Wade Phillips worried about Roy Williams

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams says he wants to try to return to the field on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons after missing last week’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs with injured ribs.

But coach Wade Phillips says he’s worried about whether Williams can really go.

“The guy I’m worried about is Roy Williams,” Phillips said at a Friday morning press conference. “He has practiced but he is in pain sometimes. He told me he wants to play and feels like he can play and he has practiced every day and hasn’t missed a snap. I feel like he can play, but he’s the only guy I’m worried about playing in this ball game who’s been injured.”

In four games this season Williams has 11 catches for 214 yards and one touchdown. If he’s able to play on Sunday, he’ll start opposite Miles Austin, who had a huge game in Kansas City in Williams’ absence and surpassed former starter Patrick Crayton on the depth chart.

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  1. Roy had better play; If Crayton and Austin look good he can see that #1 slot drop to #3 in a hurry.
    …If Jerry has the stones.

  2. 11 catches in 4 games, that’s a lot of production to lose. Hell, that’s 44 catches per year.
    Who will catch all those balls from Gomer if good ol Roy can’t go?
    I can see why Deputy Wade Fife is worried.

  3. What Wade is REALLY worried about is that WR Roy Williams only has 11 catches and 214 yards more than S Roy Williams–and we’re nearly halfway through the season.

  4. This was another reason why I had no problem with the trade. Roy Williams gets hurt, a lot. In his previous 5 seasons, he’s only ever played a full 16 games once.
    Man, I like that trade. Thanks, Mr. Jones!

  5. Hey, Jerry! If you get a chance to make a big trade to get back one of those high draft picks you threw away on Roy Williams….. Oh Crap, never mind!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

  6. Hey Roy, this is the game you can become a part of America’s Team in the eyes of the fans. Not only do you have to play, you have to perform. Play well while your injured and you’ll have a lot of weight off your shoulders. Big game Sunday, Roy has to play.

  7. haha he wants to play now cuz austin kicked ass last week! Williams needs to understand he is gonna be the #2 receiver. he doesnt have the speed to be a #1 but he does have size to be an awesome possession receiver, he has 11 catches and 9 are for first down

  8. While I personally like the guy, Wade should be worried about Wade. If they drop this next game they are out of it……and so will he be.

  9. The next big game this guy has will be his first. Never has so much attention been paid to a guy that has produced so little.
    Keep your heads up Cowboy fans, your team may be in the ditch but you still have the best scoreboard in the league!

  10. Coachspeak Translation: “Yeah, he can play. But he sucks so we’re gonna let him sit another week.”

  11. Roy Williams has and always will be OVERRATED. It doesn’t matter whether or not he returns.
    Miles Austin is a better receiver. Cowboys fans will discover that as this year goes on. He’s finally going to get a chance to prove himself on a consistent basis.

  12. He should be worried, but not because of the rib issue…The real worry for me is the fact that roy seems unable to run routes and looks slower everytime I see him play.
    You guys might laugh at this one but no recent cowboys recievers ran routes like terry glen when he was with the cowboys. Watching him run routes was like watching poetry in motion. Watching Roy run routes reminds me of what it might look like if the NFL let all players get drunk before the game.
    Get it together Roy, Dallas needs you.

  13. Wade shouldnt be worried, because Roy doesnt listen to him anyway! lol, Jerry is his papi! lol, Jerry Jones should be worried about Roy because that $40 Million extension doesnt look like its showing up much so far!! and Roy has had how many games to get his act together?????? How about they give him a whole nother season, and see if that works out!! lol

  14. He’ll play; no doubts. He wants to prove to everyone in Dallas that he’s not a bust or a wuss. Go Roy!

  15. He also isn’t paying 45 million for what amounts to a bad special teamer……..why should he be worried?

  16. Millen’s picks fan out and spread misery throughout the league.
    Like God, Millen reached out a finger (as sticky, nasty one at that) and touched Roy W, bestowing millions of dollars upon him for eternal time, or at least until next year’s CBA deal.

