Zorn, Cerrato trading public pleasantries

Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent thinks that the Redskins have been trying to get his former teammate, Jim Zorn, to quit his job as head coach of the team.

It now appears that Zorn might be throwing caution to the wind in the hopes of being fired.

On Tuesday, executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato defended his work while also throwing Zorn a little deeper into the undercarriage of the bus.  Specifically, Cerrato says he thinks he gave Zorn a roster with sufficient talent to make it to the playoffs.

Though Zorn hasn’t spilled strawberry sauce on Sammy Baugh’s uniform (yet), the second-year coach tempted a fate he might welcome in responding to Cerrato’s statement.

“If we’ve got a playoff roster, we’ll earn the right to be in the playoffs,” Zorn said during a Wednesday radio appearance, per Ryan O’Halloran of the Washington Times

Though, in context, Zorn wasn’t being overtly belligerent, his message is clear:  The 2-5-and-sinking Redskins are not a playoff caliber roster.

But we don’t blame Cerrato for trying to save his job, even though Cerrato is trying to play it cool. “I feel like my job’s on the
line all the time,” Cerrato said Tuesday.  “It’s not something that I really worry about.  My job
is to get us going and fill these holes when guys get hurt.  Things take
care of themselves after the season.”

After this season, owner Daniel Snyder likely will be “taking care” of everyone — unless Snyder really doesn’t want to win.

32 responses to “Zorn, Cerrato trading public pleasantries

  1. Cerrato is good at signing undersized punt returners to Star WR contracts…He has given Zorn.. Campbell… no chance to win….Snyder needs to make a decision and let someone run the organization and just write checks for a few years…

  2. Well at least one person agrees with Cerrato. You obviously thought the skins had a playoff roster too.
    Getting very hard to stay a Skins fan these days.

  3. I could call my car an airplane but that doesn’t mean it would fly.
    Just because Vinny, a certified idiot, says was a playoff team doesn’t mean that it was.

  4. After watching the Skins, and listening to Cerrato, one must wonder whether he understands the meaing of “talent”, “sufficient”, and “playoffs”. But rest assured Skins fan, he will be your GM for the rest of the year and hopefully the future. Like the Browns, another legendary franchise that is now synonomous with laughing stock.

  5. For Zorn,
    Fired = money
    Quitting = unemployment line
    Cerrato should be fired for saying they have sufficient talent to make the playoffs. The goal is to have sufficient talent to win the Super Bowl. Apparently this guy is just hoping to field a team that can get a wild card spot.

  6. “thinks he gave Zorn a roster with sufficient talent to make it to the playoffs”???
    thinking is not Vinny’s strong suit.
    go away, Vinny. Just go away.

  7. Why does everyone think Cerrato will eventually be fired? His job… *his only job* is to take the fall for Snyders bad decisions.
    Cerrato doesn’t actually do anything except follow through on what Snyder tells him to do. Then he either takes the heat for the bad decision or tries to deflect it elsewhere (except back at Danny)

  8. Snyder will probably fire Zorn and Cerrato, but that won’t convince me he cares more about winning than the bottom line, self-affirmation and self-validation. He’d rather lose his way than win.

  9. It isn’t that Snyder doesn’t want to win. It is that he doesn’t know how to win.
    The winning NFL owners hire football professionals and then get out of the way, and stay out of the way.
    Danny is *always* in the way, and he runs the team like he’s playing fantasy football. Yeah he wants to win but he doesn’t realize that HE is the problem.

  10. Their defense is actually really not that bad, pretty good actually – definitely better than the giants and cowboys. The offense though…well, that’s where Vinny’s comment falls apart.

  11. So Vin’s not worried about his job, huh?
    No brain, no headache, I guess…
    Kick him to the curb, Danny! Clean out his office, toss his shit into the parking lot, and change all the locks.

  12. Agreed, Snyder does not have a clue but can the next moron who repeats the completely idiotic statement that he “plays fantasy football” tell me what player on their roster meets that criteria?
    He may overpay some medicore talent but where is there any fantasy “stud” on that roster.
    Idiots that just repeat someone elses dumb-ass statements really just show their ignorance!

  13. Well, who in their right mind EVER thought these ‘Skins were a playoff contender, let alone a Super Bowl-caliber team???
    Apparently Silly-Cerrato is the ONLY person who would think such a thing, right?
    …right, guys?

  14. VC has been staying employed for years via smoke and mirrors. What other ‘GM’ has his own radio show (to spread his word)? What an egomaniac. Hopefully they’ll keep VC so they will always will be average.

  15. “The 2-5-and-sinking Redskins are not a playoff caliber roster.”
    Yet, you picked them to make the Super Bowl. You ever gonna own up to that or just continue to pretend it didn’t happen?

