Broncos punt Kern, welcome Berger

It’s fitting that, a day after a quarterback was spotted hiding a hot dog between his legs, a punter known for keeping a Snickers in his shoe has gotten a new job.

The Broncos have announced that punter Brett Kern has been waived, and that Mitch Berger has been signed.
Berger punted for the Steelers last season, after Daniel Sepulveda tore an ACL in training camp.
Adam Schefter of ESPN pointed out last Monday that the Broncos had made no roster moves all year.
They finally have — and the hope is that it makes them better in a phase of the game on which they haven’t had to heavily rely.

10 responses to “Broncos punt Kern, welcome Berger

  1. Sweet, now the Broncos D will be taking the field at the 40 every time he punts. He was terrible in Pittsburgh.

  2. “a punter known for keeping a Snickers in his shoe has gotten a new job.”
    Typical PFT …. you get all up in Mitch Berger’s grill for a momentary indescretion but Marianne Faithful gets a lifetime free ride.

  3. Florio,
    Saying Berger punted for the Steelers last season is very liberal. He was on the team, sure, but I wouldn’t call what he did punting. More like he kicked at the ball. With horrendous results…

  4. Berger may actually be an upgrade over Kern. The guy kicks the most returnable ball of all time. He gets decent distance unlike Berger, but in terms of net yardage, Berger may actually end up being better.

  5. Why do you punt to Sproles? Why? Dumb. As dumb as Shanny punting twice to Hester. Ok, kickoffs, hard to avoid it, but why not just punt it out of bounds at the 40? Isn’t that better than a touchdown? Dumb.

  6. there is a plus with berger, somehow he managed to bounce the ball off the returnman’s head at least 5 times last season, if that was a stat it would have to be a record.
    good luck broncos, and hey it could be worse u could have got our other punter fron last year paul earnster he gave awful a whole new meaning

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