Next step in London project? Building a fan base for one team

As the NFL continues its flirtation with England, the relationship could soon be moving to phase two.

You know phase two.  Extra toothbrushes.  Increased call frequency.  Walkin’ around naked.  (Yeah, that one goes way back.)

Per Peter King of NBC, the league is exploring the possibility of having one team play in London each year over the next three or four seasons in an effort to build up some sort of a fan following there.

And, of course, that team would then become the logical candidate to eventually move to England.

So, yes.  Get ready for the London Shaguars.  Or the English Muffins.  Or the Britain Dental School Dropouts.

37 responses to “Next step in London project? Building a fan base for one team

  1. Oh, I get it: It’s because we English know nothing at all about football and every last one of us has bad teeth, unlike you folks.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Sorry, I had my sarcasm control stuck to “full on”.

  2. Bad teeth?
    Strange because I would swear blind that everyone in this country has complete healthcare coverage. Unlike some barbaric countries I could mention who had apartheid laws in place as recently as 40 years ago.
    A similarly demented statement about the US would run, “They are all immensly fat, plently of them have diseases they can’t afford treatment for and the streets are full of beggars and tramps.” It would be similarly unfair.

  3. CB34,
    America is worse than that. Dont forget the beggars crap in the streets…..
    Also American teen agers wear their pants down to their knees. Most of our cities look like Tijuana.
    And most Americans are meth users, which leads them to have no teeth.

  4. “They are all immensly fat, plently of them have diseases they can’t afford treatment for and the streets are full of beggars and tramps.”
    Yes, unfair indeed… but it is uncanny how it pretty much summarizes my entire life.

  5. I’m not adverse to expansion outside of the U.S., but Mexico or Canada would seem to make more sense because of the time zone issues. If it worked out in London, great. I just don’t see how the logistics could work.

  6. I say welcome to our brothers across the Pond!
    “Strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!”

  7. or… London Bad-cooks
    roger talks like no london franchise for the foreseeable future… or 10 years…
    they want one so bad they are salivating.

  8. The West Virginia state song is Dueling Banjos and most residents believe Deliverance was a love story

  9. Werewolves of London
    London Admirals
    British Monarchs
    British Invasion
    London Lords
    Soho Serfs
    Westminster Wildcats
    The Old England Red Coats (as opposed to the New England Patriots)
    Kent Kings

  10. British Bulldogs
    Reference to Churchill, gotta get the good historic reference in there.

  11. I wouldn’t put it past the slimy Glazer’s to move the Bucs to England.
    The Manchester Muffins. Fantastic.
    How about a team in Canada or the US? Hawaii Maybe?
    Logistically, a team in England would be a nightmare.
    It’s the NFL, not the Euro League. Or whatever it was they called it.

  12. The London Redcoats
    The London Arthurians
    The English Scousers (if put in Liverpool instead).

  13. London Tea and Crumpets
    Britannia’s Proper People
    London Top Hats and Big Staches
    England Eggheads
    and the….
    British Butterflies

  14. Forget London!
    I’d take a team in Canada or Mexico before one in England. Same continent and there are already established football fanbases… at least more so than in England.

  15. The last thing the Brits want is more Glazer controlled franchises.
    Im all for the NFL trying to get world coverage but their is too many barriers for a team to play full time in the UK. Think of teams on the west coast traveling across the world to play a game…they would all need bye weeks the next week. Most teams would have to be east coast teams that would travel to the UK. That alone causes 100’s of problems with the schedule.
    Its a nice thought but I doubt anything would materialize other than 1-2 permanent games across the pond.
    You name trolls for the “possible london team” have probably the lamest names i’ve ever seen. I also love the fact that someone from WV is knocking on dental care in the UK. I’m sure “mountain dew mouth” or meth isnt a problem in the UK…

  16. Can’t believe nobody has suggested the London Fletchers.
    Oh and Florio, this anti-English thing is getting old. And if it was against a different country it would be called flagrant racism, so give it a rest.

  17. The London Queens?
    The Cornish GameHens?
    The London 49ers? Wait, that would be redundant to the London Queens.

  18. “Welcome to Wembley Stadium, where the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the London Gingivitis.”

  19. You guys need to remember something. Once the league gets around to publicly discussing something it’s a done deal. NFL to London.

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