Steelers could be shorthanded in Denver

After beating the Vikings on Sunday, the Steelers realized that, in the process, a couple of their players were beaten up.

And so, when Pittsburgh returns from a bye week to play the Broncos in Denver on November 9,  they could be missing a few guys.
Linebacker Lawrence Timmons and defensive end Travis Kirschke suffered fourth-quarter injuries against Minnesota, per Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Timmons has a sprained ankle; he’d be replaced by Keyaron Fox, who sealed the win with a “look what I found” interception that he returned more than 75 yards for a touchdown.
Kirschke is one of the committee replacements for Aaron Smith, who’s out for the year with a shoulder injury.  If Kirschke can’t go, Nick Eason and Ziggy Hood would be asked to handle the duties at left defensive end.
But the bigger concern arises not from acute physical injuries but safety Ryan Clark’s chronic medical condition.  The last time he played at Denver, his blood cells sickled in the high altitude, they attacked his organs, and Clark’s spleen and gall bladder were removed.
Amazingly, Clark is thinking about playing.
“I don’t know yet,” Clark recently said as to whether he’ll play, per the Denver Post.  “I’ve been checking, we’ve been doing our due diligence on it.  Through the offseason and up until now.  I don’t think it’s a decision you can make in a week or two.  It is something you have to feel confident you can do.
“Any kind of test where they can look at your insides, they’ve run it on me.  I think next if they can stick their head down my throat and look they’ll do it.  And things look good, but it’s still a tough decision.”
Still, Clark plans to at least make the trip to Colorado.
“I can promise you I will be on the plane, either way, and we’ll just figure it out from there,” Clark said.
If Clark can’t play, Tyrone Carter or Ryan Mundy would get the nod at free safety.

42 responses to “Steelers could be shorthanded in Denver

  1. No doubt its going to be a tough game at Denver.
    Lets not forget that Denver is in for a big physical battle this week at Baltimore.
    Big Ben has good memories of the place though from the title game a few years back.

  2. You play with the people you have – Coach Tomlin.
    No excuses Polian. The article was written by the Steelers beat writer and those are the facts. We knew before the season started that Ryan Clark most likely would not be able to play in this game.
    Take your load of crap elsewhere you troll!

  3. Could be a tough game, unless Ray Lewis gets all stabby on Neckbeard (who I have starting in place of Tom Brady (stupid bye weeks)).

  4. Shouldn’t matter. The Steelers should still be able beat the Broncos. The Broncos have been lucky with their schedule so far; facing teams at the right times.

  5. The nice thing is, this is the second time Pitt is following Baltimore (Baltimore lost to the Vikings two weeks ago). Pitt and Balt consistently beat up their opponents. Even if the opponent wins, the next week they almost always lose because of how physical the last game was.
    So, thanks for softening them up for us Baltimore.
    I hope Clark doesn’t go. Don’t want to see him risk his health over one game.

  6. Broncos>Bengals>Bears>Steelers
    Broncos 24, Steelers 7
    @blester01 – what’s been so lucky about their schedule? The same could be said for the Steelers except they didn’t win their games.
    Everyone needs to stop selling the Broncos short every week or they’ll end up being the worst 16-0 team in history.

  7. ryan clark is one of the toughest s.o.b.’s in the league. but i don’t know if it’s wise for him to even consider playing in denver with what happened to him there last time. hell, he almost died! and bill.pollian, who is making ANY excuses? the steelers will play with the players they have. always have, always will. if you have nothing intelligent to contribute, then shut the hell up!

  8. Every game the Broncos have played they “should have lost”. And their schedule only gets tougher as they go. But I give them a chance at home against the Steelers regardless of who is playing.

  9. Right teams at the right time…. Keep doubting, blester01. You and your Steelers are the overrated trash in the league. Could you have gotten any more lucky against Minnesota?

