Larry Johnson will seek expedited appeal of his suspension

The Chiefs have imposed a two-week suspension on running back Larry Johnson.

And Johnson will be challenging the suspension immediately.

“We will be filing an appeal tomorrow,” agent Peter Schaffer told us by phone tonight.  “It is our belief that the action did not warrant the discipline unilaterally imposed by the Chiefs.  We’ll be asking for an expeditied hearing, and hopefully we can work out a positive, mutual resolution with the Chiefs.  If not, we’ll defer to the arbitrator’s decision.  Larry’s desire is to get back to his teammates as soon as he can.”

Unlike league-imposed suspensions, which ultimately are appealed to the Commissioner, suspensions imposed by the team are reviewed by an independent arbitrator.

Johnson is banished from the team until November 9.  If the suspension is upheld, he’ll miss only one game — November 8 at Jacksonville.

21 responses to “Larry Johnson will seek expedited appeal of his suspension

  1. Is there any precedent to a player insulting his coach and making unnecessary remarks to the media?
    Can remember one or the other, but not both at the same time.

  2. Upon being informed of his suspension, Johnson immediately showed his frustration by exlaiming: “Gay!”

  3. The sooner Larry Johnson is no longer a part of the NFL, the better.
    Goodbye, Larry, you were but just a fart in the wind.

  4. Wow, what a surprise.
    Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the NFL to begin it’s investigation of Tom Cable and the Raiders.

  5. Johnson’s history with one type of problem to another ranging from hateful slurs to physical violence against women is rather alarming. Doesn’t this guy seem more than a little unbalanced? Vermeil had this tool pegged from day one.

  6. Whatever it is, I’m just hoping he never carries another ball for the Chiefs. ANYONE can have him as far as I’m concerned, he’ll just make you worse.

  7. Boi, An eye for an eye nation? What happened to showing people how to act instead of seeking retribution. I think he will be OK. We all know that if he was the LJ of old many would turn a blind eye to this. Limbaugh spews similar hate and makes $400 Mill. Let’s show him some love too. Hate feeds hate. I think Haley has to pull a Josh McDaniels and win over LJ with some coaching majic. If he just suspends his problem, then the players will listen to him with a grain of salt. The seeds of doubt about the coach will be planted. They will loose faith in him coaching away the doubt and see him has trying to outlaw doubt. Doubt is a thought and like hate you can’t regulate thought. The worst kind of hate is repressed hate. because then it isn’t spoken, but begins to silently or unconscioulsy govern your actions. Let him back in and make him spend a week with a gay person so he can learn that words that he gives no thought to are harmful to others. Let him play right away and tell him he owes the team his best play possible.The coach will be the bigger man and by taking the hard way out and confronting these comments he will earn the respect of his team and maybe they will find some pride and work their hearts out for him. It’s a crossroad coach. No turningback from here. Make the right call. Your coaching career is riding on this decision. Tom Coughlin saved his career by becoming no longer taking stubborn stances. Good luck!

  8. A one game suspension seems MORE than fair – why is he appealing? Oh yeah, he is an idiot.

  9. What a disgrace to JoePa , his own father and the entire Penn State system.
    Egotistical dill weed.

  10. Hopefully the chiefs will look at his stat line and cut him. then let him go back to spitting in womens faces, bragging about his money and calling haters frenc ciggarettes. this guy is done.

  11. “Larry’s desire is to get back to his teammates as soon as he can.”
    That is such bull. Larry’s desire is to not lose 600k+ in game checks.

  12. Forget the gay comments.
    This guy can’t run anymore and has tried to blame his coach.
    Career limiting move.

  13. Hey Larry, here’s a thought…STFU and play!
    Think before opening your mouth is another thought that comes to mind. This is why “tweeting” is not for grown men. You made the comments, be a man and stand by your beliefs.
    I hope your ass stays suspended as a lesson to the rest of the idiots in the league that don’t seem to understand that twitter is for teenage girls.
    LMAO at you dummy!

  14. For someone who really hates gays he sure likes taking it up the ass.
    He is probably one of those people who are homophobic because he infact is a homo himself but refuses to admit to it.
    I bet his father handed him a fist full of sweaty money and told him to never set foot in this house again.
    I’m sure he just reads those magazines for the articles.

  15. Nobody deserves to be suspended for expressing a lack of confidence in his boss (coach). The team should sort it out internally.
    As for the “fag” comment, who cares? It’s not football related and lots of people say harsher things in public. Get over it.
    Cut him for poor play if you want but to use this for an excuse is just BS

  16. MastaFace you do realize he’s an employee right?…try that junk in the real world and see if there are no consequences…maybe if HE handled it straight up instead of using an alias on that narcissistic twitter his “boss” would show him the same respect….he’s hasn’t earned said:”respect” on any level to warrant the in house spank…
    As for the “fag” comment…coming from an alias of “masta” your intolerance is predictable….

  17. anyone going to point out how this basically wipes the apology away?
    if you apologize for something, isn’t that acknowledging you effed up? but when the team imposes light discipline like this (this IS light discipline for the NFL), and you immediately appeal it, that just shows me that you’re NOT accepting responsibility for your actions.
    LJ needs to serve out the suspension and learn from this, not make a big deal and fight the minor suspension.
    what a douchebag. even his own father came out and said how embarassed he was, saying “i didn’t raise the kid like this.”

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