Ware's deal actually is worth $78,000,001

FOX’s Jay Glazer was wrong on Monday when reporting that Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware had signed a $78 million deal.  

Actually, the contract is worth $78,000,001.
According to Mike Fisher of Blogging The Boys, who interviewed Ware in the wake of the mega-deal, owner Jerry Jones gave Ware a $1 bill with a message written on it:  “This is my last offer.  Your great.  Jerry Jones.”
(It’s nice to see that even really rich guys get “your” and “you’re” screwed up sometimes.)
Ware also said that a “handshake deal” was struck on Sunday, before the Cowboys’ 37-21 win over the Falcons.  Ware celebrated by getting two sacks.
The real question is, now that Ware has gotten paid, will the sacks keep coming?
No offense to Ware, but we’ve seen too many guys who get too much money and who end up playing all too different than before they struck it rich.  Cowboys fans undoubtedly hope that Ware will be an exception to the “get paid, get soft” approach.

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  1. “The real question is, now that Ware has gotten paid, will the sacks keep coming?”
    Of course you think that, what negative thing could you come up with when talking about Demarcus Ware…I guess you found the only negative thing you could say. Please, just report the news and keep your stupid opinion to yourself. Where is your daily Redskins blog entry about how bad they suck and how every other stupid espn to cbs analyst picked them to suck except your dumb a%%. Douche bag

  2. Good Morning Florio.
    Maybe Jerry didn’t screw up “Your” and “You’re”, perhaps he didn’t mean to put the period between “Great” and “Jerry Jones”.

  3. “This is my last offer. Your great. Jerry Jones.”
    or as you suggest:
    “This is my last offer. You’re great. Jerry Jones.”
    or perhaps:
    “This is my last offer. Your great, Jerry Jones.”
    Not a spelling error, a punctuation error!

  4. As to the “your” issue, it’s another confirmation that the ONLY prerequisite for owning an NFL franchise is MONEY.

  5. It is also nice to see that even really rich mainstream bloggers get when to use “different” and “differently” screwed up sometimes.
    Clearly NBC doesn’t mind. And nor should they. Great stuff as always Florio…just keeping you honest.

  6. “Your” over the salary cap with that dollar paid to DeMarcus, Mr. Jones… Oh, it’s deferred to next year’s uncapped, here comes the excitement of NFL Football in 2010 MLB-style. Then I guess that’s cool….
    and why can’t JAmarcus play like DEmarcus? Hey Raiders, try him on the D-line. Maybe nose tackle…

  7. Off the top of my head DeAngelo Williams (in Oakland) Randy Moss (in Oakland) JaMarcus Russell (in Oakland) and arguably Nnamdi Asoumga (in Oakland). I’m sure there are many others out of Oakland but I live in the bay area so I read about all of the ones from Oakland everyday.
    Although I’m sure there will be plenty of Cowboy fans saying otherwise, it is a real concern. Reggie White avoided that rule but he wanted a Super Bowl. The jury is still out on Albert Haynesworth (and several of the players I mentioned from Oakland) but I doubt we will see him play like he used to. In Ware’s case I think he might fall victim to this pattern of softness due more to the lack of leadership (and talent) on the team. No matter what they do when they play weak teams (and I am including the Falcons defense in that) the Cowboys just don’t look that good this year. And we all know how much easier it is to stop caring when your team sucks (Oakland).

  8. “No matter what they do when they play weak teams (and I am including the Falcons defense in that)”
    What about their offense? Ware plays defense, you may have heard. Dude, you GOTTA be an Eagirls fan to come up with some stupid crap like that.
    As for the Raiders… 13-9.

  9. “As to the “your” issue, it’s another confirmation that the ONLY prerequisite for owning an NFL franchise is MONEY.” – Surely if it was intelligence or common sense, that would instantly eliminate Snyder, Davis, Rosenblum, the clowns that own the Bucs, Wilson and some others I could mention.

