Is Josh Freeman the Bucs' new starter?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers first-round draft pick Josh Freeman saw the first action of his NFL career today, taking some snaps in mop-up duty late in the Bucs’ 35-7 loss to the New England Patriots in London.

Now the question is whether Freeman is the new starting quarterback in Tampa Bay. It’s a question Bucs coach Raheem Morris declined to answer immediately following the game, but today’s starter, Josh Johnson, acknowledged that he didn’t do anything to merit keeping the job.

I’m not taking advantage of the opportunity,” Johnson said, per “That’s
what it all boils down to. We are an 0-7 football team. So, somebody
has to step up and do something about it.”

That somebody may be Freeman, a raw 6-foot-6 prospect whom the Bucs chose with the 17th overall pick in April. Coming out of Kansas State, Freeman was seen as less NFL-ready than fellow first-round quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez. But at this point, the Bucs are probably willing to try anything.

Freeman completed two of four passes for 16 yards and was sacked twice in his limited action today, and he didn’t do anything spectacular. But he didn’t have to do anything spectacular to look better than Johnson, who went 9-of-26 for 156 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions.

The bottom line for the Bucs is that they don’t know if Freeman is good enough to help turn around the team’s fortunes. But as they head into their bye week 0-7, it might be time to find out.

15 responses to “Is Josh Freeman the Bucs' new starter?

  1. They should bring back Testaverde. Pack him up with some gallons of HGH and a couple shots of Goose and he’ll be ready to go!

  2. Neither Josh’s are the future of the Bucs and hopefully Junior Morris wont be a part of that future either. After the Bucs go 1-15 this year, Junior Morris and Mark Dominik MUST be shown the door, hopefully on January 4th, 2010. Leave, just simply get the freaking clue Junior, the fans don’t like you or support you and you have no plan for the future for this team which was 1 game away from the playoffs last season. You are destroying this franchise. The team is not progressing, it’s regressing. Take your arrogant attitude and leave the Bay area as soon as possible.

  3. Great input Bucco. With all the money the Glaziers have spent to get this amazing talent for Raheem to work with, it’s shocking that we’re not 7-0! And no plans for the future? I didn’t know you were on the coaching staff, any other great insight you have to offer? ::rolls eyes::

  4. Bucco,
    I understand being upset with Dominik and Morris, but why are you so insistent that those two QB’s will be terrible? It’s almost like you want them to fail – makes no sense when it’s your team.
    Also, take a look around the rest of the team – having to play first year QB’s is one thing, having to play first year QB’s with that kind of talent around them on both sides of the ball is another.
    I understand this more than most, being a Lions fan. Doesn’t mean you should hope for failure for players that haven’t even been given a shot yet, especially at the QB position.
    I’m also not saying you should be blindly faithful – you have every right to take issue with the GM and coaches… Give your rookies a chance though.

  5. Hey Bucco Bruce, you said 1-15, who do you think the 1 is going to come against. I think this team has a real chance to repeat what the Lions did last year

  6. As a Packer fan I cant wait for the Bucs game coming up. Bring on whatever QB you want it wont make a difference.
    See you in two weeks.

  7. I wonder what John Gruden thinks of his former team?
    These clowns are the NFC South’s version of the Redskins.
    Geaux Nawlins!

  8. CHEMISTRY. It is fine and dandy to try all three quarterbacks in high school and other non-professional leagues, but in the NFL? I hope the receivers practice with Freeman during the Bye week so both can get a feel for each other. I think Raheem ought to switch Talib and Clayton. Talib might have more interceptions than Clayton has receptions. Also, the Bucs are back to Gruden’s offense. Check the film, you will agree. I would like to know who signed running back Ward? Kicker Nugent? The replacement Kicker? Clayton to a new contract? etc. and if Freeman fails, Freeman?

  9. Reporter: Raheem, is it time to go with Freeman as the starter?
    Raheem: I can’t answer that question, but if you lend me your phone I’ll check with the boss.

  10. 9-of-26 for 156 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions???
    I’ll give you two first round picks for that kind of talent.
    — Eric Mangini

  11. I’m sorry I know time will tell. But Freeman is NOT a franchise QB. He was not the best even in his pathetic conference…Raheem got some kind of man-crush on him when he couched at Kansas and couldn’t pick him fast enough….
    This team needs a wash in the scouting department. THAT is where the BIGGEST problems are. The Bucs haven’t had a good draft since McKay left and to be honest Sam Wysche lorded over their best draft: Sapp, Lynch, Alstott.
    ..If you live in Tampa Bay and choose to spend 4 hours on Sunday in the middle of our finest weather of the year watching playground football. Consider YOURSELF the “loser” NOT the Bucs…

  12. Josh Johnson is a project worth taking on. Just not for the bucs. If I’m the Panthers, Jaguard and Vikings I find a way to aquire him in the offseason.
    The Bucs had no shot yesterday. I’m not going to pretend he played great, but he showed on that last drive in the first half that he can make great throws. He threw two absolutely perfect passes back to back to put up the Bucs only score.
    He’s going to struggle, but those two passes alone show he has starting NFL caliber talent. Young quarterbacks struggling is still the norm in this league.

  13. I lay most of the responsibility for our demise on the Glazer’s shoulders. They’ve gutted our football team and replaced it with the “Bad News Bears” of the NFL. Not only have we forgot how to win but we continue to live with bad business decisions for personal spite. Example… Matt Bryant being cut and we still don’t have a kicker.
    Or, Derrick Brooks being cut and we still don’t have a leader in the locker room.
    And how about that gap in the salary cap? That’s saying something about great ownership…or lack thereof. But, they can sure call down to the coach and tell him who to play on the red phone. Great job coach Glazer. Right out of the Al Davis playbook on how to F*ck up a good team.
    This debacle is like the twlight zone for the NFL and unfortunately the joke is on us.
    Bartender, give me another one with a heavy hand. This is going to be a long season.

  14. JJ has started enough games to be evaluated and he, as an NFL QB, is beyond terrible. More like atrocious. Talented, quality QBs find ways to even with bad teams to move the chains and score in games even if it is just field goals. JJ is what many of us thought he was, A guy just talented enough to play SMALL clooege ball and that is it!
    Hopefully we will be wrong about Freeman and he will actually be gifted at QB but only time will tell. Bring on the Freeman and give this team at least a chance for a win this season!

  15. 1-Buc_Nation,
    First time on the website….I grew up in Brandon when the Buc’s were formed and have stuck with them ever since. Since 1981, I have been in Louisiana, and have been and always will be a lifelong fan. Your comments are DEAD ON!!!! Of course living here all I get is the Saints coverage, and hey, they deserve it!!! Because I don’t have all the access to the TB reports, what is the REAL reason for this year’s DEMISE????? I see across the NFL with all the young coaches being hired is a HUGE mistake, especially with this Jackass Morris!!!! If you get this, hit me back with some real info, as well as what websites that I can geaux to to follow this future 0-16 with the #1 pick in 2010!!!!

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