Redskins dealing clumsily with rampant unrest

Everyone who follows the NFL knows that the Redskins are struggling (and Joe Namath couldn’t care less).  After seven games, they’ve won only two — one by two points at home against the 0-7 Rams and one by three at home against the 0-7 Bucs.

But with coach Jim Zorn supposedly sticking around for the rest of the year and a crippling schedule awaiting after the bye (Falcons, Broncos, Cowboys, Eagles, Saints, Raiders, Giants, Cowboys, Chargers), there’s not much more that can be said about the team.

There’s plenty that can be said about the manner in which the team is — or isn’t — dealing with the criticism that goes with the territory of being terrible.

For starters, the team has implemented a new “no signs” policy, which makes sense since the signs will be increasingly unflattering as the losses pile up.

Now, WUSA-TV (via Dan Steinberg’s D.C. Sports Bog) says that the team is prohibiting television interviews of tailgaters.

Said anchor Derek McGinty on Tuesday, “Tonight the Redskins have seemingly escalated things again; they’ve
banned media interviews with tailgating fans on FedEx Field property.  They told our sports director Brett Haber that this has always
been team policy, but when he pointed out that we and other stations,
including their very own broadcast partners, have in fact always talked openly to tailgaters, there was, well let’s just say, no further explanation.”

The situation got even more tense when Redskins General Counsel Dave Donovan spoke with Mike Wise of the Washington Post on Wise’s radio show at 106.7 The Fan in D.C.  ( has the link to the audio.)

The far better approach, in our view, would be to let the fans vent during the bad times.  Heavy-handed tactics will serve only to increase the sense of frustration — and will ultimately alienate hundreds if not thousands of paying customers.

UPDATE:  Redskins blogger Matt Terl has put together a partial transcript of the Wise-Donovan debate.  Donovan separately told Terl that fans are permitted to wear T-shirts critical of the team, as long as the shirts contain no profanity.  Then again, in the eyes of many Redskins fans, the words “Snyder” and “Cerrato” currently are regarded as profane.

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  1. I’ve been a Redskins fan since I was a kid. I am completely frustrated with the organization. I am sick of the yearly disappointment. I will always be a fan and will root for them every game, but as long as Daniel Snyder owns this team I will no longer do anything to support this team financially i.e… attend games, buy merchandise, Sunday ticket etc. I urge other fans to do the same, the only way to force the current owner out is to choke him out finacially.

  2. Falcons, Broncos, Cowboys, Eagles, Saints, Raiders, Giants, Cowboys, Chargers
    Schedule ain’t so bad… oh who am I kidding, I couldn’t care less about my team struggling. I wanna kiss you.

  3. Everything Danny Snyder has ever done with the Deadskins has been amateurish. There is no reason to think his handling of the fans and media surrounding his putrid team would not be amateurish also. I love this. Now if it would only expand to include the Cowgurls and the New Jersey Gnats.

  4. There must be something in the water around the D.C. area that causes egomaniacs to think they can control all media.

  5. Isn’t this what every dictator attempts to do at the end of their tenure – infringe on unalienable rights to consolidate power?
    Did Dan Synder get beat up this much by jocks in high school that he needs to take his mental issues out on his franchise?

  6. Biggest problem this team has is ,,,Yes Zorn is not the greatest…But let’s face it Campbell just sucks.You cant win SH%T with a horrible QB. If you have any argument with this just look at Campbell’s numbers. On a good night it’s like 19/44 127 yds 1 td 2 pick sixes.!!!!” Qoute Mike Singletary”…….Cannot play with them. Cannot win with them. Cannot coach with them. Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am so sick of people talking about how bad the Redskins are!?
    I am a Cleveland Browns fan, now you want to talk about disfunctional. Now that is disfunctional. At least Snyder gives a damn!
    You look at Jason Campbell’s numbers and compare them to Derek Anderson’s, Campbell is productive and his personal projected numbers will be better than the whole Cleveland Brown offense.
    I wish people would turn the focus on Cleveland and start calling it for what it is.
    Eric Mangini has taken a team that was bad and made it worst, now that is disfunctional.
    I would kill to have the problems the Redskins have. The owner goes and spends money to attract talent, they try with the draft! He gives a damn!
    Try being a Cleveland Brown fan for a weekend and believe me, you would realize how green the grass is in your own pasture.

