Lovie Smith says Tommie Harris could have played

The Chicago Bears listed defensive tackle Tommie Harris as doubtful with a knee injury on this week’s injury report, and said after Sunday’s loss to the Bengals that his knee kept him out of the game.

But afterward Harris said he could have played, and in his press conference today Bears coach Lovie Smith acknowledged that was true.

No, there isn’t anything wrong with Tommie,” Smith said. “Tommie didn’t play this week.  It was more of a coach’s decision as much as anything.  He has had some [knee] soreness.  He didn’t practice all week.  I thought we had better options.  All player decisions on who’s going to dress is a game-day decision: who gives us the best opportunity to play.  Could Tommie have played if I wanted him to?  Yes.  But I thought we could get a better Tommie if we let him rest this past week and get ready for this week.”

Harris has said his knee is fine and he wants to play, and Smith said he expects Harris to play against the Browns this week.

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  1. Is this a joke? Hearing this as a Bears fan was more upsetting than the loss yesterday. So they want to rest him against a good Bengals team to get him ready for a joke of a Browns team next week? Unbelievable.

  2. possibly, or the gap could have been exponentially less considering benson wouldn’t have been able to gut the middle…..all of briggs tackles 2 yrds from scrimmage would have been tackles for no gain by tommie. maybe they could have built some momentum…i can hardly see the bengals winning by 35 points with tommie in there.

  3. My fellow bears fans are killing me…Harris hasnt done SQUAT this year…. we would have loss by MORE, not less…. maybe this idiot will get the point and come back renewed for the rest of the year

  4. He didn’t practice the whole week. Unless you are Joe Montana or something, you probably aren’t going to play.

  5. Getting rid of Orton and Benson may have seemed to be good moves by the Bears, but now both of them are in the MVP race while the Bears are dwindling out of playoff contention.

  6. Tommie wants to play on Sunday, but not practice during the week. Lovie’s not putting up with it and he benched him. Good for Lovie.

  7. All it was was letting him know that if he’s going to play he’s going to practice. I think they’ve had enough of him taking 4 days off a week. Either play or don’t.

  8. I heard he was benched for disciplinary reasons — is that the case? Heck, they just came off a bye, how much rest does he need?

  9. Are you serious? Then just list him as deactive. Why list him on the injury report and deal with questions about this non sense? Jeez. No wonder you guys got run.

  10. besides turner smith should taking heat for this lousy season also.can you imagine the way ditka would have reacted to a loss like this?instead we get the same calm collected boring speech after.it is a little late to be getting back to the basics don’t you think lovie?if they aren’t prepared by now when will they be?

  11. I wouldn’t play for a coach and his friends who have no idea what in the hell their doing either!

  12. what is interesting is that a few days after cutlet signs an extension (that he did not merit), the bears fall way flat.
    this reminds me of when the lions beat the cutlet-broncos like a drum a couple of years ago.

  13. I’m starting to feel some compassion for Bears fans. Not the ones that keep ripping on the always classy, always hard working Kyle Orton– but most of them. Resting T. Harris for a pivotal road game against a quality opponent? Giving Cutler an extension after he showed he’s above coaching and common sense…obviously misreading two very fortunate wins? Trading away the rest of an already crippled draft for another 1-dimensional DE who shows every indication of being a total bust?
    Angelo and Lovie are clearly ‘all in’– at the expense of common sense, logic, and the everlasting loyalty of suffering Bears faithful. They didn’t just bet a season on Cutler, but at the very least, the near future. I mean, even if you want to hang onto the argument that Cutler is a victim of his supporting cast, how exactly is that fixable any time soon now? Are they going to enter a bidding war for at least half an offensive line, a couple quality recievers, and a healthy assortment of D players in UFA? Somehow I doubt it. They clearly drank the Cutler kool aid and expect him to elevate this team, even though he never could do that in Denver with Clady, Harris, Scheffler, Marshall, Royal and the always feared Denver run scheme.
    Shannahan will somehow save the day? It’s a nice fantasy, but even if he lands in Chicago, check out his track record for rebuilding a defense. Besides, unless Chicago is willing to give him full control over all aspects of football operations, he’ll have plenty of better options…and if you paid attention this off season and didn’t just get your news from Clayton, King and the MSM cabal, you already know that his romance with and sentimentality for Jay Cuter is greatly overrated and overstated.
    Wow…I apparently have way too much time on my hands tonight. I think I’ll finish by going to look for my life…

  14. This is what we get out of the huge investment we made in Tommie Harris? I am so sick of the whole Bears mismanagement from top to bottom. Scouts deliver talented prospects and the coaches cannot seem to tap into their full potential. Contract comes up and they get a lowball offer. Player leaves and finds success with new team. Compensate for this by overpaying for injury prone players or ones that do not live up to expectations.

  15. Does this suprise anybody? The Bears haven’t had a front office or coaching staff that had a clue since about 1987.

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