John David Booty isn't done yet

The quarterback with a name that makes us think he should instead be the defendant in a high-profile police investigation might not have to resort to a life of crime just yet.

John David Booty was the odd man out on the quarterback depth chart in Minnesota, thanks to the Second Annual Brett Favre Unretirement.  Booty initially spent time on the Vikings’ practice squad, before eventually being cut loose completely.
But he was back today, with a workout in Houston.
The Texans also brought in quarterback Bobby Reid, along with four receivers (Dallas Baker, Patrick Carter, Willie Reid, and Chris David) and two tight ends (Carson Butler and Dezmond Sherrod).
And another Tuesday of Gong Show tryouts goes by without receiver Matt Jones getting another job.

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  1. Mike – you’d better hope John David Booty isn’t a frequent commenter on PFT… one of these days he might get sick of hitting that “Remember Me” check when he has to re-log in every few days and decide to come after you.

  2. The allegedly bald midget says:
    And another Tuesday of Gong Show tryouts goes by without receiver Matt Jones getting another job.
    Aren’t you an insider, Florio? Give us some insight. Is Jones being blackballed? Most of the slappies that bounce around this time of year have some ability, and might be able to upset the bottom of a roster, but Matt Jones doesn’t get a sniff. Of, you know, football.

  3. I’ve always hoped he’d be a bum, just so I wouldn’t have to hear Chris f******* Berman yelling his name all the time.

  4. “The quarterback with a name that makes us think he should instead be the defendant in a high-profile police investigation”
    … or pirate.

  5. “The quarterback with a name that makes us think he should instead be the defendant in a high-profile police investigation”
    … or a Presidential assassin.

  6. This is good news. I really saw Booty as a classy guy with some serious upside who got a raw deal in Minnesota. Hope he’s able to land another gig somewhere, and soon.

  7. He is from northern Louisiana…named after the legendary football star from the same area, John David Crow.
    On the Matt Jones front and why nobody will sign him. Here is the theory.
    Jones was busted for cocaine. The NFL players, much like any other walk of life who makes mucho deniro – AKA former US Presidents, Hollywood actors and actresses, Lawrence Taylor, Dexter Manley etc – Tend to have small groups who converge together and still indulge in a little toot here and there as a way to spend their excess monies and well…get high.
    The concern among the higher ups within the league is that in Jones already having the label (aka high risk), Jones could potentially bring down players on their own team if they were to run in his circle. Players who far outweigh Jones value to his potential new team…if someone were to take the chance on signing him.
    I.E. Jones is not a Lawrence Taylor or Dexter Manley type impact player. Also as a side, Jones is not the smartest knife in the drawer and doesn’t always run the correct routes. But that stuff can usually be coached up given time.
    Not saying lots of players do partake…not saying NFL brass are aware of those who do…but be aware that stuff runs in and out of your system within a couple day period. So it’s very hard to catch on a random UA.
    Well that’s the Jones theory, not written in stone, just theory. Pure conjecture if you will.

  8. His hands are too small to ever be successful at the NFL level, especially with the lack of other physical skills, he can throw the ball so-so, but if you sneeze at him, he will fumble. Just like daunte cullpeper, but without the ability to tuck it in and run over guys.

  9. Epic comment about the white lines. Here’s the thing – watching all those USC games with Booty, they HAD to say JDB EVERY time he threw the ball – as if we would confuse him with his bro Josh. Call him John – happy guy is out for that reason alone.

  10. i have been a usc fan since 1981, and this was the one guy i couldnt stand. he is terrible. if you need to throw a pick at a crucial time, john david booty is your guy.

  11. Hey BeerCheese Soup guy, how did he get a raw deal in Minnesota? He tried out and played in the Pre-Season and wasn’t any good. He would be just what he was with Minny, a good practice squad player. He looked lost on the field, couldn’t pick up blitzes, and couldn’t get past his first read, let alone his 2nd or 3 rd reads. When he did have a receiver open he couldn’t deliver the ball. I have followed him since college and had high hopes for him, and he just couldn’t get the job done. So, to say he got a raw deal in Minnesota is just not accurate. Minnesota gave him every chance to succeed and wanted him to.

  12. Matt Jones?
    You mean, they didn’t have a look at Reggie Williams?
    Or Jerry “One-Million-Bones-Per-Catch” Porter?
    What’s wrong with these people? Why do you think the Jaguars made them “available” in the first place?
    Oh, yeah, that’s right…Mike Sims-Walker.

  13. I am rooting for this guy and only because one day I would love to hear Ian Eagle say: “Booty back to pass… and he’s hit. Booty is down and it looks like BOOTY’S SHAKEN”. Hit the music. Linemen then spontaneously break into dance.

  14. why is matt jones not getting any whiffs? is he radioactive or something? i’m pretty sure the dolphins could use him

  15. hey sim 448 how are yu doing? being a fag and sucking tavaris jacksons dick? huh, no surpirse considering how big of a fag you are!!!! do you realize how much you said there. well i guess it wasnt enoguh to prove that you like men. GO suck brads childress dick. god he has potential damnit!!

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