  8. It’s typical of the Washington D.C., southern Maryland, northern Virginia area…
    If you don’t like what someone says, then just censor it. The same thing happens in politics around here, but you can also see it in other sports – not just the Redskins.
    Even up in Baltimore with the Orioles, the owner – Peter Angelos – has taken the gameday experience out of going to Camden Yards. Fans have simply stopped going, not because the team isn’t very good (they actually have some young talent but are in a very tough division – hopefully wild card contenders in a year or two), but because the game day experience is terrible.
    At the University of Maryland, they won’t play Rock and Roll Part II at games because the student section yells the word ‘suck’. They also have instituted a ‘no standing’ rule at games, because you’ll block people’s views. Then when people voice their displeasure about the product on the field – ala Maryland football right now vs. Ralph Friedgen’s first 3 years – excuses abound come out of College Park.
    The same can be said for the politics of the area. If you criticize government, it’s blasphemy, and will either be dismissed as being ‘crazy’, or will just be silenced. It’s as if they just want government to hold everyone’s hand through every aspect of their life.
    Wow, the more I vent on here about it, the more I realize I need to get out of this area. LOL
    So while the Redskins are doing a terrible job of managing their image, it should come as no surprise.

  9. well this tactic sure didnt work for matt millen, now did it…
    campbell isnt as good as collins. collins went on a 4-1 run and took them to the playoffs a couple of years ago. campbell is 17-25. take away the 6-2 mirage start to 2008 and he is 11-23.
    what has campbell done – he isnt a kid anymore. so what if he has been in several “systems” now… he should be able to take what he has learned and at least make lemonade.
    play someone else. if shaun hill and jake delhomme and jamarcus bustell can hear footsteps, why not campbell.

  10. As a redskins fan its hard for me to admit this, but what has happened to this franchise this season is exactly what this team needed. We have not been contenders in over a decade- suffering from the curse of mediocraty- and being seemigly ok with it.
    More and more it has become obvious that the blame lays not soley with the players, but rather more so in ownership and upper management.
    I, for one, could not be happier that the media (both locally and nationwide) have continued to cover the story with such aggressiveness, painting Snyder (appropriatly) in such a negative light.
    We, as die-hard fans, do not deserve to be treated the way we have been. We can only hope that this season serves as a wake up call to Snyder and his suits. Maybe just maybe we can rebuild and change philosophy in the coming years, restoring and reuniting this fanchise with and winning tradition it once held- and I wont have to be embarrased when I see a man dressed as a pig in a dress- but proud.

  11. What’s the next step? Will fans at games have to wear mittens so that no offensive digits are shown to the owner’s box? My father took me to St. Paul Saints games when I was very young and there I learned that it is the right of every fan to express their feelings about the game, the players, the umpires, and life in general, as loudly as possible.

  12. Wow. Redskins used to have one of the top fan bases in football. Loved watching them when the original hogs were playing.
    Chances of Redskins moving just increase?

  13. @Watson11101
    Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl with the Ravens.
    Are you referring to Dick Cheney?
    Wow! That ought to make him go on welfare.

  14. @Zeppelin53: Man, they have taken the fun outta College Park. Part of the whole experience was being rowdy at Cole Field House, especially when Duke was in town….
    Sometimes bigger isn’t mean better.

  15. The value of the Redskins is number 2 in the NFL and that seems to be the only thing that “THE DANIEL” cares about. I got news for you Mr Snyder, the dollar signs that you have in your eyes will soon disappear if you don’t start listening to the fans. Its only a matter of time

  16. That smarmy little weasel must have gotten stuffed in a lot of lockers when he was a kid. Does anyone else get the feeling there’s going to be a lot of signs OUTSIDE the stadium?

  17. As an Eagles fan, I should be dancing in the streets that the Redskins suck, but in reality I am not. Its bad for football, strike that, its TERRIBLE for football.
    Dan Snyder has taken what could be an excellent organization and run it into the ground. He has literally NEVER been a part of a successful business. He ran Six Flags into the ground for godsake how does he think he can be involved in the daily operations of a football team and not kill it?
    He needs to either step back and hire REAL football people to run this franchise or he needs to sell the team.
    I could say all sorts of mean things about Dan Snyder personally, but I wont, because he is the type to send the lawyers after our own Small Town West-Virginia Laywer. All I will wrap this up with is that he is BAD for the NFL and the other owners should make him an offer he can’t refuse for that team.

  18. Replace Snyder with Ralph Wilson, Zorn with Jauron and Campbell with “insert check down QB here” and you have the problem of the Buffalo Bills fans. 10 years no playoffs, 1 season of a winning record in that time. But then again, who doesn’t like thinking about April in Week 5? I’ve never been so prepared for a draft.

