Haley defers discussion of Larry Johnson

Anyone who expected Chiefs coach Todd Haley to lay down the law at his Monday press conference following Larry Johnson’s 24 hours of destruction tour came away sorely disappointed.

Haley, looking every bit the exhausted head coach a 1-6 team, calmly said he wouldn’t address Johnson’s comments — yet. 

“How our players conduct themselves with the media and through the media is very important to myself as a head coach and
to the Chiefs as an organization,” Haley said. “With that said, I appreciate the curiosity and the desire to obtain
information, but that’s where I’ll leave that situation and kind of get back to football.”

How the Chiefs officially handle Johnson’s situation remains to be seen.  The league could also get involved.  But Haley made it clear the team hasn’t made any decisions yet.

“At this time we are looking into a couple of situations and I will not have further comment on that,” Haley said.

The team’s bye week comes at a good time to handle the Johnson issue and get the team’s offense healthy.

In a sometimes-reflective, revealing session, Haley was essentially asked to defend himself and his lack of playing experience.  With his boss surely watching and plenty of his players likely to catch sound bites of the session later, Haley didn’t apologize for his background.

“I’m very proud of what I’ve done to get to where I am,” Haley said. “I’m very proud of my results as a position
coach and as a coordinator. Right now, am I proud of my head coaching record? No. But I intend to do everything that I
can to change that.”

14 responses to “Haley defers discussion of Larry Johnson

  1. Well, Johnson’s an idiot. Haley needs to either smack him down or lose the team.
    In other news, Tom Brady Tweets about Belichick’s lack of playinf experience. ?

  2. Massive LJ FAIL.
    He actually made Haley a sympathetic figure while completely ruing any hopes of joining another regardless of if he is cut or not.
    To put, not one, but two feet in your mouth results in you falling…which matches LJ’s practice after the handoff.

  3. This team makes the Raiders and Lions look good. The decision to keep this guy in the offseason was horrible, he’s a cancer.
    Pioli’s first to pick for his new team, Todd Haley & Tyson Jackson = FAIL

  4. “At this time we are looking into a couple of situations and I will not have further comment on that,” Haley said.
    Good on ya, Haley. Do it just like Charlie Tuna taught ya…

  5. Freddie has a point, LJ has turned Haley into a sympathetic character.
    Problem for sympathetic characters are, they don’t tend to last long in the NFL.
    Whether you like what LJ had to say or not, he has a point. Todd Haley hasn’t done anything to justify the way he behaves in the locker room. He hasn’t done anything to justify his inability to delegate tasks to his coaching staff. LJ may be a PoS but Haley is a PoS too.
    The only reason why Haley is taking the high road (for a change) is b/c the league is going to whack Johnson and if they don’t, the team will. Either way, LJ is going to have a fine and a few weeks inactive.

  6. Common Sense says:
    Pioli’s first to pick for his new team, Todd Haley & Tyson Jackson = FAIL
    Your a fool! Shut up! How can anyone judge Todd Haley now when he took over a team so jacked by Herm and Carl Peterson? Or better yet judge Tyson Jackson after 6 games? Not many DE or DT come into their own in the first year! So shut up and go back to Madden or fantasy football or better yet learn something about real football!

  7. Whats a matter with LJ expressing his feelings? He spoke the truth. Todd Haley obviously can’t handle the truth. LJ Sr. played football and Haley played tummy sticks with Tiger Woods, big deal. Noone cares. Send LJ to Philly for a 5th round pick. We’ll be happy to take his pampers off. We need a downhill back. Also, if he comes to philly he can watch some penn state football games. A real winner

  8. How quick is the Philly fan to forget the last headache player. The Chiefs should do exactly what Philly did to TO. Suspend/deactivate him as long as we can and THEN cut him. Keep all the game checks we can, let him sit at home do sit ups in his driveway, and ban him from Arrowhead.
    What if the Chiefs don’t resign Larry, they extend Jared Allen, and instead of Dorsey at #5, they take Ryan Clady. I guess I’m glad they didn’t, because Herm might still have his job.

  9. Larry Johnson is an idiot, but we all knew that already.
    I’m afraid that Todd Haley is in over his head.
    Jason Whitlock wrote a good article this week (probably the third good article in his career) that hits a lot of Haley’s issues. He’s been taking too much on and needs to do everything he can this week to get back the team.
    Herm Edwards would have this team better sorted out than it is right now. And Herm was a bad head coach.

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