T.O. wants better stats than Roy Williams

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens still sounds like a man with a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

When he met the media today, Owens said his goal this season is to have better numbers than Cowboys receiver Roy Williams.

“I’ve been looking at my stats compared to Roy E. Williams’ stats over there in Dallas, and my goal is to have better stats then him at the end of the season,” Owens said.

So far this season it’s close: Owens has 18 catches for 242 yards and one touchdown, while Williams has 12 catches for 230 yards and one touchdown.

But what those numbers really point to is that both receivers are major disappointments this season: For the money and attention Owens and Williams both get, it’s ridiculous that they’re both on pace for around 600 receiving yards and a couple touchdowns.

Owens acknowledged as much in saying of his statistics through seven games, “They’re pathetic to be honest. Definitely, for myself, it’s very, very frustrating. I
hear a lot of people saying I’ve hit the wall, I can’t play any more,
this and that. I mean, I know I can play. I’m frustrated, but I mean, what can I do? I just continue to try to work hard, continue to try to do the best I can.”

Reminded that when he was given the key to the city of Buffalo Owens promised he’d give it back if he didn’t score 10 touchdowns, Owens said, “The season’s not over yet. I can still get those 10. I’ve got
to hold up my end of the bargain.”

30 responses to “T.O. wants better stats than Roy Williams

  1. One overrated receiver comparing himself to another overrated receiver. Who would have thought Miles Austin would be putting them both to shame.

  2. Now that’s something to aspire to be…better than Roy E Williams.
    Way to set the bar high, Pinto. I’ll see you in Canton…if the seats you purchase are next to mine.

  3. Florio, you’re forgetting Roy has been out a couple of weeks with injured ribs. Not really a fair stat comparison.
    Anyway, it’s funny that TO really sets the bar high in wanting to be better than approximately the 50th best WR in the league…

  4. Back-to-back posts about players on really crappy teams pointing out that they would like to have better stats.
    Of course, if they were both 5-2 or 6-1, they would be saying their stats don’t matter and only winning is important.

  5. Shows what kind of player Owens is. He just cares about his stats, not about how is team does in the one stat that counts: W/L

  6. Almost makes you feel sorry for T.O. ….NOT!! As a Cowboys fan, I’m glad “it’s never my fault” is gone. After the Giants game, t.o. tweeted that “the problem in Dallas is T. R., not T.O.” I wonder when he’ll tweet “when the game is on the line, NEITHER of Buffalo’s QB’s even look my direction because they know I’m not open”. His stats for 20 of his last 21 games show him with an average of 4 catches per game for less than 60 yards per game. But hey, It’s NEVER his fault.

  7. Owens and Williams competing for catches is like watching two old mules fighting over a turnip. I mean, who cares?

  8. Pretty pathetic that you’re box score watching another player on another team instead of worrying the scoreboard of your owna dn winning games. Tis the reason T. Owens is not in Dallas anymore.

  9. The funniest and saddest thing about all of this is that Miles Austin had better stats in one game than either of them have made this whole season.

  10. TO has a chip on his shoulder about a former team? Damn, who could have seen that coming.
    I hope the Cowboys cut Williams and give his salary to Austin. Roy has been a total disappointment.

  11. TO still thinks he’s paid $6.5MM to play fantasy football. Throw a block douche-bag !
    And yes, Roy E. Williams was Jerry Jones’s putrid bid to keep his fantasy team ahead of Dan Snyder’s, but Dan-O bit the big one with Fat Albert Haynesworth. Here’s a “well played” to you both !

  12. Before the season it wouldn’t have been out of the rhelm of possibility that T.O. or Roy Williams would have 30 catches, 472 yards and 2 touchdowns by week 6.
    Thats an average of 5 catches, 79 yards a game and a TD every other game. So either one could have hit that mark by now if they hadn’t had a week off.
    But no way I would have thought that would be the combined total for both of them without one of them missing significant time.

  13. Lowes_Islander says: October 28, 2009 8:45 PM
    Owens and Williams competing for catches is like watching two old mules fighting over a turnip. I mean, who cares?

  14. This attitude is exactly why no one wanted him except Buffalo. You knew the real TO would show up sooner or later. All that talk about him maturing this year and becoming a team guy…blah, blah, blah.

  15. TO served as a valuable part of the Dallas team last year – the scapegoat. I wonder who it will be this year…Oh, hasn’t Wade Phillips already been anointed to that posistion?

  16. Owens had the key to Philly and threw it away. I wish nothing but the worst for the guy. I bought his Eagles jersey, then gave it to a Cowboys fan and they threw it away for me. lol. This is what happens when you wear out your welcome everywhere. Just shut up and play T.O. I know he has alot in the tank and that Buffalo just stinks. T.O. should of begged to play for the Falcons. He lives in Atlanta and would definitely get alot more balls there. But the problem with him is that he throws every QB under the bus. But that would of been his best fit. But anyways, next year after he leaves Buffalo he might play for Jacksonville, Tampa, Oakland…maybe. Or a UFL team perhaps. Maybe an NFL Europe team to get him the heck out of here

  17. Before anything happens that causes TO to pat himself on the back too hard, maybe he should take a look at the Dallas games to see Romo getting the ball to whoever is open regardless who is open and without worrying about looking at the number to see who it is first. With TO, Romo had to try to make him the 1st option – and only option – before making the throw.
    You know who would be perfect for TO? Vince Young. Seriously. Young doesn’t have the intelligence to make more than one read before he starts to run so it might as well be TO. That way, Fisher can save all of those WR spots and bring in a few DBs to stop a few of those 50+ points they’re giving up. The more he brings in, the more he has a chance to find 1 or 2 who can play.
    Nah, it would never work because Bud Adams is still the owner. Just owning the team has put a bad mojo on them that won’t be cleansed until he’s gone.

  18. It nice to see T.O. has set his goals high. His Team Goals are to win more games than the Lions and play with more passion than the Raiders. You are my HERO.

  19. In a related story, Roy Williams insists that he only cares about how his stats stack up against Joey Galloway’s.
    Owens is a douche. But he’s a douche with the key to the city of Buffalo. So he and OJ Simpson have that going for them.

  20. Sounds like a worthy goal. Whatever it takes to get you motivated TO. I just kinda, you know, figured your goal would be to get your team to the playoffs. But whatever.

  21. T.O. has been the WORST thing for pro football for many years. Big mouth, big ego, on a little cry baby. Football will be much better when this jerk off retires.

  22. T. O. And williams probably will never win a superbowl. And it’s their own fault. “I” can’t win only “WE” can win! Most of the teams that win have class!! They go to work and do their job and don’t throw little baby tantrams!

  23. Guys – back off TO. I mean I dislike the guy too, but what is he doing wrong here? He isn’t being a bad teammate, he’s handling the bad team quite well.
    He’s playing for a HORRIBLY coached football team that has no idea how to utilize it’s talent. To that point, Roscoe Parrish is on the bench… he makes some stupid plays, but he is a playmaker and should be on the feild. We all see what Andy Ried can do with an undersized speedster, why can’t the Bills because Dick Jauron plays not to lose… and it pisses me off because it worked last week against the Panthers so he thinks he has some sort of justification for being a PUSSY.

  24. T.O. just talk to your QB……… quit the BS and start catching the damn football and score touchdowns!
    Let’s see if you can DO YOUR JOB!

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