Derek Anderson: My stats are "garbage"

Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson apparently made the wise decision not to draft himself on his fantasy team, because he says he doesn’t know exactly what his stats are this season.

But he doesn’t have to look it up to know his stats are really, really bad.

I honestly know they are garbage and I haven’t looked at them since I started playing,” Anderson said at his press conference today.

If Anderson is curious, here are his stats: He’s completed 60 of 137 passes (a 43.8 percent completion rate) for 605 yards (an average of 4.4 yards a pass), with two touchdowns and seven interceptions. Anderson was simply awful in Sunday’s 31-3 home loss to the packers, failing to reach the 50% completion or 100-yard barriers.

Anderson also said he has not been told by coach Eric Mangini that he will be the quarterback for the rest of the season. But it’s probably safe to say that if Mangini hasn’t benched Anderson with the “garbage” stats he’s put up so far, then Mangini isn’t turning back to Brady Quinn any time soon.

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  1. Great. I have to put up with DA’s garbage for another couple months. What the hell did I do so wrong or any Browns fan do so wrong that we deserve this? Whatever it is I am sorry!

  2. the Browns situation is garbage, the whole team is garbage, so why should the qb position be different. Note to Browns dont draft Tim Tebow as your newest savior, he is not a pro quarterback, neither is Bradford.

  3. Look for Quinn the week after the bye. After the half in the Bears game, Quinn will not be able to reach the 11 million (70% of the snaps) clause in his contract.

  4. Joe Montana would have the same stats with this team. Two rookie receivers, both starting TE out, a 112 year old running back (in football years).
    Really, did anyone expect anything different? Give them a couple more years to “fix” this team.

  5. Really, what can anyone expect? The Browns have no running game, no tight ends, and no receivers. Any QB we put in is going to have abyssmal stats.

  6. “Derek Anderson sucks”
    Thanks for the update there Scoop Johnson…
    Florio where do you get these guys from?

  7. Wow… already Anderson has a leg up on Jamarcus Russell. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

  8. He isn’t turning back to Quinn until he knows he’s past the 31% of the seasons snaps.
    I imagine this is coming down from Lerner. They don’t want to invest a ton of money between 2 quarterbacks, when they aren’t confident that either of them are going to get the job done.
    They started Quinn at the beginning of the season to see if he could work miracles, he couldn’t. So instead of investing $11M in him over the next 2 years, they’re being fiscally conservative. (Which makes sense, since they’re going to need to add quite a bit in the offseason).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn knows this, my guess is he gets the nod after the Bye Week. The Browns can feign the whole “we’ve taken the off time to analyze film, and we’re going to change directions again”

  9. They have a couple decent athletes on that team and should be using them. Cribbs and Harrison should be getting most of the touches on offense. Isn’t Cribbs a converted QB anyway? Run him out of the shotgun kind of like the Chefs did with Thigpen last year. It can’t get any worse for that offense, and at least Cribbs can tuck and run if he has to.

  10. Here’s how it will work. Anderson will play the Bears game and the Ravens game. Then Quinn will play the final 7 games. That will give Quinn 9 and a half games of playtime, not nearly enough to get 70% of the snaps and activate his escilators to make him $11 million.

  11. These “Keep Quinn out so he doesn’t get 70% of the snaps and the $11m escalator conspiracy” idiots crack me up.
    First of all, no one ever said the Browns are cash strapped. Considering how many young, relatively inexperienced players they have, I seriously doubt they have cap issues, etc. Not to mention the fact that I’m sure the Browns would be more than happy to pay out the ass for some magical QB that could come out on fire and win games.
    The truth of the matter is that Quinn just plain blows, isn’t ready for the speed of the NFL, and the staff has seen enough to know that spending the $11m is just a huge waste of money.
    On top of all that, paying Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger or a circa-1984 Joe Montana $11m to QB the Browns would be a waste of money, considering there are no wide receivers or TEs worth throwing to and no running game to open up the pass.
    No QB can save Cleveland until a couple players on the O-line, the entire secondary, all the WRs, and J. Lewis are replaced. Considering how long *that* will take, look for the Browns to be contenders, and to have a QB **worth** an $11m escalator, around 2017 or so…

