Niners yank Shaun Hill

Facing a 21-0 deficit at halftime in Houston, the San Francisco 49ers sent starting quarterback Shaun Hill to the bench, opting instead for backup Alex Smith.

And so Smith, the first overall pick in 2005, led the Niners to a touchdown on his first drive of the game.

The score came via a 29-yard catch and run to tight end Vernon Davis.

In his NFL debut, receiver Michael Crabtree has caught three passes for 39 yards.

6 responses to “Niners yank Shaun Hill

  1. dkpeagles says:
    October 25, 2009 3:10 PM
    Love how Crabtree already has more career receptions than DHB. Al Davis is such an idiot.
    Yeah, but in all fairness, who does DHB have to throw to him? JaPorkus Russel is arguably the worst QB in the league. None of those receivers in Oakland have much in the way of production.

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