  10. Ridiculous payment, what is wrong with pro sports, for that type of salary, a ball should never be dropped, a swing should never miss, a pass is always completed, a tackle is never missed, otherwise the hourly rate is too high.

  11. (It’s nice to see that even really rich guys get “your” and “you’re” screwed up sometimes.)
    Jerry can’t help it, he’s a product of Texas. See Vox, another borderline illiterate.

  12. nationscapital10 – bitter much? Although assuming you’re a Skins fan its probably understandable.

  13. @Raoul:
    So you’d rather owners get pipping rich off of the money going into the franchise? Players are paid the way they are based on demand for their talent and the supply of money that the NFL generates, which is NOT nearly based off ticket sales like some seem to think. While on the topic, ticket prices are a product of the same supply/demand relationship, but this time supply is the number of tickets and demand is the cost versus capability and willingness of the fan to pay.
    I hope that clears up this obvious problem.

  14. Jump to the article and take a close look at the picture of the dollar. It looks like the “a” in “great” is backwards. Is Jerry dyslexic also?
    BTW, VoxUcker, Jerry grew up and was educated in the cultural mecca of Arkansas, not Texas.

  15. nationscapital10 – According to dictionary.com, the definition of a blog is as follows: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.
    The whole point of a blog is to voice the opinion of the author. The great thing about this site and other blogs is that they’re completely voluntary. I’ve never seen Florio come to my house (yet) and hold a gun to my head while forcing me to read his blog. If you don’t like his opinion, don’t visit the site. I love how some flock here daily and then complain about the content. All you are doing is increasing his advertising revenue by coming here. If you want straight news, listen to NPR or watch all of those great sports programs on PBS.
    Also, if you really need an example of someone taking a complete dump after getting paid, go talk to Tommie Harris in Chicago. I’m sure he’d be willing to beat you over the head with a stack of Benjamins while you whine about how crappy your Redskins are.

  16. # VoxVeritas says: October 27, 2009 10:12 AM
    “Jerry can’t help it, he’s a product of Texas.”
    He’s from Arkansas, jackass.
    Ware is a great player. Cowboys are looking better and better for choosing him over Merriman

  17. Haynseworth looked good last night, usually pretty consistent.
    Just depends on situation. Some guys might feel like they are being treated poorly and perform bad (Boldin) and others like Dockett raise their play for hopes at a chance with a different team.
    If he planned on staying a Cowgirl maybe he just wasn’t at motivated if he felt he was being shafted, not he got his deal he might keep playing good or better.

  18. @Thing 2
    Amen. Too many people visit this site to familiarize themselves with breaking NFL news, but then trash the analysis and opinions of the writers. Seriously, if you don’t like it, start your own NFL blog. I’m sure just as many fans will flock to your site for the compelling and unbiased content that you would produce.

  19. Does this make Ryan Clady worth $156,000,002?
    I’m doubtful that Jones actually wrote that note. He couldn’t spell ‘your’ if you spotted him the y, the o, the u and the r. I’m increasingly convinced– after watching the Warewereyouagainstdenver press conference– that he is the vague inspiration for “Forrest Gump”. Winston Groom merely had to overcome the huge challenge of making Gump sympathetic and likable.
    All I can figure is that one day Jones was out a huntin’ for some food, when up from the ground came some bubblin’ crude….

  20. This is just Jerry’s attempt at a pre-emptive strike.
    By appearing benevolent now, he can play the “Who, me?” card when he single-handedly initiates the lockout at the end of the current CBA.
    See, he has no problem rewarding his own players, he just can’t stand the thought of paying players on any of the other 31 teams, with “his” money.

  21. @this class sucks
    DeAngelo Hall not Williams. And Asomugha was never a big name, only recently did he start getting recognition from the media and fans at he NFL’s best CB. You never hear his name because he does his job and completely shuts down receivers. He has not gone soft

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