  12. At the end of the interview, Anderson said: “And if im garbage, just imagine if I were Jamarcus Russell”

  13. I think you can refrain from calling people idiots trickbunny.
    I think what you’re clearly losing site of is the fact that Lerner is a terrible owner, and while they aren’t “cash strapped”, he’s watching his bottom line, always. Just more money he can sink into his soccer team.
    It doesn’t take a brilliant coach to see that the lack of ability of the Browns wide receivers to stretch the field, means having a quarterback who is only capable of the occasional home run, doesn’t make any sense.
    Quinn’s not going to be a great NFL quarterback. That said, they’re going to keep his reps down. Start him later this season, and make him more attractive in trade.
    If he doesn’t get his 70% snap count this year, than he doesnt accelerate next year automatically. Which means that next year he’s got to hit 70% to make about 5.5M. That makes him more attractive to trade for, and the Browns will start Quinn after Anderson has started 6 games.

  14. Mangini and Daboll have managed to make a bad QB worse. Bravo RL, You’ve one upped your fathers hiring of Policy and Clark.
    If I’m BQ I don’t want any part of seeing the field with Puke Chop and the human turnstile on the right side of the line. DA can now see when he is going to get whacked which has made him even more inaccurate.
    Is it me or does he look like Shaggy from Scooby Do? Could he be Mr. Whithers in disguise who was sent here to scare all the fans away?

  15. Anderson knows his stats are “garbege” ?!!? Here are some other Revelations that DA forgot to clue us in on :
    1. Mangini won’t get a “cool” Coors Light commerical like Romeo Crennel did when he got fired.
    2. O-coordinator Brian Daboll looks the short Barbarian in the Capital One credit card commerical and his play calling is equally as primitive.
    3. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan needs a tummy tuck.
    4. Jamal Lewis is so old he remembers playing football when the helmets were made out of Stegosaurus hyde.
    Thanks for the the divine insight into your “garbege” stats DA! Any predictions on whether or not you make the Pro Bowl this year ?

  16. easy big mike….
    anyways the cheap ass browns will start quinn as soon as they are assured he wont handle 70% of the snaps…..duh…..if it was my money i’d do the same, is not like they’re going anywhere anyways… a division with the steelers, ravens, and now the bunguls? forget it….

  17. Derek could teach JaMamma a thing or 2 about accountability. Hey but JaMamma is not the problem Uhg.

  18. Quinn did have his shot which is true.. as short as it was, he didnt play well, I’ll be the first to admit it, he was innaccurate, and seemed rushed in the pocket, had some bad plays, and didn’t strech the field.
    There was controversy a month ago that the Staff may have held Quinn back, which if true is pretty amazing. “Team Sources” claimed this was indeed true. The story died along with Quinn’s season (carreer with Browns?) so maybe it was not true.. but who knows…
    However Quinn unlike DA, had his shot against 3 of the LEAGUES best and toughest Teams and Defenses. Seems to me Yanking him after 2.5 games was a bit too soon to really see what you have.
    Plus Mangini made his decision after Spring Training, and Camp, and he should have kept to his choice, as he promised he would do….11Mil or not.
    We Browns fans have suffered YEARS of BAD DA. and know what he is. We had 2.5 GAMES of BAD Quinn. I would have liked to see him get some more time and experience before Yanking him.
    DA has been WORSE, FAR Worse than BQ was, and against MUCH weaker teams (minus PB)
    Not to mention as far as playing time Quinn is Really an NFL ROOKIE, People forget that Because he played a few games last season and was with the team 3 years now. Not to mention because of the QB Competition he didn’t get FULL Reps with the 1st team during Training Camp to work on chemistry timing and get experience there.
    Where was all this patience with Quinn that we are experiencing with DA? ANS: GONE.
    Its great to have two guys battling for QB, but you need to commit to one early, and just go for it, not all the BS Mangini put these guys through.. then AFTER all that, the guy you finally pick first, you change your mind after just a few games and pull him, showing no patience or confidence in the guy. Great way to ruin a Young QB.
    Im not saying that Quinn is the next coming of Elway, Manning’s, or any other Top QB, fact is we Browns fans STILL dont really know what we have in the guy, and sadly we may NEVER know if Mangini Keeps putting DA out there, and Quinn wants a Trade next year.
    IMHO, Its only putting BQ further back in Experience which he Badly needs, the season is toast, Lerner is not poor he can afford to PAY the extra Money to see what he has in Quinn.
    Another solution I had about the % of snaps clause, and letting Quinn play, is to run CRibbs in the “Wild Dog” Offense HALF of the game in CHI and for the next few games.. hehehe.. We might have a STAR in Cribbs, but maybe they dont want to pay him QB money either?.. lol
    Lord knows they dont use him right in the Wild Cat they try to run in CLEVE… Dude was a RECORD SETTING QB in College, and although his first attempt was PICKED.. I would like to see him try it MANY more times. Cant be worse than Anderson?
    Even if he turned out to be worse, at least he would be fun to watch vs this boring Offense we have going now.

