Falcons lose another rookie for season

Atlanta’s once-overachieving defense is losing players by the week.

Former PFT colleague Tom Curran (sniff, sniff), now with Comcast New England, reports that Falcons rookie safety William Moore is headed to injured reserve with a hamstring injury.

The team already lost first-round pick defensive tackle Peria Jerry and starting cornerback Brian Williams for the season. 

Moore was expected to have a big impact this season, but he hasn’t been that involved with Atlanta’s base defense.

9 responses to “Falcons lose another rookie for season

  1. the irony is tom curran’s stories will get more coverage here from you guys repeating his stories than he will from people actually reading anything from “Comcast New England.” 🙂
    good for tom though, at least he’ll eventually get readership, even if it is indirect. 😉

  2. And it seems that the “never had consecutive winning seasons curse” could still be in play. Tough schedule and watered down defense is not a good combination to ensure a 9-7 record……..
    Back to the drawing board……again.

  3. Well, we’ve still got Tampa x2, Carolina, Washington, and Buffalo on the schedule… That should get us to 9 wins…
    Even if we lose one of those, I’d say we take at least one from the other games: Saints x2, Giants, Jets, Eagles…
    Pretty good chance we get to 9-7, medium chance for 10-6, outside chance of 11-5. We’re still rebuilding, but we usually take care of the teams we should, and we’re good at home.

  4. If Mike Smith doesn’t bench Michael Turner and Michael Jenkins, the Falcons could have a hard time getting to 8 and 8. Turner’s ability to run last year made all the difference. This year he’s a dud.
    Matt Ryan is going to have to learn to improvise with his feet a little more. Romo made him look like Drew Bledsoe by comparison. And, his love affair with Tony Gonzalez is getting too easy to defend against.
    Where is Michael Vick when you need him?
    I’m not ready to dump Matt Ryan, it’s just his deer in the headlights behavior after a few sacks that bothers me.
    Atlanta needs a change of pace in their offense bad.
    Do something Dimitroff!! Patriots must be cutting somebody the Falcons can use this week.

  5. Gregg Rosenthal said: “Former PFT colleague Tom Curran (sniff, sniff), now with Comcast New England”
    Is Rosenthal implying (sniff, sniff) Curran is no longer working here due to a cocaine problem?
    I’m thinking somebody needs to go all Cosmo Kramer on Curran the next time he uses a public restroom stall.

  6. You know what I just realized. Everyone has been talking about how there are so many horrible teams in the NFL this season and really only less then half have a chance to do anything this year. Also that these horrible teams are know threat to the good teams and just keep getting blwn out. But I realized these bad teams are having a bigger impact then many think. And that is b/c of the injuries they have caused to the good teams. Even tho they arent competetive with the better teams they sure have made an impact on them. Its like they are contageous the closer you get to a Raiders, Redskins, Rams etc. the worse you get.

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