  16. Hey lil’ Danny, this is your old friend Karma.
    Remember when you decided it was a good idea to sue that 70 year old woman who was a life long Redskins fans, because she was having trouble keeping up with her contract?
    And now you are banning signs and keeping tv stations from interviewing fans while tailgating?
    Keep going after that bottom line though Danny. I know you’re usually the first or second most profitable franchise. You better be after a decade of overpriced, washed up free agents.
    Oh, and keep destroying that loyal fanbase. They’ll keep buying tickets, right?
    And I’ll keep biting you in the ass.
    say hi to Tom Cruise for me

  17. Zorn should show up at the stadium with a sign that reads: “Cerrato Sucks”
    That would show them a lot.

  18. Good for Zorn. He should be speaking some truth. What does he have to lose? The fact that the Redskins are in the position they’re in has far more to do with Cerrato and his pathetic personnel management than it does with Zorn.
    True, Zorn is not head coach material, but it was CERRATO that hired him!
    It’s bad now, but it will get uglier in D.C. If Cerrato isn’t gone at the end of the year, watch how fast people cancel their season tickets.
    In fact, Snyder will take such a beating, it wouldn’t surprise me anymore if he moves the team to L.A.

  19. Since VC claims that the fans “just want to be entertained”, maybe he ought to dress up as a pinata and hand out bats to the tailgaters.
    Now THAT’s entertainment.

  20. Here are Cerato’s drafts. And don’t forget the trades for TJ Duckett and Jason Taylor. There went multiple high picks for a total of 2 years of “play”. Just absurd.
    Once Vinny assumed full GM responsibilities in San Fran:
    10 San Francisco J.J. Stokes WR UCLA
    127 San Francisco Tim Hanshaw G Brigham Young
    201 San Francisco Antonio Armstrong DE Texas A&M
    238 San Francisco Herbert Coleman DE Trinity, Ill.
    No 1st round pick
    46 San Francisco Israel Ifeanyi DE Southern California
    89 San Francisco Terrell Owens WR Tenn.-Chattanooga
    128 San Francisco Daryl Price DE Colorado
    160 San Francisco Iheanyi Uwaezuoke WR California
    198 San Francisco Stephen Pitts RB Penn State
    239 San Francisco Sean Manuel TE New Mexico State
    254 San Francisco Sam Manuel LB New Mexico State (gotta have the manuel brothers, right?)
    1997 (only 3 picks in 1997….hmmmmmm, this is beginning to look familiar):
    26 San Francisco Jim Druckenmiller QB Virginia Tech
    55 San Francisco Marc Edwards FB Notre Dame
    77 San Francisco Greg Clark TE Stanford
    28 San Francisco R.W. McQuarters CB Oklahoma State
    58 San Francisco Jeremy Newberry C California
    89 San Francisco Chris Ruhman T Texas A&M
    119 San Francisco Lance Schulters SS Hofstra
    151 San Francisco Phil Ostrowski G Penn State
    180 San Francisco Fred Beasley FB Auburn
    215 San Francisco Ryan Thelwell WR Minnesota
    24 San Francisco Reggie McGrew DT Florida (Reggie McWho???)
    89 San Francisco Chike Okeafor DE Purdue
    99 San Francisco Anthony Parker CB Weber State
    110 San Francisco Pierson Prioleau SS Virginia Tech (bingo!)
    157 San Francisco Terry Jackson FB Florida
    161 San Francisco Tyrone Hopson G Eastern Kentucky
    171 San Francisco Tai Streets WR Michigan
    234 San Francisco Kory Minor OLB Notre Dame
    Drafts with the Redskins:
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 2 LaVar Arrington OLB Penn State
    1 3 Chris Samuels T Alabama
    3 64 Lloyd Harrison CB North Carolina State
    4 129 Michael Moore G Troy
    5 155 Quincy Sanders DB Nevada-Las Vegas
    6 202 Todd Husak QB Stanford
    7 216 Delbert Cowsette DT Maryland
    7 250 Ethan Howell WR Oklahoma State
    2001 (Vinny wasn’t in charge of this one)
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 15 Rod Gardner WR Clemson
    2 45 Fred Smoot CB Mississippi State
    4 109 Sage Rosenfels QB Iowa State
    5 154 Darnerien McCants WR Delaware State
    6 186 Mario Monds DT Cincinnati
    2002 (Vinny wasn’t really responsible here either, he was director of player personnel)
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 32 Patrick Ramsey QB Tulane
    2 56 Ladell Betts RB Iowa
    3 79 Rashad Bauman CB Oregon
    3 87 Cliff Russell WR Utah
    5 159 Andre Lott FS Tennessee
    5 160 Robert Royal TE Louisiana State
    6 192 Reggie Coleman T Tennessee
    7 230 Jeff Grau C UCLA
    7 234 Greg Scott DE Hampton
    7 257 Rock Cartwright RB Kansas State
    2003 (Gotta love this draft–what great depth!)
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    2 44 Taylor Jacobs WR Florida
    3 81 Derrick Dockery G Texas
    7 232 Gibran Hamdan QB Indiana
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 5 Sean Taylor FS Miami
    3 81 Chris Cooley TE Utah State
    5 151 Mark Wilson T California
    6 180 Jim Molinaro T Notre Dame
    2005 (Hmmm. First 2, ok, I dig…last 4 not even in the NFL)
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 9 Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
    1 25 Jason Campbell QB Auburn
    4 120 Manuel White FB UCLA
    5 154 Robert McCune LB Louisville
    6 183 Jared Newberry LB Stanford
    7 222 Nehemiah Broughton FB Citadel
    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    2 35 Rocky McIntosh LB Miami
    5 153 Anthony Montgomery DT Minnesota
    6 173 Reed Doughty FS Northern Colorado
    6 196 Kedric Golston DT Georgia
    7 230 Kili Lefotu G Arizona
    7 250 Kevin Simon LB Tennessee
    6 LaRon Landry, S,
    143 Dallas Sartz, LB,
    179 H.B. Blades, LB
    205 Jordan Palmer, QB
    216 Tyler Ecker, TE
    34th Devin Thomas WR
    48th Fred Davis TE
    51st Malcolm Kelly WR
    96th Chad Rinehart OT
    124th Justin Tryon CB
    168th Durant Brooks P (A PUNTER!)
    180th Kareem Moore DB
    186th Colt Brennan QB
    242nd Rob Jackson DE
    249th Chris Horton FS

