PFTV ponders the last team to lose a game

In this season of anti-parity, the three winless teams are matched by a trio of undefeated franchises.

So of the teams that have yet to lose, who’ll make it the longest?

Reggie Bush thinks the Saints can make it all the way to January without a loss — here’s the official PFTV take, which unfortunately was taped before Bush jinxed his team.

10 responses to “PFTV ponders the last team to lose a game

  1. The Saints don’t play the Rams twice, stupid.
    The fact that the Ravens had 2 weeks to prepare for Denver is meaningless, because Denver also had 2 weeks to prepare for the game. Neither team played week 7.
    I really just don’t like you, florio.

  2. Look at you with your fancy shmancy NBC graphics.
    Why the hell would the Saints play the Rams twice?

  3. Reggie Bush is an idiot for talking crap about going undefeated less than a week before their biggest division rival comes to town. The Falcons have the offensive firepower to match the Saints, but they’ll do more than just match points for the victory.
    There’s no way the Ravens lose four games in a row, especially coming off a bye and playing at home. The Broncos will fall to them this weekend.
    The Colts will make it through this weekend against the 9ers, but the Texans will be rolling into Indy in week 9 riding a three game winning streak to give the Colts their first loss.
    So, the Colts last the longest.

  4. Ya, i have to agree. The stupidity of claiming the Saints still play the Rams twice should have all of Florio’s “commenting” privileges should be taken away.
    That said… GO BRONCOS!

  5. You guys really need to disable the auto page refresh . . . everytime i try to watch pftv i get about half way through the video and the page refreshes and i have to start over . . . pain in the arse!!!

  6. Broncos lose to Steelers
    Indy Lose to NE
    Saints lose to ATL
    Just my predictions, I think that means the colts last the longest….I did not look at schedules
    And florios comb over is atrocious!!

  7. A reporter asked Reggie if the the Saints could go undefeated this season. He answered “yes”. He didn’t say we would, he simply answered a question.
    What do you want him to say? “No, we’ll definitely lose to somebody”.

  8. The Broncos are gonna loose against everyone on their schedule except for KC and Oakland, just like they were supposed to loose to everyone they have played so far… oh.
    Keep it up. As long as teams keep looking past us we will keep on surprising them.

  9. God you are an idiot. Its like you go into PFTV and completely wing it. Even if you are winging it, every idiot and their mother knows you only play divisional opponents twice. You can’t check the bye week schedule? I am a die-hard Broncos fan but you honestly think the Ravens will be a tougher challenge than Pittsburgh or Indy. Analysts have some serious problems holding onto the past. FACE IT, if a team looks good through six games, they are probably a decent team. If they don’t look good, there is a reason. Just because Ravens are in a tighter spot doesn’t mean they will outperform Pittsburgh or Indy in the coming weeks.

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