Larry Johnson's dad has some advantages over Todd Haley

The Chiefs were starting to look like a feel good story after back-to-back excellent efforts against the Cowboys and Redskins. 

Then Sunday happened.

The Chargers won in Arrowhead 37-7, the largest margin of victory in the series’ history between the teams.  And running back Larry Johnson followed up that meltdown with one of his own on Twitter. 

“My father got more credentials than most of these pro coaches,” Johnson started innocently enough.  His dad is the defensive line coach at Penn State. Johnson’s first tweet ended with “Google my father!!!!!!!

Then he drops the hammer: “My father played
for the coach from ‘rememeber the titans.’ Our coach played golf. My
father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn

Yeah, this is going to be a problem. 

Johnson may try to later explain that he was just trying to pump up his Dad, but that’s silly.  This is a passive aggressive employee complaint, and it’s not even that passive. I was worried that the account was a fake (Johnson has a small amount of followers), but Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star confirms it’s the real L.J.

Babb tweets: “LJ’s comments, while his own and bizarre in LJ’s way, could represent what players think of Haley.”

It’s not hard to guess what Haley thinks of Johnson.  L.J. was held to 49 yards Sunday, and is under three yards per carry on the season.  Johnson is a replacement level NFL running back and the Chiefs will be replacing him in 2010, if not sooner.

32 responses to “Larry Johnson's dad has some advantages over Todd Haley

  1. Oh really Rosenthal? The Chiefs certainly did look excellent against the Chiefs.
    Every post you make is an abomination and I’m sure NBC is proud to have you representing them.
    Leave PFT to the competent please.

  2. I was at the game today, and it was awful. One bright spot though was that the Chiefs started Lance Long at WR. We’re not sure who he is, but think he may have won some sort of contest, the prize for which was starting for the Chiefs. If someone would be so kind as to point me to the contest, I’d appreciate it, as I’m hoping to start at LB for the Chiefs for Christmas.

  3. Larry is right about the coaching staf. If Haley keeps his job they need to bring in a big name defensive cordinator. But the bottom line is the chiefs lack talent, especialyon the offensiveline.

  4. He will just say someone else had his phone. can they really prove it was LJ that sent it.
    JDK – long suffering Browns fan

  5. He should take out his frustration by beating up one of his women for the umpteenth time..Priest Holmes would dust your lazy good for nothing ass..

  6. The Chargers have their issues, but I thought you were going out on a limb taking the Chiefs in this one. From what I read of Haley during the preseason, I thought he seemed to have pretty poor management skills. Judging by his team’s record, that assessment was accurate. But poor Johnson would have been wiser to just vent at the watercooler like other disgruntled employees.

  7. Yep, he’s right.
    And I’m sure Haley will bench him next week. Watching this team is excruciatingly painful. Constant tampering and tweaking. Constantly pushing around the players….
    And surprise, surprise – no one is buying into anything and they actually look worse than they did last season.
    Haley is so in over his head it’s not funny. What’s worse is, the way Haley and Pioli pissed away all of those draft picks and players (instead of trying to coach them up to their potential) means the situation won’t get better any time soon.

  8. Haley should win COY if he cuts Johnson. I could care less how many games he wins. It’s time for this six-year mistake to end now. One thing’s for certain – I’m staying out of the clubs this weekend, because some chickenhead is getting her dome split.
    Regarding his “struggle” as alluded to (albeit sarcastically) above, I’m sure it was tough growing up in State College, PA with two loving, committed, married parents in a white-upper-middle-class neighborhood, all while attending private schools. Him and his homeboy Jay-Z are damn-near indistinguishable!
    Get the f*** out of my town, and take Whitlock with you.

  9. Yeah, Larry’s probably gonna get benched next week, but at least at means Jamaal Charles would finally get a shot.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Mike Shanahan or Bill Cowher next year.

  10. Then he goes and uses gay slurs:
    “@jaredlaunius think bout a clever diss then that wit ur fag pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.
    about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to jaredlaunius”
    Stay classy, LJ…if you think bashing women and gays is classy that is, then don’t.