  10. blester01 says:
    October 27, 2009 9:51 AM
    Shouldn’t matter. The Steelers should still be able beat the Broncos. The Broncos have been lucky with their schedule so far; facing teams at the right times.
    Thanks for the bit of knowledge.
    “The Broncos have been lucky with their schedule so far; facing teams at the right times.”
    That has to be it! It can’t be that they defense has only allowed 10 points in the second half all year! It can’t be that the defense has allowed only 2 of 30 first downs in the second half all year! It can’t be that Kyle Orton has the best 4th quarter QB stats in the NFL! No, it can’t be the second half! Consistent luck for 6 weeks straight is the only valid answer!

  11. SATAN567 – Dont go there.
    You have no leg to stand on regarding “LUCK”.
    Remind me again about the game against the Bengals?
    God Bless.

  12. i’m glad to see the broncos are doing well after everyone (including myself) doubted them prior to the season. I have a ton of respect for what Josh McDaniels has done. trust me as a steelers fan i would love to see the broncos beat baltimore this week, but I have a gut feeling it ain’t gonna happen. after losing 3 straight i’m sure the ravens are foaming at the mouth and ready to pound the broncos. especially with the game in baltimore. once again i hope/pray i’m dead wrong.
    broncos fans were whining before the season, now they are overconfident. lolz!
    does anyone really think that kyle orton can ever be a super bowl winning quarterback?

  13. orangecrushd says:
    October 27, 2009 10:05 AM
    Broncos 24, Steelers 7
    Congrats, you are the winner of our “Retarded Post of the Year” Contest. First Prize is a discarded Jay Cutler jockstrap from his days as a Donko.
    Super Bowl Champs>Bengals, Bears, Broncos
    As for “luck” nobody had more than the Donkos vs. Cincinnati.

  14. The Broncos and their cocky inexperienced coach’s honeymoon ends this week…they have a tougher schedule coming up. Other than Cleveland and Oakland, they barely won their other games. Got extremely luck actually. They will finish 9-7…you heard it here!

  15. All I know is, if the Steelers do win that game it will have to be because the refs gave it to them. Because as we all know from the Vikings/Steelers morning aftermath story, that’s apparently the only way Steelers can win any games at all.

  16. Pittsburgh will be alright,I think it will be close but the battle against wills will be won by the steelers.

  17. There is no way Ryan Clark should make the trip.
    I would think (or at least hope) that Clark acting like he might play in Denver is just him doing the ol’ Mangini so the Broncos do not get a competetive advantage.
    Clark becomes the latest member of the Mangini competetive advantage ploy tree. Mangini has quite the legacy.

  18. Doesn’t matter if the STEALers are shorthanded, they’ll always have the refs to come off the bench for them.

  19. The 2009 Bronco’s remind me of the 2001 Patriots. Dink and dunk, death by 5 yds per attempt!
    It makes sense, until Josh gets the players he needs, keep the game as close as you can and win it in the 4th quarter! This is Denver’s mo and it works.
    Josh knows how to beat the Ravens and Steelers. A lesson he learned under BB…
    The Ravens and Steelers aren’t really gameplan teams. They do what they do, very well. However, it does make them predictable.
    12-4 is the worse case record I see for the Bronco’s….

  20. As a Steelers fan im so happy my money is falling into the hands of the referee’s . It is money well spent on my part and any others who are paying them off as well .
    There is no reason why we just couldnt be a good team lol or maybe some luck helped us win . It wasnt the fact that we shut down the best running back in the league . NOPE . Nor the fact that we didnt create 2 turnovers . If you slow motion the tape from the game you can see a referee dressed in all black , make some ninja like moves and come into the game and helped knock the pass out of Taylors hands that Fox caught and took back .
    So again hardwork doesnt win games . Its paying off the referees , and have some ninjas helping us with turnovers . Great detective work from the following ppl not in any perticular order . ( Vikings Bengals Ravens Seahawks Patriots Cowboys ) fans . You all did some great work uncovering this ploy by the NFL , Referees and Steelers to let the Steelers win .
    They must not have got my payments for the Bears and Bengals games . I need to contact the ppl who run Moneygrams and find out what happened . Again thanks for the great work . DUMBASSES

  21. There is no way Ryan Clark should be playing. Life and health are much more important than a football game. Unless the doctors say there is absolutely no danger to him now, that decision should be made for him by the team. There is too much pressure to play to leave the decision up to him.

