Report: Chris Samuels will retire

Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels won’t return to help Washington’s struggling offensive line this year or next.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that Samuels will retire because of the neck injury he suffered two weeks ago.

Samuels was expected to visit a specialist this week, and clearly the news wasn’t good.  Washington’s line was already struggling with Samuels, and both tackle spots will be weaned with Stephon Heyer permanently moving to the left side.

New addition Levi Jones could eventually work his way into the starting lineup.

Samuels was drafted third by the Redskins in 2000, and only missed eight starts before this season, with four of the missed games coming in 2008.  He made the Pro Bowl six times.

23 responses to “Report: Chris Samuels will retire

  1. Walter Jones shouldn’t be too far behind Samuels. Both were good for a long time. Both teams benefited from having that franchise LT.
    This will only increase the stocks of LTs during free agency and the upcoming draft.

  2. Unfortunately for Samuels he had to compete with the likes of Orlando Pace, Willie Roaf and Walter Jones in his own conference…along with comparisons to Jonathan Ogden from the AFC. Had Samuels played in a different decade, he may have been looked upon as one of the top tackles in his era.
    As it stands, Samuels is on the outside looking in when compared to his left tackle contemporaries here.
    It appears this Washington team is going to be seriously hurting on the offensive side of the football for the next couple of years. As one of the better left tackles in the game is no longer…creating another void on that side of the ball for them.

  3. It’s a shame that Snyder couldn’t build a half-decent team around this franchise cornerstone. Samuels was wasted on that team.

  4. Samuels was a rock in DC during the stormy times. And stormy times there were. He will be missed. Hopefully this tragedy will be the tipping point for Cerrato as he should draft O-line with every pick we have for the next 2 years.

  5. Anymore good news today?
    BTW asswipe. Samuels will go down as one of the top tackles in this league regardless of what any punk says about him. I have never seen Samuels get beat on a regular basis by one dude as did Ogden by Sweeney for his final 3 years. Sweeney made Ogden fall down with out touching him on Monday night once. lol.
    Skins fans will always miss the big fella. The final true “hog”. 😦

  6. Sad to read, but not a surprise. As a Skins fan Samuels will be missed, but his long term well being is more important than playing a game. Good luck Chris.
    Samuels was named to the pro bowl 6 times in his 10 year career. Nothing unfortunte about that.

  7. looks like the only way to save face around the District is to retire.
    Good luck in the future Chris!!

  8. Yep… Samuels was a hog! We will miss him so much at Redskins Nation! Not only was he a beast and a thug on the field, he is a really wonderful person (had the privilege to meet him once).
    We’ll miss you on the field Chris but you made the right decision! Your health is the most important thing!!!!
    Hail to the Redskins (players & coaches, I mean)!!

  9. I always hate to hear that a guy had to retire due to injury. Has to suck to not be able to hang it up on your own terms.

  10. A year or so ago DeMarcus Ware was asked who the toughest tackle he faced was and he said, without hesitation “Chris Samuels”.
    I’m a ‘Boys fan but still am saddened by the loss of a great player in the NFL
    Best of luck Mr. Samuels.

  11. Chris is the definition of a franchise tackle. I hope he recovers fully and has no ill affects b/c of his injury. This was the right thing to do, but I was holding out hope that he could make it back. Talk about a Redskins Warrior, he will be missed.

  12. I always thought Ogden was way overrated. He was Dwight Freeney’s beeeooootch everytime they faced one another.

  13. Oh man…the O line was in trouble already now our cornerstone O lineman has to retire. This sucks, the new GM better draft a young tackle next year. He had to compete with alot of good tackles throughout the years but he was still a multi time pro bowler. Chris you will always be a Redskin, A Hog and a Dirt Bag, best of luck!!

  14. Chris Samuels was a great player for the Skins. It’s sad to see him have to retire because of an injury. He was a much better pick than the guy picked ahead of him. I guess when it rains it pours. I could say something bad about management, but this isn’t about them. The Redskins lost a great player today. We skins fans wish you well Chris.

  15. Hopefully, the skins will draft a good player to last as long and be as good as Samuels.
    The left side of the O line has a tradition of excellent players.. Jim Lachey, Chris Samuels, who’s next? any thoughts?
    stand up guy who wanted to speak out, but knew it was not professional. He is the model of a man and team player.
    You’ll be missed #60

  16. “both tackle spots will be weaned”

  17. @ WetHog
    Yet Samuels never once in his career made the prestigious NFL All Pro team. Which was regularly dominated by the future Hall of Fame left tackles I mentioned in Pace, Roaf, Jones and Ogden.

  18. Samuels was a rock for the ‘skins this decade. Met him once at Sweetwater Tavern and he’s the nicest guy, quiet and unassuming.
    Samuels gave us all he had in you and more and we appreciate his contribution through many coaches, several offenses, various shaky quarterbacks and some tough seasons. He is the only player (besides Sean Taylor, for obvious and different reasons) who belongs on the Ring of Fame with all the great Redskins of seasons past.

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