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8:20 pm ET – Mike!! Where you at man!?!?
I’m here, man! Chillax, man! What’s up, man!?!?

8:22 pm ET – Is Miles Austin for real?
Looks like he is. Also looks like he’s 17.

8:23 pm ET – What do the Cardinals need to do to win tonight?
Score . . . more . . . points . . . than . . . the . . . Giants. (Did you ask that on purpose?)

8:24 pm ET – How long has this been available?
All season. Where you been?

8:25 pm ET – Mike, whats you take on tonight’s game? I feel the Giants will bounce back and win by 10 tonight.
I agree. 10 or more.

8:27 pm ET – Top 3 MVP candidates? Peyton, Brees, Carson?
I think Roethlisberger is in the discussion. And Kyle Orton. And Adrian Peterson.

8:27 pm ET – With the loss of Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington, will the Jets be able to make the playoffs?
Jenkins hurts more, but it didn’t hurt them today. Getting a big win and getting above .500 was critical. There will be a logjam for the wild-card spots in the AFC.

8:28 pm ET – What do you think about Leon Washington’s contract situation now that he is out for the year?
I think he’d better hope that leg heals properly or he’ll never get paid.

8:29 pm ET – Is Anquan Boldin active?
Yes, despite high ankle sprain.

8:29 pm ET – Do you use sarcasm as an excuse for not knowing anything?
Mom, is that you?

8:31 pm ET – What happened to the 49ers lately?
They can’t win outside the division. Same problem the Cardinals had last year, until the playoffs.

8:33 pm ET – Were the Steelers that good today or was Fa-v-re that bad?
That game could have gone either way. Great clutch defense from the Steelers. A classic game.

8:33 pm ET – Will Bill Cowher be the coach of the Panthers next year?
It makes a lot of sense, if the Panthers will give him full control over the football program.

8:35 pm ET – Florio, what was your impression of Alex Smith today for the 49ers?
He looked good but I’d be interested to see what he does against a team that has a chance to game-plan against him. The Texans surely weren’t prepared to see him.

8:36 pm ET – What’s it like to be biased, condescending, and have a horrible haircut?
I’m not biased or condescending.

8:37 pm ET – Why you guys hate on the Broncos and not give them a SNF game?
I think we’ll see them a few times once the flex schedule begins.

8:38 pm ET – Is Mike Vick gonna play more?
I think the Eagles signed him to see if he could be the guy in 2010. I also think they’ve decided that he won’t be, and thus that we won’t see him unless McNabb gets hurt again.

8:41 pm ET – Who picks the flex games?
The league and NBC, but CBS and FOX can protect a certain number each year.

8:41 pm ET – Will the Rams win a game this season?
If they don’t beat the Lions next week, maybe not.

8:42 pm ET – Will a regular season NFL game have more ratings than a playoff baseball game?
It happens every year.

8:45 pm ET – Can I come over for Thanksgiving?
Yes. I’ll be celebrating the holiday at Channing Crowder’s house. See you there.

8:46 pm ET – Are you in your shed tonight, or a box seat in NJ?
There’s a difference?

8:46 pm ET – Need help naming my child.

8:48 pm ET – What do think of the Colts this year?
Best team in football. A half click better than the Saints.

8:50 pm ET – Florio, are the Saints the best team in the NFL right now?
I’ve got the Colts a little bit ahead of them.

8:51 pm ET – Are the Dolphins the best 2-4 team in the NFL?
Yes. Unfortunately, that’s not one of the factors for determining whether a team makes it to the playoffs.

8:52 pm ET – Why did Farve even think about throwing that ball when they were well inside field goal range?
It was a low-risk screen pass. But, obviously, not a no-risk screen pass.

8:55 pm ET – Bold prediction: Who wins the NFC west?
Arizona. 49ers are falling apart.

8:56 pm ET – What is your opinion on the Minnesota Vikings after their Week 7 loss?
I think they’ll be fine. They weren’t going to go 16-0. But if they lose at Green Bay next week the NFC North could be wide open down the stretch.

8:57 pm ET – Do you think the Bengals could possibly make a run for the playoffs this year?
5-2 with wins over the Steelers, Ravens, Packers, and Bears? I’d say they’re already making a run for the playoffs.

