Larry Johnson continues Twitter meltdown

PFT has often written about the potential risks of Twitter for players.  It’s inevitable that some players will forget it’s a public forum and write things that will get them in trouble.

Larry Johnson will now be the poster boy for such problems.

We told you about Johnson’s comments Sunday night, when he took shots at his coach Todd Haley.  Johnson compared his father’s football career playing for a legendary youth coach and then briefly playing in the NFL to Haley, who played golf and then “nuthn.”

Not content to rest after that, Johnson then responded to a Twitter follower that reminded Johnson of the incident last year in which Johnson allegedly spit a drink into a woman’s face.  L.J. used a three-letter homophobic epithet to get his point across in response.

According to Yahoo! (and some of our commenters), Johnson wrote, “think bout a clever diss then that wit ur [expletive] pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.”

Johnson ended his evening with a reminder that he makes more money than the people bugging him.

“Still richer than u,” Johnson wrote.  “Keep goin.  Come play our game oopps forgot you can’t . . . . Make me regret it. Lmao. U don’t stop my checks. Lmao. So ‘tweet’ away.”

The people around Johnson must have regretted his words immediately.  His account, open to anyone late last night, is now private.  You must send a request to view Johnson’s words.

Predictably, Johnson’s agent Peter Shaffer was in damage control mode regarding the posts referring to Haley.

“I talked to Larry about it and he was focusing more on pumping up his
father than anything else,” Schaffer told ESPN. “He wasn’t
trying to downgrade anyone . . . yes, everyone is frustrated after a loss
like this but I wouldn’t put too much into it.”

Haley is going be even more frustrated that he has to deal with questions on the subject.  He may view it as a test of his authority early in his head coaching career.

The front office will be frustrated that one of its highest paid players is antagonizing fans.  And the Chiefs may wonder whether Johnson’s paltry production is worth the headache of keeping him around.

40 responses to “Larry Johnson continues Twitter meltdown

  1. Make me regret it. Lmao. U don’t stop my checks.
    Scott Pioli does biotch. I am sure you will be talking to him soon.
    Gosh, I love Twitter. Can’t stand using it, but the greatest stuff comes from it.

  2. Just another reason why it is a bad idea to give guys who go to practice instead of classes in college millions of dollars and the means to reach millions with their words… I have to say it makes more sense to have Florio be able to send his thoughts out to the world then guys like LJ

  3. THIS IS the lj most chiefs and nfl fans have suspected was there the whole time. all that lip service about being a new man/better team mate/re-energized was all fake as i suspected. too bad the trade deadline was last week. what a trainwreck he is. dick vermeil saw this coming.

  4. What is this reference to “east coast boys”. Why does this guy think he is a thug. I listen to rap music too but I dont think im “gangsta”. I man really? He went to one of the best academic institutions in the country if not world and was raised middle upper class. East coast boys? come on now LJ, spitting on a woman and calling nerds f*gs certainly doesn’t make you gangsta!

  5. They should just bench him for Jamaal Charles. Don’t cut him and give him the opportunity to sign elsewhere. I can’t imagine a team wanting to take him on with the headache he is and the crappy production, but you never know.

  6. Andy Reid had a guy like that once. He sent him home. Then suspended him and then got rid of him. No room for disgruntled players, even highly paid and/or popular ones on a football team. If this thing is every going to get turned around, the coach has to demonstrate his authority now, so there can be no question later, or accusations of weakness. Once these players find that they can get away with publicly challenging your authority or your credibilty, you have effectively lost the team.

  7. This is so out of character for L.J. He has always been such a model “team first” guy.
    I guarantee Joe Pa never put up with this guy acting like a 4 year old.
    Take control of the situation Chiefs!

  8. Nothing good can ever come from going back and forth with people on the internet when you’re a professional athlete. LMAO @ Christopher Street boy, that’s some NYC ish right there…

  9. He wants to have the demeanor of Jim Brown but is miles away from him when it comes to playing with his intensity. Jim Brown played the game 100% all the time and actually knock opponents down whereas lj falls over when he approaches an opponent.

  10. I’m confused, does he use Twitter to complain about touches even though he does nothing when he gets the ball? or does he just complain to the media about no touches and doing nothing when he gets the ball?
    Him sucking is not confusing, it’s just trying to figure out how he tells the world he does in fact… Suck!!!!

  11. What ever he thinks and how much money he makes, he’s still the chump who can’t get the job done on the field and gets stuffed all the time and is now whining about how his “daddy” is better than his actual coach.
    An athelete that makes millions of dollars because he can hoodwink his team to pay the big contract without dedication or performance is no hero or superior to joe six pack.
    What a chump.

  12. When in God’s name are the fans going to wise up and refuse to pay huge ticket prices to games played by a bunch of greedy underperforming, overpaid, punks with no class and no respect for anything other than banging ho’s and making it rain?
    P.s. JaMarcus is a great example of this.

  13. With all the problems that LJ has with women… maybe deep down he craves the touch of another man. Could be the reason he hardly ever gets pass the line of scrimage.

