Chargers get extension to avoid blackout

The San Diego Chargers continue to flirt with the possibility of a blackout.

The team has announced that a 24-hour extension has been obtained in the hopes of selling out Sunday’s home game against the Raiders.

Approximately 1,000 tickets need to be sold by 4:05 p.m. ET on Friday.

The Chargers warned their fans prior to the season that blackouts were likely.  To date, the three home games have been sold out.

22 responses to “Chargers get extension to avoid blackout

  1. and to date at least 2 of those required extensions. It’s the same shitty seats that are available doesn’t have to do with record.

  2. We won’t be reading this “deja vu all over again” story the week the Eagles play the Chargers, as us Eagles fans bought up all the tickets months ago.

  3. I’m stunned– does this mean that you can only talk smack without backing it up for about 1/2 decade?
    Stay Classy, Bolts.

  4. Another reason it will be the Los Angeles Chargers.
    This is wishful thinking from a Vikings fan.
    LA Lakers & LA Vikings? Cruel cruel world.

  5. NotsoSlyBri:
    Why wouldn’t Eagle fans choose San Diego as the place they want to go see their team play!?! I mean, any reason to get out of Philthy is a good reason, right!?!
    Qualcomm (Chargers) seats 71,500
    Lincoln (Eagles) seats 68,500
    If Qualcomm had 3,000 fewer seats like Lincoln stadium, the Chargers would already have sold out. Fewer seats makes it easier to sell out, not to mention Philthy has more residents than San Diego.
    San Diego thanks Eagle fans for their tax dollars.

  6. well, if San Diego fans dont start buying tickets to see a team that actually has talent, i am sure LA fans would, and the NFL wants an LA team.

  7. It stuns me that this makes news every game. When we do ever get blacked out then you kind acknowledge it, I am sick of this becoming a story every home game. When is the last time we were blacked out?

  8. Same old story.
    NFL demands additional seats to remain in SB rotation. SD obliges.
    NFL demands more additional seats to stay in SB rotation. SD obliges.
    NFL says ‘Stadium is in poor shape – No Super Bowls for you!!!
    And the stadium has more seats than needed and the team and city get a stigma attached to them by ignorant fans from other cities that don’t know squat about life in So Cal.
    Small minds. Small world.

  9. All of you jokers calling for the Bolts to go to LA because they’ll sell out, must’ve been born after 1995 when TWO teams left for that reason.

  10. @mwcarolina: your logic doesn’t make much sense considering LA lost not only the Raiturds, but also the Rams and its population made up of transplants from around the USA.
    I think Electrogasm said it best,
    “Small minds. Small world.”

  11. The Chargers suck and the Raiders blow, and now it’s painfully obvious no one wants to see this stink bowl. I would rather see that tool Philip Rivers try and steal one of Jamarcus Russell’s double quarter pounders. We all know that would end up just like Ned Beatty in Deliverance… Squeal like a pig Philip!

  12. On second thought just get some bull dozers in here and turn this dump into a parking lot and you wont have to worry about selling out anymore!

  13. Hey, SATAN567, what POS city do you live in? You can bag on my Chargers all you want, they deserve it. When you attack my city, that’s personal and I’ll put SD up against your slum anyday LOSER!!!!!!!

  14. you know it’s bad when this game is not a sell out because usually this is a home game for the raiders with more raiders fans than chargers fans

  15. “Small minds. Small world.”
    I think LA fans would attend games now since they havent seen pro football for years in their city.

  16. To think there once was a time when the Chargers forced fans to buy a ticket to an extra game when they bought tickets to the Raiders game. That was because the Raiders fans showed up in droves and took over the stadium. Now the Raiders fans are boycotting the shitty product on the field and not showing up to games. It’s even having an effect in S.D.

  17. How are those Raider home ticket sales going? Hmmm I wonder if Al may consider moving his team to LA to recapture the magic they once had there. SD always turns out for the Bolts. These seats that are still for sale are crap and everyone but Faider fans know that. 13 game in a row is keeping fair weather Faider fans away from Sunny San Diego. It should be a good day there now.

  18. Crap seats? You sure about that one?
    Section P30
    Row 20
    NON-CLUB PRICE LEVEL 1 – $98.00
    Full Price Non-Club
    Ticket Price
    US $98.00 x 1
    Price Details
    Convenience Charge
    US $8.50 x 1
    US $106.50

  19. I hope everyone is sitting down when they read this shocking news but…
    …predictably, the threat of a blackout has been averted.
    The semi-weekly game that began playing last year — wait for the blackout to be lifted — has come and gone again.
    Be sure to save the very same inane comments and post them again in two weeks.

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