NCAA suspends Dez Bryant for the rest of the season

Earlier this month, the NCAA ruled Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant ineligible for lying about his relationship with Deion Sanders.

Though it widely was believed that Bryant would be reinstated, the NCAA has decided not to give Bryant a reprieve at any point during the 2009 season.
John Taylor of CFT has the details.
Though Bryant could try to return next year, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll pass on the rookie contract free-for-all that’s coming in 2010.
Meanwhile, we’ve heard ongoing rumblings that the NCAA is continuing to look into the entire Dez Bryant’s situation.  As we’ve pointed out previously, the NCAA didn’t start sniffing around Dez Bryant because they were concerned that Deion fed him a hamburger.  The thinking was and is that someone might have given Bryant something that would have jeopardized his eligibility.
The fact that the NCAA has been lied to will only increase the organization’s zeal, and we suspect that this development doesn’t close the book on the Bryant situation.

26 responses to “NCAA suspends Dez Bryant for the rest of the season

  1. Good. He doesn’t have to risk injury. Just train and get ready for the combine. Hopefully he’ll no longer take anymore of Deion’s advice.

  2. So let me get this straight… Some idiot nearly starts ‘malice at the palace #2″ in week the first game of the season, and gets a few game suspension, and white stretches the truth about d sanders and gets a calendar yer suspension? Is something amiss?

  3. Ah yes, gotta keep the appearance that the NCAA isn’t a semi-pro league that makes a fortune on the backs, and on the brains, of non-paid athletes.
    Yes, they’re students, of course.
    What a joke.

  4. NCAA continues to be a joke. I get it, he lied, a few weeks suspension is fine.
    The whole year is ludicrous. The NCAA is a complete and utter joke.

  5. College football sucks.
    Who is Dez Bryant and what are the odds that he won’t stink up the NFL to the tune of many millions of unearned dollars?

  6. Mr. Florio:
    Please Note:
    Just to be thorough and safe from litigation…
    The NCAA has also banned Deion from ever playing in the NCAA again.

  7. The same way Pedophiles are not allowed to get near children or schools, Deion should not be allowed near any WRs. Ever.

  8. I think the academics at the Universities should get over themselves. The way things worked out is the NFL’s farm league are the Universities, and it’s been a good source of revenue for them. I think it’s good of them to provide educational opportunities, given that the vast majority of college football players won’t make it pro, but Dez Bryant clearly wasn’t ever planning on being an accountant or an art historian. So long as being a professional football player is a legitimate career there shouldn’t be this stupid stigma on college kids handling their business.
    There is no other career in which advancement is treated as being so taboo, to the point that extraordinarily talented kids from poor families have to stay in poor circumstances because of the stupid stigma. I guarantee if these kids showed the same acumen for trading securities or writing novels no one would be insisting they wait till they’re essentially post-college before they can pursue their careers.

  9. who cares, this guy will be another bust like charles rogers, tall, skinny, smokes dope, only cares about baby mama drama, he will end being drafted by the lions and end up on the maury povich show next year.

  10. Deion needs to chill..his name is being mentioned in too many suspect scenarios involving players and the NFL NETWORK is going to find him more of a liability than an asset in a few. I think he gets off on being close to the athletes and being their voice on the show and thinks the network sweats him over it. PUH-LEASE..Although Deion is still the man in many eyes and interesting to watch, he CAN be replaced. Not cool.
    Student athletes…make sure you understand how this thing is done because no one..even a legend should get in the way of your paper. Get your head out of the clouds and walk the walk.

  11. The NCAA is full of idiots. Not only this is ridiculous, there are other shameful things they do. For example the extra punishment they want against Florida State.

  12. Good work Deion Sanders. Your mentoring has paid off. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose any scholarships because if he is unable to complete school and god forbid gets hurt and doesn’t have an NFL career, Deion can explain to him why he doesn’t have a college degree, or a career. Deion is an idiot.

  13. “The fact that the NCAA has been lied to will only increase the organization’s zeal”. Really? So why do they continue to shy away from Reggie Bush? I’m not kidding, I really need to know.

  14. The question you all seem to be missing here: will Dez have the storied career that Rashaun Woods had?

  15. So lemme get this straight! Dez Bryant has a conversation with Eugene Parker through Deion Sanders because Parker is Crabtree’s agent and always goes for the Big players comeing out of college. And since Deion is not an Agent, Bryant lies to the NCAA when they ask him about it, and then gets supspended for the whole season???? If Deion isnt an agent, then why lie??????? its nothing illegal, or maybe Deion invited Dez over to his house for more than just a chat about getting those big dollars!!!!

  16. Shit like this is why I can’t get into college ball.
    The NCAA is a joke. The either need to just admit the fact that this kids are not there for school and pay them since they are essentially employees of the schools since they generate revenue, or the NCAA need to actually apply the same academic standards to them as the other students.
    I know it’s not all ways the case, but it’s pretty asanine to think that half of the kids that play for prestigious academic schools like Michigan actually met admission requirements and attended classes.
    Hell, half of them barely have a grasp on basic english when they leave school.

  17. College kids DO get paid!! Education isn’t free! Try sending your kids to an out-of-state D-I school and see how free it is. These players are given the oppurtunity to earn their way into the NFL and they’re given homes and tools for an education along the way. If they don’t want to take advantage of what they’re paid with, its their own fault.
    Lets be serious, you can’t be paying 18 and 19 year olds hundreds of thousands of dollars. they wouldnt know what to do with it.

  18. He is being made an example of due to the fact he blatantly lied to NCAA officials. That is the equivalent of plagiarism within an institution of learning, and is clearly being dealt with in the same manner.

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