL is focusing on and there are some questionable moves that may not be in the best interest of the league but that is an NFL ISSUE not a TITANS issue. In that spirit I say take the 8 million you got (1 mil for each catch) and kindly keep pushing.
    PS Do you REALLY know how Mrs. Reese is feeling right now?? She is ashamed and TRUST that a$$ is sore.
    Sad thing is there are facts Sally Reese may NOT be privy to and she was completely out of line and RAN HER MOUTH without thinking about how this could affect her husbands career or the image of several people. Word on the street is that she did a 360 right after out of shame for blasting off on something she had no business discussing in a public forum…ESPECIALLY without all the facts.
    As a woman, I’m sensitive to men suggesting that women don’t know sports or “should get back in the kitchen” but this chick does nothing for my argument. I can’t imagine what life must be like in their household if for YEARS later she had this much venom and felt it necessary to DISRESPECT her husband, Jeff Fisher, The Titans AND The Patriots with her comments. Trust and believe the Krafts are going to expect this chick to be kept in check!
    Sally Reese – GET A LIFE
    I feel sorry Floyd has to go home to this ditz.

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