Andre Johnson's injury isn't serious

Andre Johnson gave the Texans a scare when he left Sunday’s win in the fourth quarter with a chest injury, but the problem isn’t serious.

“They’re telling me it’s a chest contusion,” coach Gary Kubiak said after the game.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Johnson should be ready to play next week at Buffalo.  Johnson coughed up some blood on the sideline after taking a big hit on a 44-yard catch on Houston’s last drive that scored points.  (If Matt Schaub led Johnson better, it may have been an 85-yard touchdown.)

The Texans nearly coughed up a 21-0 lead, but the team’s defense finally came through with a stop in the game’s final minute.  After back-to-back wins over the Bengals and 49ers, the Texans will be favored to go to 5-3 and be in the playoff race for the first time in franchise history.

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  1. A couple of clarifications … Schaub hit Johnson in full stride while Johnson had two defenders draped all over him. The ball was on his back shoulder but even if it was ‘perfectly placed’ and hit him with arms outstretched, the safety and corner were both there to make the tackle. It’s not like AJ had to wait on the ball as you’re making it sound.
    Second, the only ‘big hit’ Johnson took was when he came down on the ball when he hit the ground. He had the ball clutched to his upper chest when he was tackled on the play.
    Third, two plays after the catch, Johnson went down on all fours on the field (not on the sideline) and spit up some blood. This was a delayed response to him landing on the ball two plays earlier. He wasn’t touched (or involved in the) two plays after his catch.
    After a few minutes on all fours, Johnson went to the sideline and appeared to be walking it off. He returned to the field for one or two plays before leaving for the day. He was taken to the hosp. as a precaution – they had to hide his helmet so he wouldn’t go back in.

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