Cowher: Zorn has lost his dignity, credibility

As Washington Redskins coach Jim Zorn prepares to lead his team onto the field against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, he has lost the ability to call the offensive plays.

According to former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, Zorn has lost a lot more than that.

He lost his dignity and he lost his credibility,” Cowher said of Zorn on CBS, per Neil Best of Newsday. “To me, he lost
his ability to be a head coach and lead this football team.  He’s
nothing more than a figure head right now.”

Those are strong words from a former coach about the status of a current coach, but they’re more than just that: They’re also a reminder that if Cowher is ever going to come back to coaching, he’s only going to do it if he’s certain that he’s running the show.

During the Sunday Night Football Live Chat, Mike Florio fielded a couple of questions about whether Cowher might be the coach of the Carolina Panthers next year, and he said it makes sense — if the Panthers will give him full control. Cowher wouldn’t want to return to coaching unless he had control over everything. And a coach who doesn’t even have control over his team’s playcalling? That’s a coach, in Cowher’s view, who has no credibility.

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  1. Is there some sort of f*ing conspiracy to fire up each one of the Eagles’ opponents each week? WTF.

  2. The redskins want Zorn to quit so they don’t have to pay him.
    To me he’s showing he’s all about the $, because he has had his balls chopped off.
    I didn’t think he would be this big of a pussy.

  3. I agree. Zorn should have shown he has a spine by declining to keep his pos as HC without full responsibilities intact.

  4. The control that Coach Cower wants is the same thing Shanahan wants if he returns. That is exactly why neither one will coach in Washington or Dallas! They would never put up with either of those two egomaniacial owners!!!!

  5. Hes right. If Zorn had a pair he would told Vinny to let him coach the team or fire his ass. Instead hes just gonna be standing on the sidelines resembling a freshly neutered beagle.
    I wonder if the headphones will be just for show too?

  6. Zorn will just have to console himself by taking Danny Boy’s millions… which he wouldn’t get if he quit.
    Easy for the established and independently wealthy Cowher to preach. A lot harder for Zorn to give up all that money.
    And at Pittsburgh I don’t think Cowher was also the GM. There’s no reason whatsoever to believe he’d be any good at it.

  7. “And a coach who doesn’t even have control over his team’s playcalling? That’s a coach, in Cowher’s view, who has no credibility.”
    So Cowher called every offense play when he was coach of the Steelers? And every current NFL Head Coach calls their own offensive plays now except for Jim Zorn? I’m confused.

  8. I agree with Cowher but do not blame Zorn for not quitting. If the Redskins really want him fired, they should have the ethical, professional and financial courage to do so.

  9. If I were Zorn I wouldn’t mind standing on the sidelines until the last week and collecting that money. The FO only took his power away to push him to quit, which I wouldn’t do if I were him. Make them fire you and collect those checks. The Redskins are a complete disaster. Terrible Front Office, absolutely terrible.

  10. I’d like to see if all the folks calling Zorn a coward would quit and drop 4.5 million in thier own lives.
    Zorn isn’t the coward here, The Danny and Vinny are. Subjecting Zorn to the ‘death of a thousand cuts’, public humiliation in an attempt to get him to quit.
    Zorn could have refused, but he would then have been fired for cause since his contract apparently contains a requirement that he perform ‘such duties as the owner shall decide’ and was not given any control whatsoever.

  11. I think it is funny that some people are saying the Zorn should just “grow a pair” and quit. That is laughable. Would you quit your job, if your boss took most of your responsibilities away, but was still going to pay you the same amount of money???
    (Think about it, no longer do you have to grill hamburger patties, or make fries, you just show up and stand around all day, and get paid as if you are busting your ass….)
    Of course you wouldnt! I think the ultimate revenge is to not quit, make Snyder fire you, and then take some time away from the game, on Snyder’s dime. When Snyder is off the hook for your salary, then try to get back into the game as an OC, or QB coach, or something. Clearly Snyder is trying to make him quit, because Snyder is a terrible owner, but a brilliant business man….surely he knows, after firing 5 coaches (just a guess) that it is cheaper for the coach to just resign…..

  12. if zorn were to quit he’d be giving dan and vinny exactly what they want…DONT DO IT JIM!
    as a skins fan, i want zorn to stay on regardless of how much they humiliate him…they obviously dont want to pay him…F that zorny, stick it to em by not quitting! make them pay you!
    i mean at this point its who cares if he’s lost credibility? when did he have credibility anyway?? stick it to the man and dont give them what they want!

  13. No way should Zorn quit. A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.
    No matter what they do to him, he needs to stay there and fulfill his contract as it is written.
    The ‘Skins want him gone, then step up and fire him. They are obviously trying to make him quit as not to pay him and use him as a scapegoat!
    Sorry, but Cowher is 100% wrong on this issue!

  14. What an irony – Zorn was originally hired to be the offensive coordinator, essentially calling the plays. Now, after forcing the HC hat on his head they decide that he can’t call plays after all. Why was he hired in the first place? Snyder needs to strap on a headset and take the field. I’m sure Jerry Jones and Al Davis would love to do the same. Funny how none of these three teams are worth a hill of $hit.

  15. You idealists are nuts…Zorn should collect on his contract. He should wring out the Redskins like a wet dish rag.
    You can’t pay bills with good intentions or credibility.

