The Browns' curious commitment to Derek Anderson

Quarterback Derek Anderson continues to be the starter in Cleveland, despite the fact that he’s done nothing to really merit keeping the job.

Inserted at halftime of the Week Three game against the Ravens, Anderson has been bad.

How bad?  Asked about Anderson’s 41.7 passer rating, Cleveland offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said Friday, “He’s got nowhere to go but up.”

Daboll also said he put together a tape of 15 bad plays — from only three-plus games — and had Anderson explain what he could have done differently in each case.

Fifteen bad plays.  In three-plus games.

In his most recent game (a loss to the Steelers) Anderson completed only nine passes.  The prior week, Anderson completed only two in a win over the Bills.

Why won’t they go back to Brady Quinn?  Well, if he takes 70 percent of the snaps for the season, Quinn will unlock $10.9 million in escalators for 2010 and 2011.  Even if the Browns don’t plan to keep him, those bumps to his future pay will make it harder for the Browns to trade Quinn, since his contract would go with him.

So it’ll be interesting to see if the Browns go back to Quinn after it becomes statistically impossible for Quinn to reach the 70-percent threshold, which is a couple of games away.

39 responses to “The Browns' curious commitment to Derek Anderson

  1. Of course the Browns will go back to Quinn once they don’t have to pay him! Every talks about the players that don’t live up to the contracts they sign, and rightly so, but this time it’s the team that’s doing it. They offered Quinn the contract, and now they’re weasling out!!!!

  2. Anderson only looks good against bad teams and Quinn doesn’t have enough experience or comfort to do anything more than check downs and 15 yard passes. So what do you do? Normal teams would settle on a guy they have faith in, and groom those they’re unsure about. Quinn might have been that guy at one point (it certainly isn’t Anderson), but they’ve just about alienated his ass outta there. There’s no way he’s sticking around. So wait for the draft I guess.

  3. If they are dropping Quinn at the end of the year and have little hope of trading him might as well give Anderson the experience.
    Only reason they might want to play Quinn is to elevate trade stock, which is still unlikely due to the team being horrible regardless of QB.
    Let Anderson get his snaps against the Bears next week at least, be a nice confidence booster to the D.

  4. Florio you are right, as it is more than curious! Isn’t the development of your future QB more important than the trigger number of snaps in the contract. The more snaps the better for him to develop a comfort level and progress.
    Maybe they don’t see Quinn as the future QB for the Browns. How could they know though since no one has given him a fair shot.
    I do know one thing for sure. I have seen enough of Anderson!

  5. Really?! The Browns are trying to save money in a year where they KNOW they can’t succeed. You don’t say!

  6. umm… perhaps it could have something to do wit the fact that Mangini gave his word to his players that once he announced the winner of the QB competition he’d give that player the time, commitment and security to be a success.
    Then two games later he broke his word, futher undermining his credibility with his players (as if that were possible after forcing them to endure a 10 hour bus ride to help out his personal family foundation, fining players $1700 for a $2 bottle of water and trading away every decent player on the roster.)
    He’d probably not look too good if he again changed horses in mid-stream and admitted he made yet another mistake – even though everyone knows he did.

  7. After getting sandbagged out of $11 million, on a bad team where he has no future and one of the biggest pricks for a head coach, there’s no way Brady Quinn will have any incentive to play the second half of the season.
    Good luck with reinstating him as the starter after screwing him out of the bulk of his roookie contract and gaving lame duck status with the team.

  8. Quinn needs to contact David Carr and get an idea of how the rest of his career is going to go. Carrying a clipboard and wearing team hats for the rest of his “playing” days probably is not as easy as it seems. El Busto Deluxe.

  9. Quinn will get to play the last 8 games or so. Once it’s mathematically impossible for him to NOT get 70% of the snaps he will be re-inserted as the starter. He wasn’t playing well, why give him $11 to stink? He’ll still get his shot to prove he can play.

  10. No one understands how many passes the Brown’s receivers have dropped! Anderson’s rating is not a refection of him but more the talent around him

  11. The Scappoose Scrapper will continue to line up with his hands on Alex Mack’s rump for the remainder of this year.

  12. yes b/c randy lerner is so cheap right? you’re an idiot….how come no follow up story re the NFL clearing the Browns re James Davis?
    oh that’s right, cause you said the opposite happened & you can’t be held accountable for that right Michael?

  13. Well that or, you know, you could watch GAMEFILM and see how much better Anderson has played than Quinn.
    Stats can lie. Anderson has been a victim of drops and shoddy protection. Quinn was a victim of the latter also, but wasn’t impressing anyone with an inaccurate dink and dunk
    This is coming from a Ravens fan, I’m more afraid of Anderson than Quinn, but I’m not afraid of the Browns at all until their young recievers mature AND their o-line gets better AND they bench Jamal Lewis.
    There isn’t a reason to play Quinn not just because of money, but because of performance when you watch the film and not just the stats.

