John David Booty gets a new gig

A day after former Vikings quarterback John David Booty had a tryout with the Texans, he has landed with another team in the AFC South.

Per media reports out of Tennessee (both the Nashville City Paper and the Tennessean), Booty has signed with the Titans’ practice squad.

The former USC quarterback was a fifth-round pick of the Vikings in 2008, and he landed on the Vikings’ practice squad after Brett Favre took both Booty’s number and, as a practical matter, his roster spot.

The arrival of Booty in Nashville only four days before the Vikings play the Packers is, on the surface, meaningless.  But Mike Reinfeldt, the Titans’ G.M., was an eight-year member of the Green Bay front office, from 1991 through 1998.  Per his online bio, Reinfeldt was “instrumental” in bringing to Green Bay Ron Wolf, the G.M. who knew that Brett Favre would become something much more than a hard-partying Mississippi kid with a dyslexic last name.

More recently, Reinfeldt was rumored to be in line for the CEO position in Green Bay, and he remains close friends with Packers G.M. Ted Thompson.

It’s probably all one big coincidence.  But we wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Booty’s initial duties include a brain-picking conference call with Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy as they prepare to host Favre for the first time ever.

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  1. Wow. This might be the most stupid article I have ever read. This is a classic example of writing something just to write something. If there isn’t any news, so be it. But this might be the biggest stretch of all time.

  2. As a Packer fan I would love for this to be true – to help the Pack out against any team not just the ViQueens…. but seems like an awfully big stretch for a NFL team to sign a player to aid another NFL team….

  3. Or maybe Kerry has threatened to retire if replaced by Vince Young and they need a QB. Bottom line if VY fails the Titans will need 2-3 QB’s going into camp next year b/c Kerry will retire and the Titans would be crazy to Pick up the option.

  4. Meant to say –
    “Need an out of work, practice squad QB to tell them what Offense Bevel and Favre are running…”

  5. Yes, TT is the godfather of one of Mike’s kids. Still, for a QB to rat out his old team to a division rival like that would be, would be, Favrian.
    (Favre/Jets –> Millen/Detroit)

  6. What information could this guy really give?
    He never sniffed playing time with the starters.
    From what i’ve read he was having trouble digesting the playbook. What’s he going to tell them? What plays he ran in the preseason?
    This is idiotic.
    One would think the Titans would be more worried about getting a win rather than helping the Packers.
    You packer fans sure like to gobble up this inane crap don’t you?
    Part of the reason Favre went to the Vikes is because the offense was the same, different terminology sure, but they aren’t going to glean anything new out of Booty.
    It’s about execution, and the Pack was througly outexecuted the last time. Expect more of the same in Lambeau.

  7. As if someone regulated to the practice squad on a constant basis knows everything the offense is going to do, let alone the defense.
    This article is just another attempt to get hits for the site, nothing more, nothing less

  8. Next year when the Titans finally jettison Young Booty as a chance to move on the the big boys squad.
    I still cannot believe the traditionally poor drafting vikings sent 2 drafts picks to the Packers for that Booty guy.
    The two picks by the Packers have made it onto the roster including a QB who better than all vikings QB’s except Favre.
    It is amazing that a bust like Booty can find a job at all. It sure beats making hot dogs for Sanchez or Tacos for Bob Griese and Taco Bill.

  9. I had to read this two or three times just to be sure I had it right. Let me see if I’ve got this . . . you’re suggesting that the Titans signed a player so that they could help the Packers beat the Vikings. Is that right?
    ? ? ?
    Say this is true . . .
    1) Isn’t this, I dunno, collusion or something? Surely this idea would violate some kind of League rule. It would seem like this would be the kind of thing that could have significant negative consequences for both teams involved, if somebody squeals. And somebody always squeals.
    2) How much useful information would Booty have to offer, anyway? It’s not like he was a key part of Coach Jeter’s kick-ass offense anyway. The poor kid didn’t even get to hold the clipboard, let alone sneak a peek at what might actually be on it.

  10. jaker82 says:
    October 28, 2009 2:33 PM
    As a Packer fan I would love for this to be true – to help the Pack out against any team not just the ViQueens…. but seems like an awfully big stretch for a NFL team to sign a player to aid another NFL team….

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