Parker, Reed likely near end of Pittsburgh runs

Steelers running back Willie Parker and kicker Jeff Reed each have two Super Bowl rings, but they aren’t likely to be Steelers after this season.

ESPN reports that the Steelers won’t try hard to keep either impending free agent, which is hardly a surprise considering how their contract years have gone thus far. 

Parker has proven ineffective and injury-prone, like he was for most of last season.  Perhaps no kicker is worth the off-field headaches that Reed has suffered since February.

Reed may not return to Pittsburgh, but experienced kickers can usually find work somewhere.    Parker, on the other hand, needs to show improved explosiveness and production the rest of the year.  He doesn’t have a lot of value as a receiver or as a special teams player.  That could make it difficult for him to find a job in the offseason.

And if you don’t think that’s possible, just look at what Shaun Alexander, Deuce McAllister, DeShaun Foster and Rudi Johnson are up to this year.

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  1. Willie is made out of glass. If he was healthy he might be a decent RB. Right now it’s clear that Mendenhall has more upside and is showing more production than even a healthy Willie Parker. Even Mewelde Moore is contributing more. He is a better receiver and has a slightly better yards per carry average

  2. This is no surprise, and from comments posted on other stories about these two, I guess a lot of people will be saying “Good riddance.” I just wish them both well–as I do everyone who produced for us when they were in their prime. I hope Parker doesn’t wind up sitting home like Shaun Alexander, whose NFL career was much too short. And I hope Reed can work out his issues. If we do wind up with another kicker, may he find firm footing in the mud of Heinz field.

  3. Let’s make sure that Mendenhall lives through his next Ray Lewis encounter before you start to name him as Parker’s replacement.
    Based on his first and only run in with Lewis, he may not have a future after the next one.

  4. I’ve been telling people this all along!! Willie Parker is the worst excuse for a running back i have ever seen in a Pittsburgh uniform!!! And for those of you that say he is worth it, if you think a 210lb RB with speed, no hands, and is always injury prone and only plays half of the year is good!!!! then you got another thing coming!! Mendenhall is what Pitt. needs down the stretch cause Holmes and Ward arent always garanteed in every game!!!!!

  5. Lennie boy’s talkin’ out of his arse. Three weeks ago he was writing off a “soft” Mendenhall now it’s Willie and Jeff Reed. The Steelers are way too smart to burn bridges this early in the season. Parker is stiil hurting and will improve through the year. As for Reed the jury is out but the man knows how to kick in Heinz Field and those kinda kickers are few and far between. We shall see.

  6. This years draft is deep with talent . Im sure the Steelers will snag a running back in the draft . Funny how the Ratbirds commit on our team as usual .
    Ravens are more facinated with the Steelers then some of its fans are lol . SAD N PATHETIC . I would think you need to worry more about how your defense is bad this season and that you have lost 3 games in a row . And worry less about what our team does .
    Remember the Steelers have won that past 4 our of 5 against the Ravens ………. SWEETY

  7. @LATRELL843
    You must not have been watching Steeler football prior to 2003 or so.
    Parker is 3rd all time on the Steelers rushing list.

  8. @LATRELL843 …
    Oh, come on! I can’t argue that Parker has good hands or that he hasn’t been injury-prone the last couple of years, but worst RB ever to wear the black and gold?!? The guy holds the record for the longest touchdown run from scrimmage in Super Bowl history–a run I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life. And in Tomlin’s first year he was on pace to take the rushing title until he broke his leg. If it’s time for him to move on, fine. But don’t diminish what he did while he was here.

  9. @ Darryll Hurst
    Yea Parker may be 3rd all-time on the steelers rushing list but thats not hard to do if you dont have that many good all-time rushers!! lol

  10. @ LATRELL
    …uh, yeah, the only two guys ahead of him are Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis…what bums. keep typing stuff fella

  11. I guess cause they are playing the vikes..Reed and Parker should just quit now…Why take the insurance risk?…. Fake fans hated Favre when he was with the Pack but now, suddenly love him, go figure…But as since he can probably sell out a first round playoff loss, and they can enjoy it from the comfort of their wood paneled propane trailer, instead of actually well, going to the game….it’s a hefty bag anyway, can’t blame em……right chickenshit?

  12. LATRELL843 ………
    Franco Harris . 4 time sb champ and hall of famer .
    Jerome Bettis . #5 on the all time rushing list . Sb winner and future hall of famer .
    John Henry Johnson …. Hall of famer …….
    Bill Dudley ….. Hall of famer …….
    Yeah the Steelers never really had any good running backs . Yet he is still #3 on the list ?
    Please stop talking out of your ass when you clearly dont know what you are talking about ok ? Need any more lessons please let me know ok ?

  13. Nope … Franco Harris … Rocky Bleier … Barry Foster … future HOF Jerome Bettis … just a bunch of stiffs right ?? …………

  14. The Steelers have 3 running backs in contractual situations that have to produce this year. Parker is older than Rashard and Mewelde, and has to produce this year if he wants to get paid next year. I am not worried about who is the #1 running back because a true team (which applies to the Steelers) needs Mendenhall, Parker, and Moore to each do their job effectively throughout the entire season. Parker is still a great change of pace option for the Steelers at any point in the game.
    I’m never going to hate on Parker b/c of what he has done throughout his career; from an undrafted free agent to the record holder for the longest run in super bowl history!! Followed up by helping the Steelers to another super bowl title last year.

  15. Gregg Rosenthal said: “And if you don’t think that’s possible, just look at what Shaun Alexander, Deuce McAllister, DeShaun Foster and Rudi Johnson are up to this year.”
    Parker has quite a bit more left in his tank than this group. He will find a time share situation or backup job somewhere next year. His legs are more lively than either Alexander or Rudi’s and his injury history doesn’t measure up to Deuce’s or Foster’s.

  16. You know what they say about rumors, Greg. If you haven’t heard one on chosen subject, go ahead and start one yourself.
    Obviously, Fast Willie hasn’t been himself since 2007 when he broke his leg but he is a gamer that has been productive in spots. He is only 28 yrs. old so he still has a few potentially good years. Non-burghers can’t understand the essence of Steeler loyalty so they see him as a castoff based on their limited knowledge of only second class operations. There are ten regular season and probably three postseason games left for Willie and the Champs to break their hearts.
    Outsiders’ little minds see Jeff Reed as a problem for the team because of his occasional stupidity.
    Pittsburghers know that everyone gets stupid once in a while and are very forgiving if offenders keep winning games for the ‘burgh.
    So, chances are that Willie and Jeff are going to be around for a while.

  17. Ed Bouchette is on record on several occasions saying that Reed and Parker are most likely gone after the season. Reed even before his latest transgression. This isn’t exactly breaking news just because ESPN has picked up on it.

  18. Willie Parker is a goner.
    When it comes to Reed, I think it will be more based on contract demands than going Mortal Kombat on a paper towel dispenser. Reed is a saint compared to a lot of NFL players that are currently starring in the league.

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