  14. Jeez Florio, wear your heart on your sleeve much?
    Nothing curious about the commitment. The language you use throughout the article just spells you out as another Quinnbot.
    The coaching staff saw all it needed to see from Quinn in 2.5 games to know that it’s not about him “developing”, it’s about the fact that it’s obvious that he could play against 19 and 20 year olds, but just doesn’t have the skill set for NFL competition. Hence, the deer-in-the-headlights/captain checkdown/afraid to throw into *single* coverage labels. What a puss.
    So that’s why they stick with Anderson. They understand that there has been times when people *weren’t* constantly dropping balls (so how is it DA’s fault that there’s a rash of that happening now? Did he start throwing completely differently this year? No. It’s a few mistakes that has parlayed into these receivers psyching themselves out.) -it has been proven before that Anderson throws passes people can catch if they’re concentrating- and that the team can win when they catch the damn ball.
    So for all the drops, it’s still a better plan (because people *will* stop dropping the ball sooner or later) than the guy who throws 3 yards on 3rd and 15 every time and fumbles without anyone even touching him. Please.
    No real curiosity to the commitment at all, but thanks for playing.

  15. I love how all the national media “experts” love to point their fingers at DA while nary a mention of the fact his recievers seem to be paying homage to the recently departed Braylon Edwards, dropping more than 15 passes in 2 games. 15 PASSES! No, not every single pass was on the money, but all were catchable, especially considering these guys make more in one game than most people for the city they play in can make that in one year of doing real jobs. It’s a joke, really, to have so may of these pundits question something without obviously have taken the time to research it further. BQ’s contract has not one thing to do with his lack of pt. I was at the opener against the Vikes and it became disturbingly obvious that Quinn lacks the confidence to strecth the field. That, in turn, allows defenses to stack the box, making it nearly impossible to move the ball.
    DA is by no means playing perfect football, but he’s nowhere near as much to blame as all the blowhards make it seem. Do some research and write me a good piece on why recievers can’t recieve instead of looking for some scapegoat Watergate scandal to explain something that’s not even there. Soap opera reporting at it’s finest, Florio.

  16. Florio et all,
    I’m tired of everyone guessing how the quarterback situation will pan out by reading the box scores the day after the game. Speaking as someone who has watched EVERY MINUTE of EVERY GAME for the Browns this year let me tell you what I see.
    With BQ at the helm the Browns looked absolutely dysfunctional; like they had no chance to score ever. They scored one lone touchdown in garbage time. With DA at qb they look like a below average NFL offense. If they could catch the ball(not DA’s fault) they would look like an average NFL offense with a chance to put up ~20 pts per game. I realize that’s nothing to be proud of, but the alternative is BQ scoring 3pts per game.
    Please actually watch film. The box score doesn’t always tell the whole story.
    On another note– Mangini wants to win. He doesn’t give a crap about Lerner’s money. If he thought BQ could help him win he would spend his boss’s money in a heartbeat.

  17. So this is basically the fourth time I have seen this story on PFT. Come on, this pot ‘o poop has already been stirred, and all it does is drag out the 10-15 Brady Quinn fans to come out and cry “conspiracy”.
    If people outside of Cleveland watched all of the Browns games (Haha, but who the hell would want to? They stink this year.), it would be pretty clear to see that with Anderson leading the team, the ball at least moved down the field a little bit. Quinn just looked clueless back there. In a year where you won’t be winning much, Mangini will play the guy that at least gives him a shot to win (and preserve his own job).
    The season’s a wash and I could care less who plays for them, but of course they won’t pay Quinn 11 mill… and the only people that don’t see this as a logical move are the butthurt Brady Quinn fans. You know, the same ones that will throw a party and cheer when Anderson inevitably gets injured this season.
    I hate being a Browns fan…

  18. Pretty obvious that Cleveland values business over winning anything. The fans that are paying for tickets should get a pro rated refund if the team is going to play less than their best because of a money decidion.

  19. leatherneck says: Derek Anderson needs to go to a team with a good coaching staff. He could be a solid QB.
    You, are so right. He needs to go to a team like the Ravens… oh yeah, wait a sec.
    Will all of the DA appologists please go away?Fans voted this guy to a probowl with the likes of Tom Brady and Peyton manning. That’s why fans aren’t coaches. I watch DA every week. He sucks. Period. If you don’t think so then go ahead and start him on your fantasy team…..ohhh
    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  20. Both Anderson and Quinn suck tremendously. Quinn may have a bit more upside, but neither one is a solid QB in any league

  21. The only person Brady Quinn should be upset with over this is his agent for essentially giving the team a loophole to avoid paying him the cash. From the Browns standpoint….why stink and pay your QB $11 when you can stink and not pay your QB $11 lol.

  22. Before you guys start making a line to hug Brady Quinn, keep one thing in mind…he held out into TC to get a deal better than his slot. Because of that, Derek Anderson won the job, and we all know what happened after that. Brady Quinn has no one to blame for this but himself.