8:58 pm ET – Who will be a Panther in 2010: Fox, Hurney, Peppers, Delhomme, or Smith?
None of the above.

9:00 pm ET – Who do you think has the best chance at beating the Colts? It doesn’t look like too many at this point.
Houston, New England, Baltimore, Denver are the only ones with a realistic chance.

9:03 pm ET – Could we have two teams go 0-16 this year?
Bucs and Rams could possibly pull it off, I think.

9:04 pm ET – Do you feel that Paul Allen has the best over the top calls in the entire league?
YES! Yes he does! Oh my heavens, he does! He does! Oh my heavens!

9:05 pm ET – When was the last time you changed the oil in the PFT VW wagon?
What do you mean by “changed the oil”?

9:07 pm ET – Should officials have some protective gear, given the incident in the Vikings game today?
Helmets should be used, despite the fact that they’ll all look like Mike Dukakis riding in a tank.

9:13 pm ET – Wouldn’t the helmets impede vision though?
Possibly but eventually one of those hits from a player will impede, you know, life. So there’s a trade off. Besides, with no face masks the helmets shouldn’t be a problem.

9:14 pm ET – Which teams do you think will make the Super Bowl and who will win?
As of right now, Patriots and Saints. Saints win.

9:17 pm ET – Who was the bigger reach as a head coach . . . Jim Zorn or Raheem Morris?
Zorn. He’d never drawn any real interest for even a coordinator job. Morris was on the short list for the Broncos’ head-coaching position.

9:19 pm ET – I thought you said the Colts were the best.
Right now, Colts are the best team. But how often do the best teams from the two conferences actually make it to the Super Bowl?

9:20 pm ET – Tripping on Jeff Dugan today? Really?
That was a horrible call. Horrible.

9:21 pm ET – What do you think of the Eagles this season?
I think if the Eagles team that showed up in Oakland last week shows up for many more games, they won’t be in the playoffs.

9:22 pm ET – Will Raheem Morris last the season?
Yes — the Bucs are already buying out Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen.

9:24 pm ET – Who’s going to win the AFC West?
Ummm . . . . the Chiefs?

9:26 pm ET – Everyone says that the Cowboys misses Terrell Owens. But I don’t see him doing anything for the Bills? What do you think?
I think it’s possible both are true, because the Bills don’t have a quarterback who can take full advantage of Owens. Then again, with Miles Austin around, the Cowboys might not be missing T.O. any more.

9:27 pm ET – Sidney Rice finally showing how good we all know he is, right?
Actually, what we’re seeing is that a great quarterback can make so-so receivers look a lot better.

9:29 pm ET – Do you think Brian Billick will ever see a head coaching position again in the NFL?
Not any time soon. He was in the right place at the right time in 2000 and could never develop a quarterback.

9:32 pm ET – What do you think about Jeff Fisher wearing Payton Mannings jersey?
I think it’s no big deal, but my opinion counts a lot less than the opinions of Titans players and fans, who didn’t seem to think it was no big deal.

9:33 pm ET – What retired coach would you like to see come out of retirement?
You know, why did Chuck Noll never get another shot? He was only 59 when he “retired” from the Steelers.

9:34 pm ET – Speaking of T.O., where’s he playing next season in your crystal ball? Surely he isn’t staying in Buffalo?
I think he’s possibly done after this year. Who would want him?

9:35 pm ET – What is a team flying under the radar that you think will make the playoffs?
Don’t write off the Jaguars.

9:37 pm ET – Tim Tebow a first rounder?
Jaguars seem to be very interested in him, given his ability to help sell tickets.

9:39 pm ET – What did think of Michael Crabtree’s performance today?
Impressive start, given that he had done nothing since the end of the 2008 college football season.

9:43 pm ET – Who is the biggest draft bust JaMarcus Russell in Oakland or Alex Smith in San Fran?
Russell. Smith at least had a game or two when he wasn’t awful.

9:44 pm ET – Who has more gray hair? Brett Favre or Kurt Warner?
They both need to go bobbing for apples in a vat of Just For Men. (Product placement!)

9:45 pm ET – So far, is Percy Harvin the S.O.D?
How about Mike Wallace or Johnny Knox? They weren’t first-round picks.

9:47 pm ET – Will Matt Leinart play next year?
I think there’s a good chance he’ll be the Arizona starter. Kurt Warner could retire.