  16. I think Cowher is absolutely right, and I think Zorn thinks he’s right as well.
    Maybe, like other people have said, Zorn wants to make sure he’s paid to the fullest extent of his contract by staying on board.
    Makes Zorn seems small though. He’s losing some dignity by staying on board. Snyder’s a butthead by allowing this to occur. He should just fire Zorn and try to pick up the pieces while he can. He’s one of the worst owners in the league, second to Al Davis only.

  17. “# zeke777 says: October 26, 2009 1:08 PM
    Is there some sort of f*ing conspiracy to fire up each one of the Eagles’ opponents each week? WTF.”
    I’m not an Andy hater, but does it matter how fired up the other team is if Andy’s not gonna make adjustments and is gonna throw every down against one of the worst run defenses in the league when we’re only down by less than a TD?

  18. Nobody is saying he should quit.
    He should tell them he’s keeping his titles, or fire him, pay him and send him on his way.
    The fact that he has just bent over and took everything Vinny and Danny has done straight up his ass, proves that he is a pussy.

  19. It’s a little ironic for me. When I saw coach Cowher as a TV commentator for the first time, I noticed his eye shadow, eye liner, & other facial make-up, & the fact that he had laminated veneers on his teeth to make his teeth look like Brad Pitt’s teeth.
    The first thing I thought to myself was “Wow, coach! You’ve lost all credibility…”

  20. Can’t blame no one by Synder for this. Zorn should have said no & forced Synder to fir him. Synder & Vinnie what a joke the redskins have become. does not matter what this clown Synder does it backfires on him. Him & Jerry Jones spend more money & lose more often than not. Quite a joe the Eastern Conference truly is. Only 1 decent team & that is the Giants who are on a 2 game losing streak. The Eagles are just as bad, they have a really dumb quarterback & when he is not on his game, they lose to teams like the Raiders.

  21. Cowhers comments reflect any future employment in the NFL for Zorn. Coaches of ridiculously bad teams like the 2008 Lions or the 2007 Dolphins are both working in the NFL. Bad head coaches who hold there ground get jobs back at positions they were good at like coordinators. But Zorn, who failed as an Offensive Coordinator as much as a head coach, has show he can not sway his team. Has no control over anything, and relinquished his little control in the team without a fight. He has little future in the NFL. That was the point as i saw it. Plus Zorn is in a lose lose. If the Skins lose, its his fault. If we win, its the change in play calling and Zorn is still worthless.

  22. Did Tom Coughlin call plays when he won the Super Bowl? Did Mike Tomlin last year? Did Tony Dungy when he won with Peyton (and the OC for that matter)?
    I’m so confused to all the complaints about how Zorn losing playcalling is so bad… he obviously had too much on his plate being the QB coach, OC, HC and playcaller (three of those jobs he’d never had before).
    But anyway, the one thing about the Skins I’ll never understand is when the Offensive coaching staff stated that the OL was the reason for the 2-6 demise at the end of the season last year, why did Vinny and Danny get Big Al, resign Hall and use 5 out of 7 draft picks on defensive players? How does that make any sense??!?!?!

  23. How many AFC championship games did Cowher lose ‘calling plays’? Hell, Zorn could have won at least one of them..

  24. Someone explain to me how sticking it out and continuing working at a job instead of giving up is a sign of cowardice? I don’t care how many millions the guy is making. Cowardice would be blaming the teams performance on other people and I dont see Zorn doing that.

  25. “Cowher: Zorn has lost his dignity, credibility”
    Oh damn, that’s a sure sign that after he gets fired he’s headed to the Eagirls in some capacity.

  26. What part of “full control” don’t some of you grasp? It’s not just about “who calls the plays”. Of course Cower (and other) HC’s have had coordinators call the offensive plays. The difference is those head coaches had the power to hire and fire those guys who call the plays, and they can overrule the play calling if they feel like it. In other words they are in full control. Cowers point is that Zorn has none of that control. It was shoved down his throat. In Cower’s (correct) view the HC loses his credibility when the buck doesn’t stop with him.
    This is all about Snyder and Cerrato trying to humiliate Zorn so he “loses his dignity” and quits.

  27. He’s lost his dignity and his credibility, but he does have a vote of confidence!
    I think Zorn should encourage his qb to ‘feel free to call your own plays in the huddle’.

  28. @Vick’s failed drug test says: October 26, 2009 2:24 PM
    Nobody is saying he should quit.
    He should tell them he’s keeping his titles, or fire him, pay him and send him on his way.
    The fact that he has just bent over and took everything Vinny and Danny has done straight up his ass, proves that he is a pussy.
    None of us know exactly what is or is not in Zorn’s contract. For you to say he took it up the ass only shows your complete lack of intelligence!
    Then again, most of us could have figured that much out by the name you choose to go by…….

  29. What else is Zorn supposed to do? Just because his overplayed players have quit, doesnt mean he has to. He still has to get paid – they already have been.
    BTW, am I the only one who wonders how good of a coach Cowher really is? He coached for a first-rate organization who does things the right way. Tomlin has been very successful too. Will Cowher be as good if he goes to a broken team like Washington? Likewise, how bad would Zorn be if he coached in Pittsburgh. I’m not saying he’d be good, but a solid organization has a way of hiding people’s flaws.

  30. Its getting to the point in which I would rather watch re-runs of old Skins games than see this mockery of a football organization MY team is becoming…

  31. So Twiz has an Einsteinesque ring to it?
    He’s either a pussy or a dumb ass. A dumb ass for signing a contract that would turn him to a pussy, or a pussy for letting things go as they have gone unless he signed the dumb ass contact.
    Twiz are you Zorn or just another dumb ass pussy?

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