Stafford returns to practice with no limp

Lions fans can prepare to exhale.  Despite expectations to the contrary, quarterback Matthew Stafford returned to practice Tuesday, taking snaps with the first- team offense.

The Detroit News reports Stafford “looked to have no ill effects” after partially dislocating his knee cap nearly a month ago.  Wednesday will be a big test for Stafford to see how he feels, but his return to practice without a noticeable limp is an encouraging development.

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson missed practice, doing some running and catching on the sidelines as the Lions prepare to face the Rams Sunday at Ford Field.  (When was the last time Detroit was favored in a game?)

Stafford’s return wasn’t the only noteworthy development at quarterback.  Drew Stanton appeared to take snaps with Detroit’s second-team.  It’s unclear if Stanton has passed Daunte Culpepper on the depth chart or whether Culpepper is still struggling to recover from a hamstring injury.

7 responses to “Stafford returns to practice with no limp

  1. This really is good news, if true.
    I’d hate to see the Lions blow the chance to keep the scRams winless, and Stafford (much to my surprise) seems to give them the best shot at a win.

  2. They need him. St Louis may lose all 16 if they don’t win this game. It’s the only one that they’ll be even considered in to “have a chance”.

  3. It’s funny. As a Lions fan who said that Stafford should start from the beginning I am so happy he’s looking like he won’t be out the year. But I don’t seem to hear many people saying they think Culpepper should be the starter anymore.
    Also, I really hope both the Bucs and Rams win a game this year. After going through what all Lions fans had to go through last year I feel for both those teams (I don’t mention the Titans because I’m sure at some point they’ll win). I don’t ever want to see a team have to go through that again, even if it was a team I despise like Green Bay or Chicago.

  4. If there are any lions fans reading this, I have to tell you that your guys have to be among the best fans in the NFL (and I’m not being sarcastic). With all that you guys have endured in the past few years, the fact that you are still watching the games, going to the games and keeping up with your team on PFT, says a lot.

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