  19. For such a bad team, the Redskins still manage to dominant headlines across the country. And thats the point fellas. Snyder is a smart businessmen. For a weak product over his tenure as owner (just 3 playoff appearances in 12 years) the Redskins have posed the largest profits year in and year out and were the team worth the most in the NFL before the Cowboys opened their new stadium. So things like this are done to increase talk about the Skins and keep them relevant in a season where their actual play is not relevant, not at all…

  20. All of this only applies to FedEx field which is technically private property (albeit paid for with tax dollars, but I checked with a constitutional law professor, that argument is a non-starter). This just means fans will be protesting off the private. media can interview irate fans pretty much anywhere in the DC area. It won’t stop the protests, just move them away from the field. To places Snyder doesn’t control.

  21. And naturally, the given reason for banning signs is something on the order of “to protect the fans from themselves.” Does that premise sound familiar?

  22. I’ve never heard of an owner losing the fans.
    I’ve heard of a coach losing the players.
    Daniel Snyder is utterly incompetent as an executive.

  23. Paging Mister Snyder. Mister Daniel Snyder? Please pick up the Clueless Owner Courtesy Phone located by the Censorship and Propaganda Desk on the Ruthless Dictator Concourse.

  24. Re: Gary Glitter and “Rock and Roll Part II”–
    According to
    the NFL no longer plays Glitter’s version of that song due to his being convicted of child sexual abuse in Vietnam. Maybe that’s why that song is not played in stadiums much more anyway.
    Personally, I am sick and tired of most classic rock songs. If I don’t hear them again in my lifetime, great.

  25. Before Monday night, I had never seen or heard Vinny Cerrato. I mean, I knew who he was but didn’t have NFL Network last year and don’t follow the ‘Skins close enough to care.
    After that interview with Sal P., I almost feel sorry for ‘Skins fans. What an incompetent buffoon!!!!
    This is a loyal fan-base who is getting crapped on by their favorite team, just like me and my fellow Browns fans. One difference – Snyder wants to win, Lerner could not care less.

  26. @ Steeler4life – No, not Dick Cheney. I referring to the person who pulls the strings of the Whiner in Chief, Rahm Emanuel.

  27. Even though the O-line is a bunch of Dirtbags! Campbell needs to learn not to be like Farve and double pump on every throw. Get the ball out of your hands and you wont have to worry about someone hitting you. Hes a good QB when he wants to be. Hell he threw for almost 300 yds vs the Egals.
    As for Portis he needs to learn when which way the endzone is. Stop running into your players and running east-west… have to run north to score

  28. Gotta admire Joe Namath. The guy gets blitzed and puts the moves on Suzy Kolber, yet correctly says a phrase 90% of this country’s residents get wrong.

  29. This is what happens when you try to buy friends. Ole Danny Boy should go away on a retreat somewhere and try to attain some spirituality for his own sanity.

  30. I don’t comprehend how FedEx Field was paid for by tax dollars and is considered private property.
    Also, are interviews considered to by guys filming comments on cell phones while tailgating and then posting to video to web sites?

  31. this isn’t the first team to do this. You Skins fans make me laugh because it’s like reading about MY Lions….same stuff, same censorship (yes the Lion’s did this too). It’s his stadium and his property, if he wants to ban this stuff he can. It’s not censorship because it’s not public property, it is PRIVATE. I remember a Lions game where a guy ran around the stadium with security chasing him…all over a “Fire Millen” sign.
    As for not going to games, hitting him in the pocket book etc…it won’t work. Again, the Lions tried this same movement with no results. There’s a thing in the NFL called profit sharing, don’t worry, Dan will make his money whether or not you fill that stadium….get used to it and just hope that Dan changes his ways because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

  32. “and the relentlessly nasty and vicious, the vilification of Danny and Vin, this doesn’t happen on other cities Mike.”
    ROFLMAO. Then this guy has never listened to Dallas Newspaper and Radio guys talk about Jerry and Phillips.

  33. @ leatherneck
    Re: R and R Part II
    I completely agree about playing that song or a bunch of other songs…but I can also do without the extremely terrible modern rap music. My dear lord if I hear someone is going to ‘Make It Rain’ or ‘Walk It Out’ or ‘Get Low Low Low Low’ one more time, I’m going to kick their ass.
    But I’m just saying College Park took out Rock and Roll Part II a few years before Gary Glitter’s whole fiasco. It was taken out of University of Maryland events because the students would say “Hey! You suck!” and the place would be going nuts. Ah, Friedgen’s first three years.
    Also, Cole Field House is 100 x better than Comcast Center. The final season in Cole when the Terps won the National Championship was just unbelievable. The Duke game that year was crazy – I didn’t have much of a voice after it. At least Gary Williams will have the Terps basketball team turned around in a year or two. The team should be Top 25 this year.

