Report: Antoine Winfield has fractured foot

We previously noted that Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield could miss a month with a foot injury.

Now Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press offers a more specific report on the nature of Winfield’s injury. Per Jensen, Winfield has a fractured right foot. Vikings coach Brad Childress has said Winfield sprained his foot in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, but apparently Winfield actually broke a bone.

Either way, it’s a significant loss for the Vikings. Cornerback Karl Paymah filled in for Winfield for the game against the Ravens, and he struggled as the Ravens came back and got into range for what could have been a game-winning field goal.

Benny Sapp is slated to start at cornerback in the base defense today against the Steelers and to move into the slot when the Vikings play the nickel package against the Steelers’ three-receiver formations. Paymah will play Winfield’s customary left corner in the nickel package.

Jensen reports that the Vikings hope Winfield can return for the Nov. 22 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

11 responses to “Report: Antoine Winfield has fractured foot

  1. Winfield is the real deal. Have to give credit where credit is due. Losing a player with his talent hurts the Vikes.

  2. Wow FML!
    Well, let’s bring out Asher Allen and see how he does. Can’t do much worse than Karl Paymah (rent!)

  3. Damn this sucks…We lost our middle linebacker E.J. last year for the season and still won the divsion last year with Gus Ferotte…Damn Im glad I’m not a packer/bear fan a.k.a POS…I would be pretty upset having to swallow that..especially that were 6-0 right now.

  4. This is a huge loss for the Vikes defense. Winfield may be the most underrated corner in the game, and his presence on field will show.
    IMO, the Steelers game today was a loss already, but without Winfield, the Lambeau game might be a loss as well.
    They should still be sitting on 1 or 2 losses when Winfield returns. At least the Vikings have a nice cushion in the division, and should still be in good shape for a playoff run.

  5. how does it go from being a sprain all week long to a fracture today? Does this guy have a credible source?

  6. The Steelers have Polamalu, the best safety in the league, at 75% and they lost Aaron Smith, the best 3-4 defensive end in the league for the season.
    The football gods seem to have a way of evening things up when it comes to inuries.

  7. bustabloodvessel: I suspect it is a stress fracture. Those don’t show up on scans or x-rays until they’re a few days old. It’s consistent with the boot he’s wearing, as typically you don’t cast a stress fracture. Still. It’ll be a lot longer healing time than a sprain.

  8. Winfield was on KFAN this morning saying that he did not have a fractured foot. He said it was a sprain and he hopes to be ready for the packer’s game.

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