Braylon Edwards charged with assault

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was charged with misdemeanor assault today in connection with an incident outside a Cleveland nightclub, the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting.

The charges stem from an accusation that Edwards punched a friend of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. The incident took place shortly before Edwards was traded to the Jets from the Cleveland Browns.

The Plain Dealer reports that Edwards faces a sentence of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if he’s convicted of misdemeanor convicted.

Edwards had 10 catches for 139 yards in four games with the Browns. He
has nine catches for 118 yards in three games with the Jets.

19 responses to “Braylon Edwards charged with assault

  1. convicted of misdemeanor convicted?
    Ummmmmm one other point… need to fix the “days without an arrest” counter……he was charged, not arrested. I would think even a former lawyer would know the difference!

  2. Braylon…
    J-A-I-L…..Jail, Jail, Jail!
    NY Jets Superbowl bid…
    F-A-I-L…..Fail, Fail, Fail.

  3. Thats what you get for being a douchebag.
    Edwards had 343 drops with the Cleveland Browns, so far he has 5 with the Jets…more to follow, lots more.

  4. I would love it if he comes out with a public statement about the fine: “Wait, a G? thats it? no problem, I get 5 times that for wearing the wrong shoes to work”

  5. Why be jealous of L.James? I get it, the whole city loves him and they hate you. It makes sense for Edwards to be jealous, I mean if L.James can’t win in todays watered downed, overrated NBA then why should they love him more then Braylon? I get it Braylon, L.James is overrated and you should have gotten some love. The sad truth to all this is the poor Cleveland fan who just wants to win, may never win again. Keep the faith, your do. Just look at Philly, got a shot at back to back rings. No one ever thought that could happen.

  6. if his boy Stallworth did 21 days for dui manslaughter….i wonder what he will get for misdameanor assault. 6 hours?

  7. I wish I made millions of dollars thats exactly what I would be doing with all my money and time, blowing it on clubs and court costs.

  8. I wonder how soon Edwards will be charged with fraud also. We all know that he’s not a wide receiver, he just plays one (sometimes) on national TV.
    He sucks.

  9. he’s just been dropping catches so far, will have to start dropping his pants in jail pretty soon

  10. OK, and, uh, Tom Cable escapes prosecution and league sanctions for breaking a fellow employee’s jaw exactly how? I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this.

  11. well GoBrowns tommorrow night the Cavs are gonna look like the Browns because the Celts are gonna STEAMROLL them!!!!… its pathetic that Braylon was jealous over LBJ… get over it your in NY now playing second fiddle to the yankees and Eli

  12. @tombrookshire, somebody needs to corroborate Hanson’s accusation …. somebody probably did that in this particular case

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