  21. Cerrato is a huge part of the problem. Zorn may not be the best coach, but at least he doesn’t resort to this petty crap of trying to displace blame.

  22. Hmm…
    Vinny Cerrato sounds just like former Pats GM Bobby Grier telling Pete Carroll the Pats had a playoff roster.
    Except I don’t think there’s a Bill Belichick around the corner. Josh McDaniels is close, maybe. But too late for that…

  23. If Cerrato does get fired, can you imagine any other NFL team hiring him to run their football operations ? Anyone ?!?
    The biggest qualification to hold that “position” for Snyder is to have knee pads sewn into all of the slacks you wear to work. Cerrato qualifies.

  24. C’Mon……stop kidding yourself that the defense is any good either. The defense couldn’t stop bad teams enough to win……they aren’t that good……linebackers are average and the corner’s are over-rated………..the Philly game should prove that. The Eagles were without their best player, McNabb was way off all night and the Eagles still win big………hardly the mark of a good defense.

  25. Cerrato has no respect from anyone but Snyder. Everyone in the league looks at this guy and laughs. They asked this idiot why he didn’t address the O-Line this summer. His response? “I signed Dockery and Mike Williams, and there was no one worth taking with our pick in the first round.” Seriously? You sign a fat walking blob with feet and call that something? And it looks like Michael Oher is doing pretty well for the Ravens.
    This is it. I’ve been a lifelong ‘Skins fan. But if Cerrato is still here next year, I’m gone.

  26. Snyder wants to win but doesn’t want to do what it takes to win. Vinny has two 5-11 seasons and a 6-10 since being hired back in 2002. Seems to me this team has been a mess enough times in recent years to justify his ouster long before now. As long as he lets Danny play fantasy football and the team wins 5 games or more, Vinny will always have a job here.
    Which is why for the first time ever Skins fans are actually rooting *against* their team. The only way to get rid of Vinny and start moving in the right direction is to take a 2-14 season.

  27. i can’t even bother watching the games anymore, it’s turned into a circus. eagles game I turned off at 17-0, because it takes our team 3 games to score enough to come back from that kind of deficit. I literally went to bed. unbelievable.with the redskins on…………….

  28. It’s a solid defense but could be a very good defense if the offense would sustain drives. The defense is on the field waaaay to much…they make a stop and they’re back in before you know it. Who ever posted the drafts…Vinnie did not make the 2004 & 2005 picks…that was Coach Gibbs. Sean Taylor was the best out of everyone on that list. Basically, Vinnie got one really good pick…Chris Samuels. That’s it. I could spin a wheel and pick better.

  29. The only person on this planet that could make Dan Snyder sit down and shut up left the team two years ago when he resigned his head coaching job. The fact that Joe Gibbs got the Redskins into the playoffs two out of his four years in his second stint with the Redskins is one of the most overlooked achievements among the self-appointed NFL experts. Without Gibbs, or anyone of his caliber running the team, the Redskins are doomed to mediocrity until Snyder finally realizes what a negative influence he is on the team’s future.

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