9:49 pm ET – What is S.O.D.? I looked it up and all I got was Stormtrooper of Death.
Dwight Schrute! Glad you could make it tonight. (It’s “Steal of the Draft.”)

9:49 pm ET – Would you rather be lucky than good?
Right now Hakeem Nicks will take luck.

9:50 pm ET – It’s my mom’s birthday. Can you give her a shout out for me?
Happy birthday, mom of guy who asked for a shout out for his mom because it’s her birthday. (Don’t let him tell you that this is his present.)

9:53 pm ET – Yeah, and you look up S.O.B. and Florio’s picture is there.
Hello, Mrs. Florio. I thought you were watching Desperate Housewives.

9:53 pm ET – Was today’s egg that the Bears laid a one game thing, or are they screwed?
They’ve laid three eggs in six games.

9:54 pm ET – Dwight made it tonight! Where’s Chris Farley?
He’s singing to David Spade while wearing a little coat.

9:57 pm ET – Who would be the G.M. for Bill Cowher in Carolina?
Kevin Colbert, if the Steelers would let him leave. And Cowher would hire Omar Khan to do the contracts, again if the Steelers would let him go.

9:58 pm ET – Is L.A. really going to get a stadium?
Still a long way to go.

9:59 pm ET – Why does Eli Manning yell at his players when they make a mistake?
Yeah, no other quarterback does that.

10:16 pm ET – Who is the best team in the AFC North?
Bengals are good but too inconsistent. Steelers are still the kings of the hill.

10:19 pm ET – Did Mike fall asleep?
Huh? Wha? I’m . . . I’m not asleep.

10:20 pm ET – Jimmy Johnson said that Urban Meyers should get hire by the same team that would draft Tebow. Who would give Jaguars competition on getting Tebow?
Meyers would be foolish to leave Gainesville. As to other teams who might want Tebow, the best thing to do is not have their owners say so publicly.

10:22 pm ET – I just saw Frankenstein outside my window what should I do?
Tell Peyton he should be getting some rest. He had a game today.

10:23 pm ET – Mike, what are you buying me for Christmas?
A one-year subscription to

10:27 pm ET – Can Mike Vick ever get back to where he was two years ago?
You mean in jail? Yes, if he tries really hard and applies himself.

10:28 pm ET – I returned my Tony Romo jersey, now what?
Buy a Miles Austin jersey.

10:29 pm ET – Mike, how is Florio Jr.’s football career going thus far?
The good news is that his team won their last game of the season, 27-0. The bad news is they lost the first six.

10:31 pm ET – What do you think about Men Who Stare at Goats?
It’s probably better than Men Who Stare at Sheep.

10:31 pm ET – Who do you want to win in the World Series?
The Pirates.

10:36 pm ET – Will Alex Smith be better than Joe Montana?
Yeah, sure. They should build a bigger trophy case because Smith will win five more Lombardi Trophies for them.

10:37 pm ET – Will Jim Zorn really last til 2010?
Making it through the season and making it to 2010 are two very different things.

10:42 pm ET – In your crystal ball who will give the Colts their first loss?
Patriots on November 15.

10:43 pm ET – Don’t quit your day job. A comedian you are not.
I already quit my day job. So I’m pretty much screwed.

10:47 pm ET – Is it me or do the Giants look lethargic?
Complacent. They expected to show up and roll the Cardinals.

10:50 pm ET – Warner never got enough respect when he was on the Rams.
Are you referring to those two MVP awards? Just checking.

10:51 pm ET – Do you think Brady Quinn will start the next game for the Browns?
Doubtful. Eric Mangini thinks he can’t play.

10:53 pm ET – Which bear is best?

10:54 pm ET – How many more years until the Chiefs will be respectable again?
Next year.

10:57 pm ET – Do you think the Texans will make the playoffs?
They can’t collapse like they did today if they want to make it. They’re in the thick of it, though, and they have a chance.

10:58 pm ET – What do you think of Larry Johnson tweeting that his dad is a better coach than Todd Haley? Is he trying to talk his way out of town?
Rosenthal posted something on it at I’m surprised they kept L.J. around this year. It was obvious this would happen eventually.

10:59 pm ET – What do you think of the UFL?
I can’t take it seriously with those uniforms.