  34. Again, not to beat a dead horse, but if this was the Cowboys, Florio, and not your superbowl pick, there’d be a SIGNIFICANTLY higher number of critical adjectives in your blog post.

  35. 30+ years as a Skins fan. Broken hearted but will remain a fan but will not buy tix or merchandise while Snyder is owner.
    Only thing the devil listens to is his wallet. Hit him where it hurts. Boycott Snyder.
    RIP Jack Kent Cooke. We miss you.

  36. People you’re forgetting that the Redskins will win the Super Bowl NEXT year!! During the uncapped year, the starting line up should look a little like this:
    QB: P. Manning, T. Brady, D. Brees
    RB: A. Peterson, MJD, S. Slaton, D. Williams
    WR: A. Johnson, R. Wayne, L. Fitz, C. Johnson
    TE: A. Gates, D. Clark, J. Witten
    With those starters, they should be putting up 60pts/game, so Defense won’t matter that much!
    Best of luck Redskins fans!

  37. Sounds more like Snyder couldn’t care less about what the fans think.
    It’s personal to the die-hards (myself included), because we love the organization and it’s history. Sure there have been ups and downs, but to mute/ignore the pulse of the fan adds to the damage done.
    Hey, I’m only one fan, but I’ll vent my frustrations here, and hurt Snyder in the bottom line. I’ve forgone my interest in throwing any money to the franchise as it’s currently operated.
    It’s gone from eye-opening, head-shaking, shockingly dissapointing, to downright sad and embarrassing.
    Fairweather fans aside, the true fans that are passionately disheartened today are passionately proud tomorrow. I just hope tomorrow arrives sooner than later……

  38. What’s worse is fans in DC, Cleveland, St. Louis, Minnesota, etc. are so freaked out and paranoid about Goodell’s need for two teams in L.A. and one in England, that if we don’t show up to watch lousy teams or go to lousy stadiums (why Minn. was included) the team will move.
    That’s three franchises on the block and 50% of the fan bases around the league think it’s them. Just because the team stinks!
    I know I am paranoid as hell about it. The Browns have been so bad for so long that we’re going to have 3 blackouts this season…which was unthinkable a few years ago. So if Lerner wants to move to L.A., there are obvious ways out of a lease, ask Modell and Al Lerner. They got the Browns out of Cleveland. Yes, Al Lerner, the same guy who started the new Browns and then died. See, money rules all, no matter how good a fan base there is.

  39. On UMD sports. (just following the trend)
    Friedgen and Williams both have to go.
    Really, I could care less about UMD football- its a joke.
    But, when it comes to Basketball Im tired of the unconditional support of Gary. Honestly, he’s a decent coach on the court, but he is terrible at recruting and its costing the program signifigantly. The surronding area- more specifically Baltimore-always produces some of the nations top talent: Carmelo Anthony, Sam Cassell, Rudy Gay, Josh Boone however they always play elsewhere because Williams refuses to tap into that pipeline – leaving us stuck with players like Nik Caner Medley and Dave Neal..YUCK…
    Sure, UMD will beat Duke or UNC once a year – but who cares when March comes and its NIT time again.

  40. Steeler4life says:
    October 28, 2009 10:08 AM
    Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl with the Ravens.
    Are you referring to Dick Cheney?
    Wow! That ought to make him go on welfare.
    You’re quite an idiot. He’s already bankrupted Six Flags, so if he’s making money it’s from the Skins, so if the fans stop going to games and buying merchandise, where does that leave him? With you in the homeless shelter. Think about it douche, if he doesn’t generate positive income from the team, he will need to sell it.

  41. So if you are true fans you will just boycott this moron of an owner. Hit him where it hurts, don’t go to the games. When the only ones cheering will be for the other team, maybe then he will get it. By you guys allowing this guy to tell you to buy tickets & how to cheer or not to cheer should not be tolerated. He has put out a terrible product year after year & after watching or glancing occasionally at the game on Monday night (hurt to much too watch it) This guy thinks if he bans things, he can control what is going on. After Monday night fiasco, I have to say that I don’t think they could beat the Raiders or the Bucs.

