Fox won't announce quarterback plans

If Panthers coach John Fox is finally giving Jake Delhomme the hook at quarterback this week, he’s not telling yet.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to develop some confidence in that phase of
the game,” Fox said Monday after leaving the door open for a change the day before.  “We need to do what helps us win. If
that’s Jake he understands and if that’s not Jake he understands.”

Fox said there were “competitive reasons” for not announcing his quarterback, which would seem to indicate that backup Matt Moore will get the call.  Then again, Fox also said this:

I still believe Jake is our best quarterback.  I have no reason to believe otherwise.”

That quote makes me think Delhomme will get another chance, but Fox’s press conference was vague enough for different Panthers writers to draw different conclusions from it.  If Fox was willing to give Delhomme one final chance, Sunday’s game seems fitting.

The Panthers travel to Arizona to face the team that started Delhomme’s downward spiral.

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  1. Fox said there were “competitive reasons” for not announcing his quarterback…
    So now Fox is going all Mangini up in here and whatnot?

  2. It’s pretty easy to prepare for Jake Delhomme. Position some of those cardboard cutouts in places where routes would normally be run, then place your DBs 10 yards behind them and five yards in front. Get a JUGS gun and set it to randomly fire it over the cutouts and underthrow them. Shouldn’t take any longer than a couple of hours.

  3. I am no Brady Quinn fan, but dont you think it might have been a wise move to maybe, swing a trade with Cleveland prior to the trade deadline……

  4. This team should be one who heavily implements the wildcat offense in it’s practices over the next several weeks.
    Solid run blocking offensive line…check.
    Two quality running backs…check.
    As a bonus this team actually has a receiver (Smitty) who can get down the field in a hurry AND catch the ball.
    Sometimes as a coach you have to improvise, adapt and overcome to disguise your weaknesses.

  5. Matt Moore? Really Gregg?
    AJ Feeley is the answer to Carolina’s woes. He’s tailor made for their style of offense. I’m an Eagles fan and have seen a lot of the guy. He’s the guy who can salvage something from the Panthers’ season. Put him in for Jake this week and the Panthers can win 8 or 9 games and *maybe* save John Fox’s job.

  6. Is Jeff Garcia still looking for snaps?
    I bet he would be better than Delhomme.
    Of course, you could just throw away the season and get McCoy, Bradford, Tebow or a bunch of other guys who would be an improvement.

  7. Aleypod: Jeff Garcia is a west coast offense type of guy who is short and throws well out of the pocket. He would not fit well in Carolina at all. I don’t dislike the guy but at his age learning a total new offense and everything that goes with joining a new team seems somewhat unrealistic. Vinny and Favre had it easier, they both played in similar or the same systems as they have for previous teams.
    Carolina is build for a tall pocket type of QB who can sit in the pocket and take a hit to get the ball down the field while managing the game. We don’t need an all-star at QB at all. We need a game manager and one of the issues with Jake in the present and past is the staff has taken him out of the game manager role.

  8. Hey hey, I’m just glad to see that there is such a thing still as a Panther fan. I’ve been a Jake fan all along, including this year. And in the Charlotte Observer, Tom Sorenson is even saying that Jake ought to at least get the chance against Arizona this weekend to regain any sense of dignity. Now if it happens, that’s another story. But I’ve always liked Jake, and defended some of his mistakes and mostly the stupid play-calling (starting with the playoffs against AZ), but lately it’s getting painful to watch errant throws that look like Jamarcus Russell is back there in the pocket. I don’t know what’s up, it happened suddenly with Kerry Collins here years ago just losing his mojo suddenly…hope Jake regains it and gives us another good year or two until either Matt Moore steps in or another long-time QB.

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