  14. These players are going to be in for a rude awakening when the owners drop the salary cap and stick it to them on the next CBA regarding discipline and taking back bonus money.
    Every time a player opens his mouth or tweets like this it’s just strengthens the owners positions.

  15. Hey, LJ break 100 yards and carry your team before you run you mouth. You are part of the problem!

  16. chapnasty says: October 26, 2009 10:50 AM
    “He went to one of the best academic institutions in the country if not world and was raised middle upper class. ”
    Really Penn State is one of the best educations in the world? Maybe top 5 in Pennsylvania aka most worthless state in the country.

  17. Shirley Johnson hasn’t been Larry for 3 years now. Who in the Chef’s org didn’t see this?
    Oh wait. I was just referring to the football part. The loss of any civility, spitting on people even THAT was before the big, new, shiny contact.
    What losers you are Chefs! Chef fans! The Cubs will win a title again before you do. Hell, the Jets J-E-T-S Jets/Jets/Jets! will win another title before the Chefs do.
    Things weren’t so bad last year, eh Todd? Jump at the first offer, did we?

  18. That’s a sweet diaper you got on there Larry. Seriously if he isn’t cut or suspended for this, Scott Pioli might as well throw his hands up and say “who cares what our players do or say to the fans, as long as we pay them we back their words.”

  19. i hope he gets cut and comes to new england. give him a good offense and a coach who will cut him if he says one word, and he will be good again. cut him pioli, let your old boss have a shot to fix him.

  20. Well, I know one thing, my future children will never be taking an English course at Penn State.

  21. Pioli shoulda traded the guy to ANYBODY who would have given him a draft choice of any kind.
    But since we’re stuck with him, as punishment, Haley should just keep making him bust his head in the middle of the line , run after run up the middle. Wear his ass out and then get rid of him at the end of the year

  22. Blame it all on Carl Peterson,
    he could of had Troy Polamalu but traded with Steelers. Another nice one OMAR (old man at risk)

  23. Larry Johnson is a joke. This guy hasn’t been a relevant football player for three years now and so I guess hes resorting to childish behavior for attention. Oh and Levito, the Cowboys may have a history of picking up some circus acts, but those circus acts still produced. It’s sad that Larry has as much talent as T.O. as a clown off the field and about a tenth of that talent he has as an athlete on the field. You may have money Larry Johnson but you have earned no respect and you deserve even less.

  24. In all seriousness, I think Larry has some deep psychological issues and despite the fact I despise the racists, arrogant, misogynistic POS, I hope he gets them resolved.

  25. once agian, Carl, i just have to reach out and say “thank you”. you did such a good job here toward the end.

  26. I must be getting old, because I didn’t understand a word of what his text was. WTF is Christopher street Boy?
    Anyway, Al Davis has to be foaming at the mouth about this. I bet he can’t wait to make LJ a Raider. This is just the kind of attitude, and admiration towards your coaching staff that the Raiders look for.

  27. gooboy,
    if we all went back and looked at the could have/should have’s of Carl’s draft career, we’d have a laughable collection.
    florio could write several books on it

  28. What this guy said was wrong but I take issue with calling everyone who says anything negative about homosexuality “homophobic.” A phobia is an irrational fear. Can people just accept that some people disapprove of the lifestyle on moral grounds? Not saying that was the case here but use of that term is clearly an attempt to belittle people who might just disagree with the lifestyle.

  29. His Coach & him both suck. Haley is an overbearing ass who thinks he knows everything & his record shows it, just another Mangini. Neither one of them clowns can carry another youngsters shoes & thats Josh McDaniels, who has proven to be a decent coach early on. Ego driven coaches usually either flame out quickly or they get fired after 1 season. As for LJ he had 1 great year & at one time was hard to bring down, but now just another has been.

  30. Spudboy-
    Everybody accepts that some people disapprove of “the lifestyle” on moral grounds.
    Look at it this way: You can disapprove of your wife’s choice of outfit because it’s less than flattering, and if you do so only in your mind your world can still be a happy place. Say it out loud and it’s a totally different thing. Think what you want, but when you express judgments you are trying to generate consensus towards your opinion.
    When information is repeated consistently it’s hard for impressionable youth to differentiate between fact and opinion. When homosexuality is repeatedly used in negative connotations (by role models in the media, like pro athletes) then impressionable youth tend to believe homosexuality is negative. Now we’re preaching intolerance, which goes against the acceptance you’re asking from people.
    So what’s gained from insulting people with the world “fag”? You have people hating others they otherwise wouldn’t, and you have people hating/suppressing themselves because they can’t stop being something bad.
    You call for people to accept that some people have moral differences, and that’s great. I agree. In order for moral differences to flourish we need to stop judging each other. Gays don’t constantly openly criticize us for being straight. If anything the negative behavior associated with straights is intolerance. Go figure.
    Let’s do unto others, and keep our judgments to ourselves.

  31. But again, the man never played the game. Not in high school. Not in college. And definitely not at the professional level. And now because of this, Haley is having a hard time earning the respect of the very men he was hired to lead.
    read our take at:

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