11:02 pm ET – Can you recall a team having as many key injuries as the Seahawks have had the last 2 seasons?
No, and I’ve said in the past that the Seahawks should try to figure out what is causing it. No team is that unlucky. I’d explore the conditioning and training functions closely.

11:03 pm ET – Do you think Tom Coughlin moisturizes?
I think his face is still partially frozen from the 2007 NFC title game.

11:04 pm ET – is this really Mike?
No. It’s the guy he pays $4.34 an hour to cover for him.

11:10 pm ET – Better game remaining on the regular season schedule: Pats @ Colts or Pats @ Saints?
Pats at Colts has more meaning for playoff positioning.

11:13 pm ET – So what are your plans for your week off? Will their be a Florio chat on PFT to discuss with you the happenings of next Sunday’s games?
Are you kidding? I’m watching the World Series! Best way to be asleep by 9:00.

11:16 pm ET – Am I only allowed to ask one question?
Yes. And there it was.

11:20 pm ET – Richard Seymour predicted the Raiders were gonna make the playoffs . . . who would have thought they would have a grand total of 0 points?
Last week apparently was a fluke. Either that or the Eagles are really, really bad.

11:21 pm ET – Do you believe in the Madden Curse?
Yes. And the Great Pumpkin.

11:22 pm ET – Do you think the Cowboys will make the playoffs?
One good game with two weeks to prepare for it doesn’t make a mediocre team a great one.

11:25 pm ET – No comment on tonight’s game?
“I just answer the questions that are asked.” . . . And I also picked the Giants to win, so there’s really nothing to say.

11:27 pm ET – Donald Driver for the NFL Hall of Fame? What do you think? Class act.
Yeah, but it’s not the Hall of Class Acts. Otherwise, several guys would have never gotten in — or would have been thrown out.

11:29 pm ET – I see OT coming? Do you get over time Mike?
Giants need to go a long way to force overtime.

11:34 pm ET – So does Kurt Warner need another superbowl win for the Hall of Fame? Or do you feel he has done enough?
Neither. I think he needs more yards and touchdown passes in the regular season. He needs to finish in the top 20 in both categories. I think he needs one more season beyond this one.

11:37 pm ET – Why call timeout with 2:10 left? It only saves 10 seconds before the 2:00 warning instead of up to 40 seconds on a regular play.
That really made no sense. So I agree.

11:38 pm Et – Omaha?
Eli is pandering to the Nebraska demographic.

11:40 pm ET – Do you think JaMarcus Russel should have been benched a while ago instead of just today?
I think Jeff Garcia should have been the Week One starter.

11:41 pm ET – Who is that singing?
“Fat lady in a little coat. . . . Fat lady in a little coat.”

37 responses to “Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

  1. Hey Mike, thanks for putting in the time
    with Rookie T.J Lang playing well today…and Clifton injured/old/penalty prone/not good against the Vikings when he was healthy
    is it possible that Lang will start next week when Lord Favre and the purple parade comes to town regardless of Cliftons health?

  2. Austin is not that good.
    He will be shut down soon by coaches.
    if you watch tape, all he does is out routes and when he catches the ball he stops, while the CB’s come flying in and whiff on a tackle. every single one of his catches are like this. out, stop, corner flies in front of him, he runs up field.
    kinda funny really

  3. How bad was the “tripping” call against James Harrison that erased a Sydney Rice touchdown and eventually lead to a fumble recovery for a touchdown?

  4. Why Is The SNF Extra on NBS SPORTS web cast not available in CANADA?
    Insert Baby Harp Seal Pup.. Head Bashing Joke here.

  5. about as bogus as the “pick” called against the steelers in the first quarter that nullified their td. only difference is that the steelers didn’t wilt.

  6. Steelers-Vikes: Bad tripping call that nullified a td for the vikes; bad pick call that took a td away from pitt; and very large hold that wasn’t called on the Percy Harvin return. Other than that, that was the best officiating I’ve seen to date.

  7. Mike, did you play Ponyboy Curtis in the movie “The Outsiders?”
    Also, are Vikings fans the whiniest bitches in all of football?

  8. Mike: I think the Steelers are the whiniest bithcines in all of football, given that they are complaining here about petty calls by the referee even though they won the game.

