Fins send Will Allen to IR

As expected, the Miami Dolphins have placed starting cornerback Will Allen on injured reserve, due to a torn ACL suffered during his team’s Week Seven loss to the Saints.

Taking his place on the roster will be linebacker William Kershaw, who spent 2008 on the team’s active roster and who was released prior to the 2009 season.
And so the starting cornerbacks as the Dolphins prepare for two critical games at New York and New England (and beyond) will be two rookies — Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.
It’s unknown whether the Dolphins gave any consideration to bringing in veteran free agent Chris McAlister.  But with nearly two months of regular-season play in the books and McAlister getting no serious sniffs, it looks like it might be over for him, and for other key big-name veterans who remain available, including receiver Matt Jones, receiver Marvin Harrison, tackle Jon Runyan, and running back Shaun Alexander.

8 responses to “Fins send Will Allen to IR

  1. Time for the rookies to buck up!!! Will Allen is notorious for falling down on coverage so he won’t be needed anyway!!! GO FINS!!!

  2. While Chris McAlister fits the Parcells size profile, there was no consideration in bringing him in at all. His legs are shot and you cannot cover receivers if they are consistently running past you.
    Now Matt Jones on the other hand…well let’s see how Ginn responds in the next couple weeks.
    On the Jon Runyan front. I am very surprised a team like say Washington hasn’t brought him in for a look see. After the news on Samuels and playing the Eagles last night…last week would appear to have been a prime opportunity to see what’s left in his tank.

  3. Don’t forget about Nate Jones… Dude can play… I’m really hoping we get him locked up for the long term.

  4. Agreed. G. Wilson, on a few plays this year, has shown flashes of why the Dolphins brought him here, however, the rest of the time he has looked embarrassing. It’s time to see what Chris Clemons can do.

  5. i’m with tailgun – why on earth have we not tried out matt jones? are you telling me he couldn’t get reps in rotation with *this* crop of wr’s?

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