Nightmare season for Redskins is just getting started

The rest of the country got to see Monday night what Redskins fans have known for a while.  Washington’s football team is not only bad, it’s boring.  The Eagles won 27-17, but it was essentially over when Philadelphia took a 17-0 lead early in the second quarter.

It doesn’t matter where you want to place the blame for the bankrupt Redskins offense.  It was built by Dan Snyder and executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato; it’s sorta coached by head coach Jim Zorn.  One of those men has better job security than the others.

Quarterback Jason Campbell has regressed under Zorn, and Clinton Portis is now just another guy. The offensive line needs a near complete overhaul.

It’s hard to imagine a better defense playing on a worse team.  The Redskins are extremely fortunate to have two wins, yet they largely contained Philadelphia Monday night, like they have stopped offenses all year.  (Of course, this was the first offense Washington faced that had a win.)

Cerrato may have given Zorn a vote of confidence, but the drama in Washington doesn’t figure to go away. 

The team’s first five opponents after a Week Eight bye have a combined record of 24-6.  The only team with a losing record Washington faces for the rest of the season is Oakland in Week Fourteen.

The Redskins are a long way from hitting bottom yet.

UPDATE: Tight end Chris Cooley will miss the season with a broken ankle. Ouch.

18 responses to “Nightmare season for Redskins is just getting started

  1. How dare you talk about Florio’s Superbowl pick like that! There’s still time left in the season, Gregg. Your boss isn’t going to approve of this article at all.

  2. I have to say as an Eagles fan, they played another fundamentally bad game. They’re not a very good team right now but the Redskins are worse. The Eagles do have a chance to pull it together this year.

    In a life or death bet, do you put your money on WAS, CLE or OAK vs. any of the others? Or just ask for a noose?
    Absolutely horrendous football programs. Embarrassments. All of them.
    Skins are just one of the many teams bidding on the domain name ‘’ this year. Parity my hairy white ass.. but that actually has nothing to do with the NFL rules, it has to do with incompetency at the GM and coaching levels.

  4. I promised like 30 friends/customers/family if the Redskins won tonight, I would never watch another NFL game again.
    Let me just say, it was certainly not because I felt the Eagles were greatly coached. You Eagle honks will NEVER win a SB with Andy Reid and D-McNabb(I don’t think you’ll argue that.)
    Excuse me as I revel in my Cardinals being finally considered a real team. And though I will always continue to be our harshest critic, I’m proud to see we’re finally putting up.
    I was happy to see Mikey finally declare us the NFC champs again.
    “Florio, tell me how my ass tastes!”
    I’m kidding, of course. Emperor Florio had no reason to pick my boys. I’m not gonna say. nor have I ever said, “Florio hates the Cards!”
    Dude’s been around a long time and seen teams like in Falcons circa 1999 be flash in the pants. He has like 50(ok, he’s like 45 and only has like 20) experience on me.
    All you people hating on my boy Mikey, glad to have your hits. Keep saying you’re never coming back, but please feel free to come back so he can get paid.
    Yes. I deliberately avoided talk of this absurd game because at the end of the day, both the Eagles, and especially the Redskins(offensive name) are mental midgets and it is not worth the time to waste on your pathetic teams.
    Pope Florio, you rock!

  5. Yea, there’s a lot of that this year.
    Teams are winning these high point games but look at who they are playing against!
    Packers beat the Browns… Oh boy!
    Indy Beat the Rams… WOW!
    NJ beat Oakland OHHHH!!!
    New England Beat Tampa Bay… Amazing!
    I mean come on this is just pathetic. It’s not that these teams are really THAT good, it’s that these other teams REALLY REALLY SUCK!
    I didn’t even watch the game tonight, I knew who’d win.

  6. my comment has not yet posted, but can we please get Mr. Curran back? I love that guy and anywhere but here is a waste of his talents and future earnings.
    Mike Florio, I love the Mazz and kinda hate what happened to him getting cut out, but you ROCK!

