Blackouts coming in Cleveland?

Since their rebirth as a franchise in 1999, the Cleveland Browns have never had a local TV blackout.

That could change soon.

The Browns’ home game tomorrow against the Packers is already sold out, as is the Dec. 10 game against the Steelers. So those two games will be televised locally.

But the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the team has no plans to slash ticket prices, and tickets are still available for Cleveland’s four other remaining home games — against the Ravens on Nov. 16, the Chargers Dec. 6, the Raiders Dec. 27 and the Jaguars Jan. 3.

The Ravens game — a traditional rivalry against the franchise that moved out of Cleveland — might still sell out. But it’s hard to see why fans would flock to the stadium to see the Browns play the Chargers, Raiders or Jaguars — three games likely to feature two teams already eliminated from playoff contention, playing in bad weather.

And so the new Cleveland Browns franchise may experience something that the old Cleveland Browns franchise experienced regularly: A game in front of a less-than-full stadium, and no local TV audience.

21 responses to “Blackouts coming in Cleveland?

  1. Why should we still be expected to show up week in and week out for that that suck-fest? It’s been eleven years running and we’re just a tad sick of the Lerner ownership regime.

  2. would this mean that browns fans, have proven by absentia, that they are as bandwagon as they accuse any fans of a more successful franchise than theirs of being?
    browns tickets are already amongst the cheapest in the league, and they built the new stadium with too much capacity for the size and economics of the market…
    then again how do you trust a fan base that buys the end zone seats first and leaves the good seats for others…

  3. I grew up in Cleveland and I never remember a game being blacked out….80’s until they left at least. I don’t know, I just don’t remember that being a problem ever when I was a kid.

  4. Must be a slow football news day……we went almost the entire week without some stupid blackout story.
    This is the first “blog” I have seen from Michael David Smith, but he should stick to reporting the news and not some BS story of what “might” happen in Cleveland!

  5. I have an idea… about a story about how the ‘Skins *MIGHT* win the Super Bowl. That would make your boss Lord Florio happy anyway…..
    The Saints, Vikings, Broncos or Colts *MIGHT* go undefeated this year. The Rams or Bucs *MIGHT* go winless this year.
    Getting the idea????

  6. What blackouts in Cleveland? I think you may be “misremembering” this.
    I bet Cleveland didn’t have more than three blackouts since that rule took effect. Maybe even less…

  7. “And so the new Cleveland Browns franchise may experience something that the Cleveland Indians franchise experienced regularly: A game in front of a less-than-full stadium, and no local TV audience.”
    Fixed it.

  8. When the Browns aren’t selling out it’s news. One of the few truly loyal fan bases in the league.
    And this is coming from a lifelong Steeler fan.

  9. It’s called a “Brown out.”
    Should of kept the old Brownies, which have won a SB and will be going to the playoffs.
    Ohio is Steelers country.

  10. Laxer37 we true Browns fans appreciate your post. Unlike fellasheowed you understand the fan base they have and understand the magnatude of a Cleveland blackout. Those games will end up selling out though because Mangini will have no choice but to put Quinn back in at QB in a few games and fans will come to see him play.

  11. What blackouts? Since the era of regionalizing football games (probably 25+ years now) & making them available to the local fan base – the Browns have NEVER had a home game blacked-out.
    I have no doubt that the Browns are probably at risk later this year for that streak to be broken – lousy team, tough economy and bad weather combined) but it would be nice if you got your facts straight before you make the statement you did in your blog.
    Long-suffering Browns fans, some of the most loyal and dedicated in all of sports, deserve more respect than you are showing them.

  12. If the blackouts are not confirmed then this is not a story. The game against baltimore is on mnf so it will sell out. If the brownies get some wins under their belt the fans will come. Cleveland has the most loyal, passionate and knowledgeable fans in the NFL. I guarentee all their home games sell out no matter their record! Go Browns!!!

  13. actually we did get blacked out the week we found out the team was moving (1995) other then that..i’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

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  15. Blackouts were a regular in Cleveland? Since when? I can only remember a handful of games being blacked out after the Browns announced the move to Baltimore.

  16. Oh how wonderful, Browns games blacked out. Maybe we will get to see some good competitive games on Sundays here in C town instead of the apalling atrocities we must witness every week from the lakefront chamber of horrors.
    I already have to use matchsticks to hold my eyeslids open when the Browns Offense is on the field. A human being can only take so much.

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