  22. @ SATAN567
    Just STFU and LMBs and every other informed, intelligent NFL fan. You’re post on luck vs Vikings is clear support for your mental instability and lack of cerebral capacity. If you watched the game, you might recall that D tends to win the close games and indeed that is what happened.
    Take your sorry, jack ass posts straight to the man below you try to emulate with your stupid blog name.
    Broncos – Steelers will be a tremendous MNF game. Most likely, defense will be the difference maker once again, just as it was in the Steelers-Vikings game.

  23. @ Phokus
    Get real dude. Also, check Webster’s, your spelling is slightly off.
    Last time I checked, 50 playoff appearances, 14 AFC championships, 7 SB appearances with 6 Lombardi trophies.
    Jealousy from JA fans such as you is clear and expected when you probably root for a shitty team. LOL over your solid post donkey boy.
    Work ethic, commitment from top to the bottom of an organization for more than 4 decades, teamwork and selflessness have supported the Steelers 4+ decade run in the NFL.
    Let us know who you root for and where they stand over the past 40 years, or better yet, go post on a board that has to do with your team and stop being so jealous of success JA.

  24. Wasn’t Clark the guy Peterson bowled over and then stepped on during that pass play in the 4th quarter Sunday? I think his blood sickled a bit on that play. Seriously though, they’ve got to be able to treat that in advance of a trip to Colorado.

  25. How is William Gay doing? Did that AP footprint wash off? Steeeler fans, you have to admit it, that was right up there with one of the best beat-downs of the year. C’Mon man!

  26. Frank Burns says:
    October 27, 2009 10:44 AM
    orangecrushd says:
    October 27, 2009 10:05 AM
    Broncos 24, Steelers 7
    Congrats, you are the winner of our “Retarded Post of the Year” Contest. First Prize is a discarded Jay Cutler jockstrap from his days as a Donko.
    Burns – I know the Steelers don’t lose games in your mind but in reality they lost to the Bungles and the Bears. That’s what that 2 in the loss column means. They should be proud of themselves for barely beating a 40 year old man wearing purple.
    Keep your Terrible Team Towel on hand next Monday to wipe your tears away.

  27. Yep, Adrian Peterson is a beast and certainly ran over a few Steelers on a few plays. However, the arguably best running back in the history of man did not get 100 yards against the Steelers defense last weekend. Period, end of story. Absolutely great running back this year, less than 100 yards. Jokes can be made about his smacks on a few players on a few plays. But no 100 year rushing game against the Steeler defense. And it wasn’t like the Vikes were getting blown out so they had to abandon the running game. He just didn’t get his 100+ yards.
    It will be a tough decision for Clark to play, but if there is any doubt about his health, then don’t even make the trip. His health is more important that one game. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody that watches him play week in and week out.
    Also, even as a Steeler fan, I can see the Broncos must have a good team overall, since they are undefeated. I can’t wait for the game, and this bye week drives me crazy. Playing against the Broncos will be another good test for the Steelers as they get ready to win their 7th Super Bowl.
    But of course as some of you have already said you know it is paid off anyway, the NFL and the refs ensure the Steelers are the top team.
    LOL! You morons! Get over your frustrations and enjoy the game with all its warts and bad calls.

  28. Frank – steeler fan here….it was a great hit on Gay by Peterson (running backs should have the ability to truck small defesive backs though!).
    Did you see Ryan Clark’s hit on Harvin? Lots of great hitting and physical play in that game.
    My favorite of the weekend was Peterson’s face when the Steelers D took the ball to the house after Taylor started the tip-drill. I love Peterson, but he looked DEVASTATED!

  29. how can someone enjoy watching football if they think that the refs are paid off? these people should probably stop watching and focus on the WWE.
    excuses are for losers.

