Tommie Harris misses practice again

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris stood on the sidelines as his teammates started practice Friday morning, and it appears likely that he’ll miss Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Harris was wearing sweats and didn’t have his helmet nearby when practice began. Harris also missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday because his left knee — which was operated on during the off-season — was acting up.

The Bears went into the season thinking Harris would be ready to go this year, which is why they paid him a $6.67 million roster bonus in March. Harris has started all five games so far this season, but that streak may come to an end on Sunday.

If Harris can’t go, it would be good news for the Bengals and especially for running back Cedric Benson, who could have a big game against his former team if they’re missing their best defensive tackle.

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  1. Tommie Harris went to three Pro Bowls and had a nice career, but that career is over. He hasn’t practiced all week, yet the Bears claimed that he was healthy and everything was okay. Until today. Put a fork in Tommie, he’s done.

  2. Damn that sucks for Tommie. He is a stand up guy, we played together @ Killeen Ellison high school. He used to b one of my closest friends growing up so I hope he can get over the injuries and continue to b a beast!! Best wishes and good luck Tommie ! Go eagles!

  3. Jerry Angelo was on the radio 2 days ago stating Tommie Harris is 100% healthy. And Florio, Harris is probably the Bears worst DT. Expect the Bears run defense to improve over and beyond what it’s already improved this season with gimpy watching from the sidelines.

  4. I’m sure the Bears will miss Tommie’s 1.16 tackles per game……
    Let’s be honest, he’s a shell of his former self, and hasn’t been a great DT since 2006. He’s not healthy, and never will be. Too bad because he’s a great, high-character guy and works hard only to have his body hold him back.

  5. Tommie has nevver been the same player since he tore his hamstring off the bone in 06′ . Since that time he has gone from being the best three techmique in football to being a serviceable D lineman. This season he has no sacks and is averaging 1-2 tackles per game. Marcus Harrison is a better option right now anyway. If Tommie hadnt been paid a 7 million dollar roster bonus he wouldnt be starting.

  6. It’s too bad this knee injury is trashing Harris’ career, since he was a stud when healthy. His effectiveness has been limited this year anyhow, so it’s not like the Bears have to make a huge adjustment.

  7. “If Harris can’t go, it would be good news for the Bengals and especially for running back Cedric Benson, who could have a big game against his former team if they’re missing their best defensive tackle.”
    Is he their best defensive tackle still? He’s clearly lost more than just a step. He’s been largely ineffective most of the season, just like the last few years. Jerry Angelo said in an interview the other day something along the lines of “Health is not Tommie’s issue. He needs to make plays. But it hasn’t been working out that way, and I think Tommie would tell you the same thing. It needs to show up on film.” He didn’t go so far as to call him out, but clearly they know he’s not the same guy, and may never be close again.

  8. For God sake retire ! Your eating up a space on the roster that rookie Jarron Gilbert could take.

  9. I’ve got news for you MDS, and apparently anybody else who doesn’t actually watch all the Bears games:
    Tommie Harris is not their best defensive tackle anymore. He shouldn’t even be on the Bears’ roster, especially at $7 million annually.
    He sucks now, and has for the greater part of a year and a half. Through the 2009 season he has SEVEN (7) tackles. And it’s not like most teams are even double-teaming him; in fact quite the opposite. They’re usually just letting a guard block him straight up, and usually have their way with him if you watch the film. Check out Tommie Harris by the numbers this year:
    Game 1 @ GB – 1 solo tackle, 0 assists
    Game 2 PIT – 1 solo tackle, 0 assists
    Game 3 @ SEA – 3 solo tackles, 0 assists
    Game 4 DET – 1 solo tackle, 0 assists
    Game 5 BYE
    Game 6 @ ATL – 0 solo tackles, 1 assist
    So 7 tackles through week 6 nets him this place in NFL rankings:
    Tied for 157th among defensive tackles
    Tied for 503rd among defensive players overall

  10. It might make a difference except that Tommie Harris has been virtually non-existent, even when on the field, about since he signed his big fat deal. He is inherently lazy and will never amount to crap.

  11. What Michael meant to state is that Tommie Harris is the Bears best OPTION at DT. Since Jerry Angelo has not built any bu here it is lean. Gilbert needs two years.
    No DB’s, no LB’s, and now another aged one.

  12. footballrulz:
    yep I did, I heard it was photoshopped though.
    Either way, it’s kina funny!

  13. Brad Biggs, beat writer for the Bears twitted that Tommie Harris will not be in uniform Sunday…

  14. not sure i ever saw that much from tommie to begin with. he is over rated just like matt forte. its time for the bears to let go of all the over paid guys on the d and rebuild it. bye urlacher tommie ogunlaye vasher

  15. Harris was a great player until the injury in 2006.
    Now he is just a shadow of that and the Bears need to accept that they gave up big money for damaged goods and move on.
    Once you tear your hamstring like he did you are going to have knee problems for the rest of your career and he is showing it now.
    I said before the season started that I would have rather seen them bring back Mike Brown before Tommie Harris and I still feel that way.
    Start working Gilbert into the games and see what you have because Harris has the legs of a 60 year old man and it is not going to get any better.
    Tommie Harris and Tank Johnson were supposed to be the Bears DTs for the next 10 years.
    That seems like a long time ago now.

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