Packers-Browns one-liners

Days after the Packers signed Ahman Green, RB Ryan Grant broke loose for 148 yards in a 31-3 victory over the Browns.

Packers TE Spencer Havner turned a short completion into a 45-yard touchdown, his first NFL score.

The Packers defense held their opponents without a touchdown for the second straight week.

Penalties were one of the Packers’ few failings on Sunday as they were flagged eight times for 70 yards.  

TE Jermichael Finley left the game after the team’s first possession because of an injury to his left knee.

Said Browns coach Eric Mangini, “I thought we were making progress in a lot of areas. I don’t think we showed that today at all.”

Browns QB Derek Anderson only completed 4 of 17 passes he threw to his wide receivers.

Playing two days after he totaled his Mercedes, Browns CB Eric Wright was credited with four tackles.

Browns KR Josh Cribbs said it hurt to see so many empty seats as the blowout loss neared its conclusion.

The loss was the fourth-worst home loss of the decade for the Browns.

For more on the Packers and Browns, Mike Florio has the full Morning Aftermath right here.

10 responses to “Packers-Browns one-liners

  1. Wow. The Browns really are a shambles. I’m definitely happy to get the win though. Now it’s time for our win-win scenario to play out on Sunday.. I can’t wait.

  2. The Pack looks like they’re coming around, and the game Sunday should be pretty good. I’d keep Lang at LT — does Clifton have naked pictures of MM lying around somewhere or what?

  3. ” does Clifton have naked pictures of MM lying around somewhere or what?”
    No, but Seaworld might!

  4. Mangini is right. The progress that he sees is not showing at all during the games on Sunday.
    Hey Cribbs, that was a sellout crowd that your team mates poor play sent fleeing into the streets like the building was on fire.
    Tell the Offense that we are going to need more than a field goal a week to keep us interested for a 3 hr football game.

  5. You can not deny 3 points in 2 games is good, just in time for the Mississippi Queen to return to Lambeau, I predict pain lots of pain. Please Brett please throw a pick or 2. He can’t help himself, more rocket balls on the screen.

  6. Before the NFL considers placing an NFL franchise in London, they should consider putting one in Cleveland first.

  7. Off subject but has anybody heard any feedback from the soldier or warrior or whatever the hell he calls himself nowadays besides LOSER. The weather is nice but the record of Winslow’s new team is not exactly stellar. He jumped one sinking ship to another. Daddy must be proud.

  8. FumbleNuts says:
    The Browns should forfeit the season and start thinking about next year.
    I thought they already did..?

  9. Beer Cheese,
    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt when asking you to explain your “win win” point. But I am pretty sure I know what you mean. To even consider losing a very important football game to be a “win” because of your blind dislike of Packer management (dislike based upon no merit or qualification of judgement by yourself) makes you a non packer fan. Period. I am embarrased for you.

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