  30. Funny how Broncos fans were vommiting all over themselves the whole offseason and up until the Bengals handed them a gift on week one.
    Now they’re popping off like they’re the team to beat. You guys are priceless!
    The rest of us clearly understand your luck so far is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

  31. Wow, this has been an interesting read. I’ve defended Denver in other posts when people have minimized their success. But apparently it’s not just Denver-haters who aren’t taking them seriously: It’s their own fans!!
    Mike writes an article about Steelers injuries and the first post is from a sad guy who says our fans are making excuses. So when Denver puts out its injury reports, does that mean Denver fans are making excuses? Another clever fellow throws out the tired line about refs favoring Steelers. Obviously he’s expecting to lose and has already poured out his post-game whine. You guys sound so SCARED. You’re 6-0–what’s up with that?
    Back to the subject: Clark shouldn’t even get on that plane. If altitude is the problem, the risk isn’t worth it. Hope the other injuries can heal during the bye.
    Denver, good luck w/Baltimore. I’ll be rooting for you. As for our game, it should be a good one. Don’t know who will win, but as I always say, I admire your team, but I like our chances.

  32. LOL, these Broncos fans are as bad as Bengals and Cowboys fans. At least the Ravens fans have intelligent things to say…..sometimes.
    Your team is undefeated so far. Congrats. All odds were against you and the team pulled through. Thats commendable. 2 of your wins came against respectable teams. The other 4 wins were against cupcakes. Your defense is playing well and Orton isn’t turning the ball over. It’s quite simple. There’s no secret, no amazing force at work. Orton probably knows that if he starts turning the ball over like he did in Chi-town it’s adios!
    I think the Ravens lay a whooping down this weekend. Especially in Baltimore. I actually hope they don’t b/c I want the competitive advantage in the division…but I FEEL they will. Would also be nice to beat 2 undefeateds this year 🙂
    To talk about luck??? Coming from a Broncos fan???? LOL…if that’s not the utter definition of irony I don’t know what is. Ask Stokley, he’ll tell you. That “Mile-High” altitude has turned you into light-headed idiots.
    And NO it wasn’t Clark who got ran over by Peterson, it was William Gay. Judging from recent history there’s a good chance that with Peterson looking behind him to catch the ball Clark sticks the h*ll out of him.

  33. kravon says: “Big Ben has fond memories of playing in Denver…”
    Hey, kravon. That was like, 400 years ago. Jake Plummer hasn’t played since that game. We’ll see.
    Really? Haven’t beaten anyone, eh? Certainly SFU that Philly Rivers…something Cutler could never do.
    and they didn’t just beat San Diego; they beat ’em up. I know, Norv can’t coach…I’m just sayin’.

  34. No doubt the hit Peterson put on Gay was a good shot. He laid him out like a rag doll. The thing is, and not to take anything away from Peterson because I think he’s a great back, but he did it to William Gay. Not a very big dude. If he laid out James Harrison like that, then I’d be a lot more impressed, so let’s not make TOO big a deal out of it. All in all it was a great shot on a defender though. I’ll give him that.

  35. @ iusedtobeteddyslut –
    You obviously have bad memories from that game. Sorry to have brought it up.

  36. @ iusedtobeteddybayer
    They “beat up” a 3-3 team…uh, ok. Denver is decent, but if I were a Bronco fan, I’d enjoy it now because there are 6 maybe 7 losses on that schedule (Balt, Pitt, Phil, NYG, SD, Indy and probably Oakland..aah..yeah I said it). The Raisins and Stillers will bring them back to reality.

  37. Point #1: Obnoxious fans from other cities love to call out the Steelers when they come to town — and they do it in response to articles that have nothing to do with their own team! Last week, we saw some moron Vikings fans jocking the purple nuts ultra hard in response to an article about Hines Ward that didn’t even mention the Vikings. This week, we see moron Broncos fans jocking the orange nuts ultra hard in response to an injury report. In such a case, you’re the fools who are obviously going out looking for the argument, so don’t be childish little bastards about it when people respond, especially given that the Broncos were scraping to finish with a .500 record just last season.
    Point #2: To the point above about AP taking out William Gay, as a Steelers fan, I must admit — that was awesome. I wish I could have seen Gay’s reaction was when he saw the tape later on.

  38. Well considering the Broncos were laid waste to Last week by the Ravens, I would say the score is going to be Pittsburgh 27, Denver 10.

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