  23. kramer says:
    October 24, 2009 11:10 AM
    how come no follow up story re the NFL clearing the Browns re James Davis?
    Exactly what I came back to post…Where’s this story, Florio?

  24. It makes no sense. The owner doesn’t care about the money , Mangini will find that out the hard way when he is fired at the end of the year. Or for him that may be the easy way so he gets paid and saves himself the embarassment. But as far as DA you can make all the excuses you want but the guy sucks. Numbers don’t lie and cry about the drops all you want but if you can’t throw a catchable ball it’s your own fault. Worst season in a decade. Even worse than Jaoffthemarcus Russe.

  25. “Every talks about the players that don’t live up to the contracts they sign, and rightly so, but this time it’s the team that’s doing it. They offered Quinn the contract, and now they’re weasling out!!!!”
    “After getting sandbagged out of $11 million, on a bad team where he has no future and one of the biggest pricks for a head coach, there’s no way Brady Quinn will have any incentive to play the second half of the season.”
    Let’s just ignore the fact that Quinn held out as a rookie and missed a golden opportunity to seize the starting job then. Remember Charlie Frye, anyone?
    I’m in the camp that says Brady should have gotten a full 16 starts this year to learn, grow, gain experience, prove himself, and see what he could turn into. You can’t evaluate someone after the handful of starts he’s gotten–if that were the rule, Peyton Manning would have been benched as a rookie. Check his record that year, and his stats over his first six starts vs. Quinn’s. Might surprise you.
    But all this contract stuff? Blame for that falls squarely on Quinn’s shoulders. Some players realize the importance of getting in and fighting for a starting job from day one, and recognize that the biggest money comes on the SECOND deal, not the rookie one. Quinn failed to see the big picture. To his credit, he’s handled it well, I think, and seems to be a consummate professional. The Browns may have screwed him when it comes to starts this year, but he did the job himself on the contract, and I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him on that one.

  26. I think everyone is missing the fact that it would be a lot easier to part ways with Quinn if they in fact owed him $11M next year.
    He stinks, so he’s not going to be with the team anyway.
    The starter next year probably isn’t on the roster this year.
    Bradford, McCoy, Pike?
    The long run of suck isn’t going to end during the next 2 years.

  27. If Kirk Herbstreet hadn’t spent years wrongly fellating Brady Quinn then nobody would care about this story.

  28. On another note– Mangini wants to win. He doesn’t give a crap about Lerner’s money. If he thought BQ could help him win he would spend his boss’s money in a heartbeat.
    Thank you, at least guy figures it out. No way in hell can Mangini afford to play a QB he thinks gives them less chance of winning the game. He is in danger of getting fired basically since he got the job. Both suck, but mangini must think anderson is better suited, you don’t do that after 3 games.

  29. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Raiders fans, take solace. There is a quarterback who is worse than JaMarcus Russell in the league. His name is Derek Anderson.

  30. The reason is easy:
    The Browns have beat the point spread in all three games Anderson has started; the Browns did not beat the point spread in the three games Quinn started.

  31. The only difference that may be significant here is that the Browns beat the point spread in all three games that Anderson started and did not beat the point spread in all three games that Quinn started.

  32. Quinn has already missed roughly 25% of the snaps so far this season. One more game should be enough to go past the 30% threshold that would void the bonus for next year. He could still earn it the last year of his contract if he is playing (where?).
    Asuming special teams snaps are not credited to the starting QB, Quinn would have a tough time hitting 70% after missing this game.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them gone next year. Mangini likes to trade, and DA is due a big roster bonus in March.
    Michael Vick in the Dawgpound?

  33. Quinn was highly over rated at ND and has proven it as a Brown. DA did have that one great year but hasn’t even come close to that level since then.
    It seems that the Brownies have made their choice. If Brady ever loses the deer in the headlights look when he has the ball, he may get to stay in the league as a permanent backup. If not, he may consider the CFL, UFL or maybe AFL-CIO.

  34. Lets be honest here people. Derek Anderson is beter tha Brady Quinn!!!! Sorry to say but its true. The only good receiver the Browns have is the rookie from Georgia everybody else could catch a cold if it was thrown their way!! lol but Brady Quinn might wnt to start looking at some teams in the UFL!!

  35. Bret Ratliff should be given a chance the season is over, Anderson or Quinn are no more than backups at best. I would stick with Anderson if it meant replacing him with Quinn

  36. How the hell can one say a quarterback is overrated when he gets 10 quarters against three of the top defenses in the league to start the season ? The honest answer is Penguini never wanted Quinn to start. Anderson has had five and 1/2 games to establish himself as the starter and has looked like a lost little boy in searching for his mommy in a department store. Play Radcliffe! Play Cribbs ! Do something besides trade your best players for former jets and draft picks or start typing your resignation !

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