  17. Roy Williams needs to make a statement in 2009. He’s not doing too well at this point. I think someone who is overpaid/underperforms is just as bad as someone like T.O. I believe if they still had T.O. they’d have only one loss! RW is simply not, nor has he ever been, a go-to-guy! The $$$ paid to him are based on what?

  18. “Roy Who?”
    You know, the guy who had six fewer yards on one fewer catch than Maclin had last weekend.

  19. Geez man, you are comparing apples to oranges. Williams is not inferior to Austin. Since when has Austin earned a dedicated double team against a quality opponent? A part time slot receiver. Most defenses can turn off their choice of receiver. Williams is a burner. He opens up the world for others.
    Williams is ready. He has been in all practices. Wade is puffing smoke to suggest he is not capable of going at full speed. What he would love to see defenses do is single him. Then the ball goes to everyone. If we had a second burner on the other side, things would light up.

  20. If the Vikings hadn’t trade for Hershel Walker, the Roy Williams trade might have gone down as the worst NFL trade.
    Further proof why Jerry Jones needs to stay out of personnel decisions, he had done so well prior to the Willaims trade (see TO and Pacman Jones)

  21. This is an irrational bandwagon against Williams. People taking the nod from the article. Try thinking for yourselves. In Detroit he never had a receiver opposite him that could remain healthy. He carried Detroit by himself in recieving. He needs quality around him to drop the double team occasionally.
    Look what he did for TO while the mouth was here in Dallas. You put another quality wr out there and the team moves down the field rat a tat tat.
    Of course there is a bigger problem. It’s found in our offensive line.

  22. hahaha, Vox just compared Roy Williams, who cost Jerry a dumpster full of cash and draft picks, to our first year receiver that just got his first pro start 2 weeks ago.
    That’s just sad, brah.

  23. “If the Vikings hadn’t trade for Hershel Walker, the Roy Williams trade might have gone down as the worst NFL trade.”
    Nuh uh. The Packers gave up 5 draft picks for a clearly washed up (clear to everyone in the world but the Packers) John Hadl, including two first round picks, two second round picks, and a third round pick. Hadl only lasted one and a half seasons with the Packers and compiled a passer rating of 53.2, throwing 9 TDs against 29 INTs in the process.

  24. If you listen really closely, you can hear double J’s face turning into a frown.
    Ummm…because of all the plastic surgery, because, well, ahhh…….**** forget it!!
    The Lions robbed ya JJ!!!! …lol.

  25. “That’s just sad, brah.”
    No, what’s sad is that Vox would rather be talking trash on PFT than running on a treadmill trying to shed the 60 extra pounds of fat.
    That mustache isn’t hiding it in the front, jerkoff, and the mullet isn’t hiding it in the back. The Silent Bob trenchcoat doesn’t really hide it, either, because we all know everyone who wears trenchcoats in Austin is doing it to hide their fat ass, not because of the dreary weather,

  26. “If the Vikings hadn’t trade for Hershel Walker, the Roy Williams trade might have gone down as the worst NFL trade.”
    Yeah I guess trading 3 picks for a WR, while still maintaining 12 picks in that years draft COULD be considered the “worst NFL trade”…… They could have picked up a rookie WR to gamble on, and had him play at the #4 spot, and pick up 2 other random players that either wouldn’t make the team or be steady backups, hoping to find a gem. Can’t be worried about the Lions having any extra drafts, they’ve demonstrated their terrific ability to draft in the past few years.
    I’m just enjoying T.O. do absolutely nothing in Buffalo. I’m not implying that T.O. isn’t/wasn’t a terrific WR, but who really made who look better in D-Town? If Romo was such a terrible QB, Edwards should be tearing it up.

  27. “Roy had better play; If Crayton and Austin look good he can see that #1 slot drop to #3 in a hurry.”
    Congratulations, you get the award for the most ignorant and ridiculous statement I’ve seen in a minute. Because, well you know, NFL teams often shuffle their entire WR depth chart after each game based on how one WR plays. This isn’t fantasy football, man. Get real

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