  42. Spartify and Duan:
    The difference is simply this: Snyder took a proud winning franchise and drove it into the ground. Neither the Lions nor the Browns have the same winning tradition.
    And neither has the loyal following that the Redskins enjoyed for so many years.
    Tracee Hamilton hit it on the head this morning in the Post. The only way for this team to recover is to hire a competent GM, move Cerrato out of any “football” decisions and have Snyder get completely out of the way.
    “Amateurish” is exactly the right term to describe this football organization right now. Amateur thugs. Snyder believes that the Redskins belong to him. Well, here is your first lesson for today: The Redskins belong to the Washington D.C. area and its fans. You are simply a steward. The sooner you get that, the sooner we can get to fixing the problems you’ve created Dan. But until then, count me among those who will not spend another penny in support of the team.

  43. spartyfi, you are correct to a point that the crap team owners are subsidized. H
    owever, the owners with good teams are getting sick and tired of supporting the bad teams. I think there is a 50/50 chance that this could break the NFL apart not a new cba. This issue needs to get resolved before there is a cba.

  44. @ INISHUL
    Re: UMD sports
    Clearly someone doesn’t follow UMD basketball…considering Maryland was in the Round of 32 last year (beating Cal in the 1st round)…I think that’s as far as Duke got as well – per usual.
    And while Gary had a slump recruiting, he is putting together a Top 10 2010 class right now.
    Kids committed right now are Mychal Parker, Terrell Stoglin, and Terrence Ross…and he should land either Ashton Pankey or Hippolyte Tsafack. Hopefully he can land Tobias Harris – if so, it would put that as a top 3-5 class. Follow your recruiting a little better.
    Dave Neal was actually better than people gave him credit for, but the knock on Gary’s recruiting was probably unfair. In fact his post National Championship class was a big time class, but no one really panned out. Players like Mike Jones, Nik Caner-Medley, Travis Garrison, John Gilchrist (although his ACC Championship run was sweet) were all big-time recruits that never lived up to their hype. They came to campus and just expected wins – trust me, I saw it first hand. They didn’t realize that the prior year, you could walk into Cole Field House at midnight on a Tuesday and find Juan Dixon in there by himself shooting jumpers, or Steve Blake doing dribble drills.
    Gary HAS landed players like Greivis Vasquez – one of the best players in the country right now – Sean Mosely, Landon Milbourne, etc.
    He’s basically Tom Izzo or Kirk Ferentz (to use a football analogy). Does a ton with little talent.
    Plus, it’s not like McD All-Americans automatically equal wins. For an example, see Duke’s 2nd round exit two years ago to West Virginia (Florio!). 7 All-Americans to none.
    It is frustrating that Gary might not grab all the local talent, but a lot of those kids follow money or shady recruiting practices. Gary has a spotless recruiting record. I mean, it’s not like Michael Beasley would’ve gone to Maryland. He only went to K-State because one of his early coaches (AAU or high school) got a job out there. Durant was a one-and-done, and Rick Barnes is a great recruiter and showcased him for one year. Same with Jim Boeheim at ‘Cuse for Carmelo Anthony. Hell, Syracuse has had similar results to UMD since their championship, but I don’t hear crap about people calling for Boeheim’s head.
    Did you really mention Sam Cassell? Wow. That’s not exactly a Gary Williams’s miss. Cassell went to Fla State in the very early 1990s. Gary started at Maryland in 1989. Dunbar’s former head coach, Bob Wade, was Maryland’s previous head coach, and got fired for his 36-50 record and his recruiting violations. Do you really think Cassell would go to Maryland after that? Maryland had a crap load of sanctions at that point. Do you actually follow UMD?
    Rudy Gay –
    Rudy Gay’s buddy/stablemate got a schollie offer to U-Con as well…Calhoun is a slimeball. Gary just won’t play that game, because he knows he can X and O the hell out of those guys when it comes down to it.
    Also, John Thompson III at Georgetown isn’t exactly lighting it up with some of the local talent. EPIC collapse last year. Even though he had Austin Freeman and Greg Monroe.
    So, in summary, Friedgen does need to go, but Gary should stay – no question.
    Watch out for the 2010 class. Nasty.

  45. Hey Go Browns,
    The Cleveland Rams franchise already moved to LA once.
    And as long as there are so many crappy QB’s around the league that can’t play, Brett Favre will always have a high paying job in the NFL.

  46. Next weeks announcement from D.Snyder: Until further notice all ticket holders MUST goose step to your seats!

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