Crabtree tampering case is still moving forward

After 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree signed his rookie contract earlier this month, it was believed in some league circles that the tampering allegations made by the 49ers against the Jets would quietly disappear.

And, by all appearances, they have.

Per a league source, however, they haven’t.

The source says that the investigation is proceeding.  Details as to who has and hasn’t been interviewed are sketchy.  Because the league office has no jurisdiction over players or agents in matters of this nature, Crabtree and his representative, Eugene Parker, have the right to refuse to cooperate.

The wild card in this equation is Deion Sanders.  Technically, he’s a league employee, via his relationship with NFL Network.  So he could be compelled to talk.

And he already did talk, to an extent, during an interview earlier this month with NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora.  Sanders claimed that he simply inferred that two other teams were willing to pay Crabtree wanted because, as Sanders explained it, Parker told him that two teams were willing to make a trade for Crabtree’s rights.

But if that’s true, why would the 49ers tell Parker that other teams are interested in trading for Crabtree, if the obvious inference becomes that those two teams will pay Crabtree what he wants?  If the Niners’ goal was to get Crabtree signed, the worst thing they could have done would have been to let him know that other teams are willing to give him what he wants.

So, for now, the bottom line is that the investigation has not gone away.  Whether it results in a penalty for the Jets remains to be seen.

12 responses to “Crabtree tampering case is still moving forward

  1. Good thing the Jets picked up Braylon Edwards a fast receiver that can catch.
    Or, at least a fast receiver.

  2. I wonder if Sergeant Fat Bastard still wants to play the 49ers this year. Since they obviously can’t learn from their mistakes (and are a bunch of hypocrites after the whole New England fiasco), I say penalize them two firsts!!!!

  3. The idiots in San Fran. should have forced Crabtree to help make their case for tampering as a condition to signing him!

  4. “The idiots in San Fran. should have forced Crabtree to help make their case for tampering as a condition to signing him!”
    Players union wouldn’t allow that. Not to mention how misguided it would be to hold up the signing even longer over something that is pretty trivial at this point. 49ers need Crabtree practicing a lot more then they need they need to play “got you!” with the Jets.
    Doubt Jets fans have much to worry about with this situation, despite the case still “moving forward”

  5. Good thing the Jets picked up Braylon Edwards a fast receiver that can catch.
    Or, at least a fast receiver.
    Funny, and he is somewhat tainted to boot, great trade…..

  6. Perhaps the “idiots” in “San Fran” know they won’t have to force Crabtree to help make their case. Since Crabtree is locked to the 49ers for the next six years I’m sure they can show Michael how his assistance in the investigation would help the team.

  7. The League office has no interest in actually enforcing a tampering charge. They had Childress and Farve dead to rights last year and swept it under the rug so its obvious that Goodell & co. will use it only when it serves their own interests.

  8. Mr. Florio,
    This story keeps getting discussed about how TWO teams tampered with Crabtree yet only the Jets good name is ever mentioned as possible teams tampering with Crabtree.
    If the there are two teams, who is the other team? If there are not two teams, then Deion losses whatever preconceived creditability he may have had regarding this case.

  9. The Jets will get away with their tampering just like they have every other time AND they will continue to do it again and again every time there is an opportunity.

  10. Goodell is too busy not disciplining coaches for detrimental conduct to be bothered with not disciplining a team for rules violations.
    Now if a player leaves his jersey untucked, or throws a ball into the stands to a fan, or if a coach or player points out how incompetent the officiating is, then he has plenty of time to issue fines for those types of egregious indiscretions.

  11. Niners/Crabcake had more important things on their minds… they have more bigger issues coming up (Peyton and Co.).
    I know Niner fans were excited about how well they played in the second half at Houston, but “let’s not START sucking eachothers D***S just yet.”
    Now, if they do win (big fat chance) then you can START and enjoy your San Francisco TREATS!
    Suck away!!!
    For the record, I hope Niners do win………..

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