  11. Wow, LJ is going off on people on Twitter. Evidently he is getting a lot of flack from fans about his comments and lack of performance. Following some of the Twitter comments is getting quite interesting:
    LJ is calling people “fags” and bragging about how much richer he is than everyone else. I am surprised Pioli and Haley have put up with this as long as they have. At first, LJ acted like he bought in to the Pioli/Haley plan, but now his frustration is starting to show. One comment to a fan was “you have as many touchdowns this season as I do.” LJ is a me-first player and would be nothing without the Chiefs All-World offensive line under Dick Vermeil — Willie Roaf and Will Shields (future Hall of Famers and easily Top 5 at their respective positions in NFL history), and Pro Bowlers Brian Waters, Casey Weigmann, and John Tait.
    Remember, backup running back Kolby Smith is practicing with the team and has two weeks to get activated off the IR and Jamaal Charles is looking good on special teams and as a third-down back. The Chiefs were also very high on Dantrell Savage early on, but that has dwindled. The Chiefs have a bye week this week. Look for things to get VERY interesting in KC, MO real soon.
    By the way, this is 100% LJ. Chiefs fans have been following him for months now.

  12. hey muck, you brought race into it, for the record. surprised that only took 10 posts. you people are great.

  13. “Muck says:
    October 25, 2009 11:31 PM
    Maybe it’s because, as a white man, Haley can’t relate to him or his struggle.”
    I’m really sick of the struggle. It’s the 21st century. There are more black players in the league than white. Big struggle.
    Anyway, the problem in Kansas City is a lack of talent leftover from the Herm Edwards/Carl Peterson days. Combine that with a completely new system makes for a very difficult transition. There are flashes, but it’s going to take awhile. This team needs a couple of big-time defensive playmakers and an entirely new interior offensive line.
    As for Larry Johnson, he became irrelevant years ago. Jamaal Charles should be the starter after the bye week, especially after this crap from LJ. Not only is he a better guy, he’s a much better running back.

  14. I’m sure it’s Haley’s fault that LJ cant find a lane or make any big plays anymore.

  15. “Maybe it’s because, as a white man, Haley can’t relate to him or his struggle.”
    and what might that struggle be? Are you suggesting because he is black he has not the same future as a white man? Maybe you should check and see who the President is. LJ is a temperamental spoiled athlete that among many other believes he is owed success because he has been pampered most of his life. I’m not taking Haley’s side because he is ill prepared for the head coaching position he finds himself in.

  16. the people suggesting that Jamaal Charles should be carrying the load….you’re high.
    That kid weighs 195 lbs with pads on, there’s no way I’d give him the ball 20-30 times a game. How many times did he limp off the field last year while LJ was suspended/deactivated? There’s 4 RB’s available on the roster. Give them all 7-10 a game and cut LJ. Simple as that.
    Start with Kolby Smith coming off injury and use the bye week to get him caught up. Let Charles be the full time 3rd down back. Dantrell Savage can get a few carries here and there.
    A major concern for me as a Chiefs fan is that LJ is only about 80 yards from being the all time Chiefs leading rusher. He HAS to be cut before that name is stuck in the books at Arrowhead. If he’s not cut, just deactivate him every week and release him after this season.

  17. I actually think LJ is right, his day coached my high school football team to a state championship. Whay has Haley done- OC on a Super Bowl looser- big whoop. LJ 1 Haley 0

  18. For the uninitiated, Larry Johnson famously said he preferred playing for Herm Edwards because he understood the struggle of being a young, black athlete.
    My last post was sarcastic.

  19. This guy is a tool who has few, if any, real skills. He can’t make people miss, and he can’t run over anybody – never could. The only success he has is when a hole opens that you can drive a bus through. Otherwise he is stuffed.
    LJ – you should be selling shoes, not playing in the NFL. And, I boldly predict that you will be – soon!

  20. Why can’t Larry Johnson and Ladanlian Tomlinson just go the way of Shaun Alexander? These has beens with big mouths are just annoying.

  21. # boy1der888 says: October 26, 2009 8:55 AM
    I actually think LJ is right, his day coached my high school football team to a state championship. Whay has Haley done- OC on a Super Bowl looser- big whoop. LJ 1 Haley 0
    Not only are you stupid, you’re an embarrassment to illiterate morons everywhere.

  22. LJ never learned to spell, use proper grammar, or how to keep his mouth shut, and yet we’re expected to believe his father would be good at coaching discipline.

  23. You don’t get schooled by the likes of Parcels, Belichick, Weis and Crennel and not walk away knowing everything you need to know to coach in this league. I’d say this was fairly obvious last season. Haley is a good coach he’s just got a few rotten apple to deal with. LJ will be a cancer for any team he gets on. Plus he is probably the most inconsistent starting RB in the league. Every play he looks like a different player. He should be able to wear different numbers..

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