Roscoe Parrish questions benching

The Bills have been trying to unload wide receiver/punt returner Roscoe Parrish for some time without finding a trading partner. Last Sunday in the Meadowlands, they decided to just start treating Parrish like he’d been traded and deactivated him for their 16-13 win against the Jets.

As you might guess, Parrish wasn’t thrilled about the decision to replace him with Fred Jackson in the return game. He claims that no one from the Bills told him whether the benching was a result of his fumble on a punt return against Cleveland. He stopped short of directly criticizing coach Dick Jauron’s decision, but told Buffalo radio station WGR 550 that his record of achievement should speak for itself.

“I’m not going to sit up here and be negative with
the whole situation toward Dick Jauron but its kind of like a situation
where you look at it and be like this guy here – he led the league two
years in a row and the year  before he didn’t lead – he finished third
but he had a good average and then this year it’s 4 or 5 games into the
season and I’m off the field and not dressing and that’s the only
frustrating part if that there’s not enough explanation.” 

“That”s the only crazy part about it — not to bad mouth anybody —
not to bad mouth Jauron – my resume speaks for itself.  when you see my
resume and you see me not returning punts it’s like, wow, what’s going

Jackson is expected to retain his duties returning punts against the Panthers this weekend.

Parrish is due to make $1.025 in each of the next two seasons with $500,000 roster bonuses as part of his deal. Benching him would seem to make it more difficult to trade him after this season, although trying to predict exactly what will happen during the presumed uncapped offseason is probably folly.

Still, it’s safe to say that Parrish’s days in Buffalo are numbered no matter how he finds his way off the roster.

6 responses to “Roscoe Parrish questions benching

  1. Didn’t a Cowboys receiver get benched without notice from the coach as well? (Crayton?)
    I understand coaches have a 53 man roster, but someone can take the time to talk to their players.
    Offensive coordinator or special teams coach maybe, if the HC is too busy.
    Seems unprofessional to say the least.
    Speaking out is unprofessional as well, but if they get treated like that it is hard to blame them.

  2. I am certainly not a fan of Dick Jauron, but he does not owe Roscoe Parrish an explanation. However, if that is what Roscoe wants, let me provide one. Prior to this year, Roscoe was outstanding on punt returns, becoming the number one punt returner in the history of the NFL. As a result, he was given a generous contract extension, even though he is a below average WR. Roscoe believes that he should be used more at WR, despite his lack of skill. During the current season, Roscoe continued to be a poor WR, but also became a poor punt returner. During the Browns game he lost 15 yards on one punt and then foolishly touched a loose punt to give the ball and the game to the Browns. The Bills tried to trade him, but there were no takers. Since the Bills must pay him for the full year, there is no reason to cut him now. So they should just keep him around in case he might be needed, but if not needed, keep him inactive so he does not give away any more games. After the season the Bills will certainly cut him. So the reason that you are not playing Roscoe is that you no longer help the Bills to win, but in fact you are a liability.

  3. well its simple he cant catch the ball as a WR he is terrible does not run good routes cant get open .
    and now on punt returns he has fumbled 2 times this year that has caused go ahead scores by the saints and the browns ..yeah his record speaks for its self i’d say

  4. Running out of content PFT? Or just a little behind? This was all over NFL site’s everywhere a few days ago. Way to be “on top” of things as usual.
    For the record, I am a Bills fan, and it is sad to see at talent like Parrish being wasted. It’s very true his error in the Cleveland game was costly, but so is having a run defense approaching all time records low in rush yard allowed, as well as having an ineffective offense, so I wouldn’t put that game on him.
    I commend Parrish for handling himself the way he has. Short of saying nothing at all, he’s letting out the bare minimum and talking himself up a bit. He could be used (despite his size) as an emergency qb and used in some trick plays.

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