  7. Look at the most consistently successful franchises and you usually see consistently good ownership. The Steelers have it with the Rooneys, the Giants with the Maras, the Pats w/Kraft, and the Redskins had it w/Jack Kent Cooke. The Raiders had it w/Al Davis until age got the better of him. And all those teams have multiple Super Bowl trophies.
    The problems in Washington begin with Dan Snyder. They’ll end when he sets his ego aside and hires someone with a real football mind to oversee his organization.

  8. So.. Instead of somebody else taking over on the playcalling, when are the Redskins going to swap spots with the local High School football team to try to get some wins? I think Gruden was ‘scouting’ earlier, giving hints on what you need to have a young (like Jr. High young) QB do to develop. Could’ve been a hint of what’s to come. (Like the Stanley’s Cup episode of South Park… Doesn’t go too well)

  9. This isn’t a nightmare season; it’s exactly what the franchise needs. Of course it may lead to zero changes from the top. Snyder may continue to serve as de facto GM during free agency while letting a glorified scout run the draft. But I have to believe that the odds of the status quo continuing would be greater if the Redskins limped to another 8-8 season. Perennial mediocrity will never convince Snyder to change how he runs the team. Only a truly dreadful team can do that.
    But I don’t think it will.

  10. Well, I don’t think that the Redskins defense is that bad. They need to keep contain… that’s it. They had some bad plays, but they did OK on defense.
    But here’s the problem on offense: Jason Campbell. It all centers around him, even if it’s not all his fault. But Campbell was sacked 6 times. The pass protection was bad, but not as bad as you might think. Dude simply doesn’t trust his first primary receiver, period. I can count on my finger the times when he took a snap, dropped back, and fired a shot downfield to his primary receiver. And he threw no bombs downfield.
    That’s poor execution. That’s poor coaching. And that’s why everything is down on the offense: Portis’ numbers, sacks, everything.

  11. Here’s something for your imagination: the Redskins defense with the Cleveland Browns offense. See, it can be worse!

  12. Hey Redskins fans, look on the bright side. At least you have…….no. Well they almost……no. Jim Zorn is a great… Oh well, I’ll have to look into this a bit more and get back to you.

  13. They really should have just let Zorn go. He looked like a lost little boy on the sidelines last night, like the game was happening to him rather than he, the head coach, being in control. It was sad to see and as hard as it was, I felt pity for a division rival. Well, their coach anyway…

  14. Yeah the Skins looked like shit on offense last night. But it wasn’t because of Sherm Lewis. Offensive line is a joke and Campbell is not a starting QB in the NFL. Having said that, time to start playing for a high draft pick (are there any good LT prospects coming out?). Get the young guys some reps and bench those players that clearly lost a step or don’t care (Portis).
    And Eagles fans don’t get confident after that win. Take two Deshaun Jackson plays away and that game is real close. And losing to the Raiders wasn’t a fluke. Good luck next week in NY.
    And the games remaining with Campbell at QB watch has started! ONLY 9 GAMES LEFT!

  15. Eddie Drycleaner says: 12:43 AM “Excuse me as I revel in my Cardinals being finally considered a real team. Pope Florio, you rock! ”
    “My Cardinals”? “Pope Florio”? “You rock”?
    Eddie, how many times did we tell you not to stay up late on a school night!? Run along, now, or you’ll miss the school bus! Your customers should get a month of free dry cleaning for not laughing in your face every time you open your mouth.

  16. Jason Campbell is not a WCO quarterback. He can’t read the defense fast enough and his release motion is too slow.
    Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are not Erdhardt offense (Patriots-style) quarterbacks. DA did well in the WCO for the Browns that one year. As for Brady Quinn, who knows, he could turn out OK or something.
    Trading Jason Campbell for Derek Anderson would probably not be done, but I think each would be a better fit on their new teams.

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