  19. Here’s what you guys should do: Run Wildcat packages with Cribbs or just play him at quarterback.

  20. Run the wildcat. Run the wishbone. Run the “run and shoot”. When you dont have the offensive personnel to compete against Mount Union, let alone another NFL team, I guess it doesnt really matter what scheme they run.

  21. Why not run some wildcat sets with BQ in the package. He is more of threat split out than DA and you could put him in motion to help create mismatches. Split left, motion right, pitch to BQ, screen back left to Cribbs for play one. Second you could have JC fake the pitch and and have have him hit the TE or WR in patterns away from the direction of the pitch and so on and so on and so on. My biggest complaint with this coaching staff is the lack of imagination and use of personnel. JC is a threat to run or throw and he can send it deep. BQ is athletic so use him in the wildcat to either throw or run pass patterns out of the formation. No reason not to feature the wildcat for 15 plays a game and have 10-12 different plays out of it to keep the defense guessing. I’m hoping BK can draw some plays up in the dirt for these guys to try.

  22. Browns should either go back to Quinn or give Ratliff a shot. That dude lit it up in the preseason with the Jets last year and I know a lot of Jets fans who were hoping he’d win the QB competition in NY before Sanchez was drafted.
    Seems pretty apparent that Cleveland saw its season was going nowhere and decided to bench Quinn to save all that bonus money they would’ve had to pay him with his playing time incentives.

  23. Derek,
    Your stats aren’t garbage. We’ve been looking at them, and enjoying them, ever since you started playing.
    Defensive Backs the World Over

  24. The funny thing is this whole OFFENSE is bad, bad bad… from top to bottom. Not many bright spots at all right now…
    OC/Coaching- bad, unimaginative, boring, worthless so far as I can see, bad use of talent.
    Play calling- same as above DUM/boring
    QBs- Dont even need to say anything
    WR- Dont really have any, inconsistent Should have kept Patten, blunder by Mangini
    RB- Horrid, JL is done, Should play Jennings/Harrison/Vickers might rise to OK
    OL- Right side swiss cheese Really miss Tucker though Left Side to Center should be OK for years to come.
    TE’s Merry Go round, drops, new guys.. injuries to solid players, who knows..
    Solutions? – Start BQ, Use Cribbs a LOT more in ANY situation, get Jennings in there, (he was running OVER people and showed good hands when he saw playing time in pre/reg season like one play)
    Lets see what we have in these guys and get some good plays drawn up with some creativity for them to shine.
    Steal some of Miami’s or anyone elses if you have to.. just dont run Cribbs up the middle from the darned thing each time.

  25. Derek Anderson is a great Quarteback from the neck down. If we could only have his athletisism and rocket arm with Bernie Kosars head sewed on top, we might have something there.

  26. Brady Quinn might suck, but he’s got endorsement deals. What other backup in the NFL can say THAT?
    He’s truly an inspiration.

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