ESPN scrambles to contain Bob Griese gaffe

So while perusing e-mail messages via my Sprint phone while returning from 30 Rock on Saturday, I noticed a statement from ESPN regarding something that Bob Griese said on the air during the college football game he worked during the afternoon.

We mention it only because Griese played pro football well enough to make it to Canton, and to win a couple of Super Bowls along the way.  And because it gives us a way to throw some traffic to our sister site.

So John Taylor of CFT has the details.  The short version is that Griese gnawed on his foot today, and he decided that it tastes like chicken. 

Or, more accurately, a chicken taco.

26 responses to “ESPN scrambles to contain Bob Griese gaffe

  1. Not only does the elder Griese come off as a first class racist with those comments. The guy is probably the most undeserving player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Griese Sr contributed very little in the way of those Dolphins teams other than handing off to Csonka, Morris and Kick. He threw a total of 18 passes in both of those Super Bowl games and not much more on the way getting to them.
    Why quarterback of the decade (1970’s) Kenny “Snake” Stabler is not in the Hall of Fame while Griese is, is a complete travesty.

  2. And the PC world strikes again…this is frickin’ ridiculous – who doesn’t love tacos? I guess nobody can say nothing ever again without a bunch of suit wearing little pussies telling everyone what they can and cannot say.
    I guarantee Juan Pablo laughed his ass off when he heard it…this country is becoming way too sensitive to try and not hurt anyone’s feelings.
    I’m Irish and damn proud of it – if it wasn’t for all you white folk buying me drinks, I might never get drunk.

  3. Griese was the early 70’s Tom Brady. Just along for the ride. Half the qb’s would have won with those teams…

  4. Please Florio,
    Gaffe more like a racist comment what,we protect our own now? Let’s try to be fair when it comes to racist comments. I know this site is funded by NBC but lets get real , a gaffe LOL.
    “That cracker must be out looking for deer meat”
    “Juan must be out eating tacos”

  5. You mention it so people will check out your other dumb site that no one is interested in.
    During today’s Ohio State-Minnesota game on ESPN, color commentator Bob Griese made what some would call a head-scratching comment about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya, saying the Colombian was busy sampling Mexican cuisine as the reason he wasn’t one of the five drivers shown on the screen.
    There. Just saved everyone who doesn’t watch college football broadcasts the trouble.

  6. “Griese was the early 70’s Tom Brady. Just along for the ride. Half the qb’s would have won with those teams…”
    Why do all you Patriot haters keep sticking your heads in the sand regarding a little thing called facts….. do us all a favor and report back to us how many completions Brady made in his three Super Bowls … tell us how many Super Bowl scoring drives came from the throwing arm of Tom Brady….
    Has Bob Griese thrown for 50 touchdowns in a season as Brady did in ’07?
    Haters are ignorant people.

  7. I feel sad for all you folks bristling with righteous indignation at Bob-o’s lame joke – life must really suck when all you have to look forward to is the next reason to be offended.

  8. they have tacos in Columbia? news to me. JPM couldn’t care less, anyway. NASCAR land is conservatives, only libs cry racism.

  9. That constitutes a gaffe? I’m a liberal, and a Montoya fan from his days in F1, but that really is a step too far. It’s the kind of thing that would fall under ‘a bit of banter’ rather than ‘offensive’

  10. If we want racial and gender equality in this country than we gotta stop caring about comments like this.
    Such a sad life when all you have to look forward to is the next thing to you can find to be offended about.

  11. Everyone complaining about how over sensitive we are about this are OF COURSE White people
    and if you can’t understand why griese’s comments were offensive, then you probably forgot that there was a time in this country where lynching a black person was a common thing to do and even today, dragging a black man chained to the back of a car still occurs.
    You white people have been called names and stereotyped but you have not been violently targeted and brutalized for being white. You have NO CLUE what it’s like living as a non-white person in this country and how racist this country still is.
    This is not about being PC. It’s about the fear that non-whites live with every day that they will be categorized and demeaned and marginalized by the White majority and yes, an occasional idiot will act out his pervasive racist views in a violent way. That is why Griese should be apologizing…for continuing to add to this culture of separation and subtle hatred.


  13. Wow, the politically correct thought police strike again. It would amaze me if the liberals on this site ever have any fun at all. Always crying racism and claiming victim status. Grow up cry babies and move out of your parents basement. Losers.

  14. “You white people have been called names and stereotyped but you have not been violently targeted and brutalized for being white. You have NO CLUE what it’s like living as a non-white person in this country and how racist this country still is.”
    Blah Blah Blah, what a load of crap The worm has turned and yes we do indeed live in a country where white people get persecuted by black people for no other reason than “walking while white” to borrow one of your community’s favorite terms. I’ve personally run into it in D.C. (getting jacked up and stalked by several black guys just for making eye contact and assaulted in front of my date, the racism was palpable that night and it is an all too frequent occurrence in D.C. let alone across the rest of the country) and we have several examples just recently in headlines including the “beatdown on the schoolbus” in that have nothing to do with anything but skin color. So while there is racism, enough of this festering load of crap that:
    1. Blacks can’t be guilty of it….more cop out bullcrap
    2. It only happens to minorities and NEVER happens to white people.
    I see just as many racist blacks on a daily basis as I do whites and they’re ALL disgusting. Don’t even get me started on Hispanics who think because most of us won’t understand Spanish they can be blatantly racist right to our faces and we won’t know any better (newsflash: some of us speak more than just English and can understand you quite well). Granted plenty of racism from Whites too but enough of this bunk that no one but Blacks have ever been subject to VIOLENT racism.
    In terms of racism this comment by Griese was pretty mild but it was a bigoted comment any way ya spin it and therefore inappropriate for a national broadcast. If the question was about Bill Lester (work with me here this is a hypothetical) and Griese answered “out eating a bucket of chicken” or “scarfing down some watermelon” he’d be rightfully worked six ways from Sunday.
    Broadcasters have no other responsibilities other than talking and being informed on the topic, they should be on their toes at all times when actually on the air and crap like that should never hit the airwaves. There’s just no excuse IMO. You have an entire week to prepare for a 3 hour broadcast, if you can’t keep it clean for 3 hours then find another job.

  15. My name is Juan Pablo Montoya.
    You ate my chimichanga.
    Prepare to die.
    Only comment here worth reading, including the story.
    Montoya is overweight, hence the bad joke about eating. Mexican, Italian or whatever.

  16. Agree that griese is not a racist. But his comments are still harmful. It’s like making a comment about what it would be like to have sex with a young teenager. It doesn’t mean that you’re a pedophile but still harmful, insensitive and hurtful.

  17. Lighten up!!! The media continues to create stories out of nothing major at all. I guess it’s okay to make unapologetic comments about BIG lineman and how they eat, based on what part of the country they might be from, etc. Why doesn’t the media jump on those announcers when they single out those type of players???

  18. I don’t think Tacos are real big in Columbia.
    Now if Griese had said something about JPM running a drug cartel, then you might have a complaint!

  19. All of the top ten states in adults with a college degree are blue states. All of the bottom ten states in adult literacy are red states. Coincidence?

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