  9. What’s spooky is that my “Magic 8 Ball” gave me nearly all the same answers Mike Florio did tonight.

  10. I can’t believe Collingsworth just described a stiffarm from Cardinals “Beanie” Wells as a “Nice Facial.” Are you kidding me???

  11. csloan99…
    Umm. I’m pretty sure it was the Vikes fans cying about officiating. The steelers fans were merely pointing out that bad calls happened both ways. But your bias would impede the observance of that pesky fact, now wouldn’t it?

  12. I don’t see where the Steelers fans are whining. They are answering a question that was posted.
    If you look at the play again, you will see that his legs were, indeed, used to trip/knock down the player.

  13. @ kravon- Dream on douche. The game was there for the Vikings to take. I would like about 1 minute in a MMA cage with you. You are an over sensitive,whiny ass bitch. Pick on somebody that can’t crush you tree hugger! Go Vikings!!!

  14. Steelers blow and got lucky as balls to get a win today. Thanks to the refs. Even Florio said that call was piss poor.

  15. I really see three options for the Browns for the rest of the season…
    1) Keep Derek Anderson in and probably go 1-15
    2) Put Brady Quinn back in and probably go 1-15
    3) The whole team gets Swine Flu and they just cancel the rest of the season.
    Have they fired Mangidiot yet? Or are they waiting to get that $1700 for the bottle of water?

  16. Did they really just say Antrel Rolle can throw the ball 90 yards? Yeah the Browns could use him considering neither of their two Autistic Quarterbacks can complete a pass of more than 5 yards.

  17. Damn Viking fans! The call against the Steelers was bogus and the TD was taken away, Sidney Rice TD got taken away to a call that should have been called, either way both teams got TD’s taken away, quit your whining! the better team won! The refs made 2 bad calls that benefited both teams, give it a break already!

  18. Six- We beat ourselves. You are not a Superbowl caliber team anymore. Luck kissed you today,like it did us last week.

  19. Two things. First, the Steelers penalty was properly called. The receiver made contact with the defender preventing him from covering the assigned receiver. That’s a pick and illegal, despite the ball going to the other side of the field. Unless Steelers fans are talking about another play…
    Second, do many of you realize that Mr. Florio only answers questions in the chat? He then posts some here. From the questions here, I don’t think many get it.

  20. Harvin – I agree with you on one thing, we are not SB caliber like we were last year, but…luck did not kiss us today, for instance, give the Steelers that TD that was called back due to that bogus ‘Pass Interference Call’. Give the Vikings that Sidney Rice TD, which i admit should have been called. Take away the Steelers fumble recovery return TD since it happened right after what should have been a Sidney Rice TD. And what do you get? You still have Pitt winning by 3 to 4 points.

  21. Favre did his job.
    The Steelers D did their job and then some.
    The bottom line for the Vikes is that they need Antoine Winfield back on the field.
    The secondary is dreadful without him out there.
    Mendenhall is a beast for the Steelers. They made the right choice there.

  22. Keep making excuses Pervyharvin. Im done with you since judging by your recent comments you are a child not an adult. My guess is you are about 17. Buh bye.

  23. “You know, why did Chuck Noll never get another shot? He was only 59 when he “retired” from the Steelers.”
    Charles Henry was far too smart to ever go back to coaching, which had competely changed since he took over the Steelers in 1969.
    Players were men back then. He had guys like Joe Greene, who hated losing so much he was practically uncoachable until Noll taught him how to rein in his aggression; and Rocky Bleier, who after having his foot practically blown off in Vietnam came back to rush for 1,000 yards.
    The NFL prima donna was already beginning to surface in when he turned in his whistle in1991, and he wanted no part of that. He always said that if he had to motivate his players he had the wrong players and needed rid of them.
    Instead he turned his attention to his lovely wife Marianne and son Chris, his sailing, his world-class wine cellar and his famous rose garden.
    He’ll always remain the best coach in pro sports history, having pioneered the stunt 4-3 and the 3-4 zone blitz, being the first true champion of African-Americans in the NFL and, oh yeah, still being the only guy to ever win four league championships in the most demanding professional sporting league on the planet.
    Just like Charles Henry, I’d have taken my well-earned days of wine and roses over the 20 hour/day grind of modern coaching any day.

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