Thanks for a good time, PFT

In August, I covered a preseason game between the Bengals and Patriots at Gillette Stadium. When it was over, I made my way to the Cincy locker room and sought out quarterback Carson Palmer, who didn’t play that night because of an ankle injury.

I’d met him before but only in a group interview so I stuck out my hand and introduced myself as “Tom Curran from” He gave a polite hello. For the hell of it, I added, “And I do some work for ProFootballTalk, too.”

Palmer lit up. “You do? I love that site. Everybody in here reads it.”

Of course, given the Bengals ripping that Czar Florio’s done over the years, some of Palmer’s teammate no doubt read it with a different level of enjoyment.

But the point is, PFT ain’t just for you bloodthirsty shut-ins. It’s read by owners, GMs, coaches, scouts and franchise quarterbacks. Over the past three months, I had the chance to contribute to it and it’s been a blast.

And now I’m wrapping it up to join Comcast Sportsnet New England where I’ll cover the NFL in general and the Patriots in particular.

As someone who started reading PFT pretty much since it launched, it’s been a blast to not merely see how the sausage gets made but to be a part of making them.

So thanks to my friends at the sausage factory and head sausage maker Mike Florio. Godspeed. And I hope you and Channing Crowder work things out.

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  1. Come to think of it, “Head Sausage Maker” does sound like a more accurate title for Florio that “Editor.”

  2. Hey Tom, Since you are going to Comcast, can you please see what you can do to get Versus back on DirecTV? Much appreciated. Oh and good luck at your new job.

  3. That was a short stay, TC. Leave the coffee cup on the counter as you head out the door please.
    Seriously, been enjoying your stuff since your Projo days, and thought you were heading towards national stature. This feels like a bit of a regression. You know the Patriots intimately, and we’d love to see you expand that NFL-wide.
    Good luck though, and we hope to keep hearing you on ‘EEI.

  4. Wow, then I probably should be more circumspect in comments that denigrate the players. Especially the ones that weigh over 300lbs and try to squash people for a living…

  5. Yeah, we always figured you for a guy who likes sausage – way too much. Good luck covering the evil empire.

  6. A sad goodbye to one of the few “real” journalists writing on this site…ya know, a guy without an agenda, looking to stir up controversy, advertising or a nerdy fantasy football site.
    Tom, you will be missed sir. Good luck in your next venture.

  7. Good luck, Tom. And you might want to cut off the open bar a little early at your going-away party. You don’t want any of those sausages getting out in the open.

  8. Speaking of Caron Palmer’s revelation that PFT is such a cool site, I have a little nugget to add:
    For no good reason, I almost never watched the PFTV clips here, but a couple of months ago I did and received a big surprise!
    Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, my sister in Mass. hosts holiday dinners to an extended family, which includes the in-laws of both her married children. Her daughter’s (my niece) brother in-law often attends, a very quiet guy who I only know is a sports reporter in West Virgina. Nice guy, but not very talkative for a guy on TV.
    Imagine my surprise when I finally opened a PFTV clip, and there was Nicole’s brother in-law, Joe Brocatto! Here I was having dinner with this guy for several years, never knowing that he was connected to one of my favorite websites!!!! He’s never mentioned a word of it to any of us, and I don’t think he’s ever watched even a single game with us down in Willie’s “cave”!
    Joe, if you’re coming to Linda and Willie’s next month, please pass the potato’s .
    (sorry to hijack your post, Tom).

  9. Good luck to you, sir!
    And may the sausage fest in Boston be just as plentiful as it was whilst you were *ahem* working under Florio’s, um, sausage.
    Wait. What?

  10. welcome back to new england tom. i remember when you used to write for the middlesex/metrowest news and i used to get pissed at you for ripping on bledsoe. good to see your back.

  11. Man, that is a blow. You have the perfect writing style and wit for PFT(the non fruity juice). I’d heard your name before, but had no idea who the hell you were. Now I know who the hell you are, which is one of the sharpest reporters on these here interwebs.
    Hopefully some day you can find your way back here because without you things will surely get a little dull around here. Aside from Mahatma Florio’s posts, of course.
    Good luck, and try not to break too many HDTVs with your mug!
    We’ll miss you (and in about 10 days completely forget all about you.)

  12. Today is the happiest day of my life.
    What is a Comcast Sportsnet?
    Doesn’t matter, I won’t have to see your inane articles any more, like your list in Sept. 2009 of 5 players that are ready to become stars, that included Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson. Thank you for that. Good luck covering the Patriots, I hear they have rising star in Tom Brady.

  13. “see how the sausage gets made ”
    That’s what she said…..
    You’ll be back -hopefully.
    Luckily I get to see your TV stuff being from Boston and all.

  14. good luck tom. you DO realize that PFT is a far superior job/site than where you are going, right?
    Comcast sports? really? If it is as good as their cable service, i’d be wary and have your savings ready. 😉
    but seriously, good luck to you. hopefully you pull a MDS and come right back when you realize which is better. 🙂

  15. Good luck on your new venture and thanks for the work you’ve done here. If we could get Florio to start paying you guys more than just free coffee and little debbies maybe he could keep some of you around.

  16. Good luck Tom,
    In the meantime, did you ever apologize for being TOTALLY OFF on your Brady injury report? If so I totally missed it.
    That is all

  17. Glad to see you back in the market here Tom…At least when you’re being objectionable you’re not being a Felger, or is it a douchebag. 6 in one…I guess.

  18. So this is how MDS got his job back.
    I like MDS, Tom is funnier though. If we give you Florio’s water pic will you stay?

  19. @screaming sheep-
    hah! I was going to send what you said before I read it as far as MDS Brett Favre-ving T-Jack(played much better by The 13 Apostle Curran).
    Seriously, this site is great and always will be as long as Ayatollah Florio is manning the ship, but it sailed at a higher knot with Sheik Curran on board.
    Why am I taking this so hard(that’s what she said!)?

  20. Ah, living every professional sports writers dream, I see.
    Covering the most overrated sports city in the Union.

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