Joel Glazer denies rumors of financial problems, sale of Bucs

The typically quiet and reclusive Glazers initially opted not to respond to a rumor that the family has suffered significant financial losses as a result of the Bernie Madoff investment scam, and the rumors that, as a result of the losses, their Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be for sale.

But now Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer, one of the sons of owner Malcolm Glazer, has issued through the team an unequivocal denial of both rumors.

“The report today by WDAE’s Dan Sileo about our family and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is 100 percent false,” Joel Glazer said.  “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not, nor have they ever been for sale.  In addition, our family or any of our related companies have never invested one penny with Bernie Madoff.  The report is baseless, irresponsible and slanderous.  This type of behavior by Mr. Sileo and his company Clear Channel will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.”


This once again proves that, when folks who usually say nothing finally start talking, they do so in no uncertain terms. 

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  1. I have seen and read where the Glazers have lost a ton of money with the soccer team they purchased in England. I know nothing about the soccer team but it was in the news not long ago.

  2. So using terms like “slanderous” and “dealt with in an appropriate manner” usually means lawsuit?
    Isn’t the client list for Madoff now public record? Wouldn’t it be outright lying for either Glazer or Sileo?
    Leads me to the question of, why would the liar risk it??

  3. Awesome. This has always been Glazer m.o. I like it, it is what it is in Tampa. A year to see what we got, reload through draft and FA, give it an honest shot next year. Fine. We will see what we got in Freeman and go from there. Secondary, very good. Bryant and Stroughter, nice. Caddy, back. Ward, yikes. The Soldier, nice. I’m a fan since my dad took me at 2. I am not surprised at all this year. Isn’t this what everyone predicted?? I’m glad to see Joel take a strong stance, especially against Sileo. Someone needs to tell that fat jerk to shut his mouth.

  4. I see this as a “fake but accurate” situation.
    The Glazers may not be forced to sell the team, but all indications are that they’re taking a complete bath on their ownership of Manchester United, as they’ve got huge liabilities because of that club’s debt.
    This, combined with the massive cost-cutting by the Bucs this year, certainly gives the impression that the Glazers are cash-poor and would consider a sale.

  5. Glazer owns Manchester United, arguably England’s answer to the NE Patriots. I would be surprised if he lost much money, they are HUGE not only in England but America as well, let’s face it MLS is a joke, so the Premier Leauge has a decent following. Furthermore, good for him. What is with the media? They are a joke, just look at how many stories get posted on this website that turn out to be just that……stories. Reporters are more concerned with being “first” than accurate. Jokers present opinions and rumors as facts, very irresponsible

  6. Dan Sileo’s show is terrible and absolutely unlistenable. It’s not surprising that he has to spread lies to get people talking about him and his show.

  7. I have a question and problem with all theses reports. I believe and I am guessing that the Glazers valued the Tampa Bay Bucs for Estate Tax Purposes years ago. If they did indeed do that and they paid the taxes years ago. Here’s roughly how it works. I am open to corrections by individuals that have more knowledge then I. Had the Bucs (Glazers) valued the Team at say $400 million and paid the taxes at that time, then selling the team today for say 1 billion dollars would destroy that plan and cost the family a substantial amount of money. It makes no sense to sell before the death of the parents. The father appears to be in declining health so the sale before his death would be financially irresponsible. I look forward to anyone that has better or more knowledge to correct me or expound on my thinking.

  8. Here’s a story to follow! The NFL is going to force a lockout, because they are drowning in debt. The NFL financed stadium deals, balloon loans and down commercial $ low attendance and HUGE drop in sales of gear.
    Big problems in the NFL….look it up, this info is from someone big in JP Morgan Chase in NY

  9. Sure the Glazers don’t have financial troubles. That’s why they were one of the few teams, if not the only one vastly under the minimum NFL salary cap. That’s why they dumped Chucky and Allen and hired Raheem Radio Morris at the bargain basement level.
    Please… believe what you see, not what you hear. I’ve said it before, in this economy no way that the state of Florida needs much more than the Dolphins to hold down the fort.
    Goodell believes that the NFL is coming to London. Maybe float the Buccaneers across the Atlantic alongside Manchester U.
    No way the NFL is expanding, what with the sudden lack of parity and all. They are in relocation mode, at best. One team to L.A. and maybe a team or two into new American markets (Portland? etc.).

  10. To many of you keep saying that the Glazer’s have cut costs which couldn’t be more UNTRUE.
    They fired Gruden & Allen but are on the hook to pay out the contracts IN FULL.
    They trade Gaines Adams accelerating the pro-rated signing bonus which amounts to $15 MILLION for 2010 / 2011.
    They still have to pay Raheem & Dominick what ever they signed on for which is on top of what they pay Gruden & Allen.
    They have added overhead not subtracted.
    And what free agents should they have signed?
    After Hanyesworth and 2 or 3 other free agents signed with teams other than the Bucs, there wasn’t anyone worth signing. And this offseason / FA period lacked any monster agreements or huge signing bonuses other than Haynesworth who the Bucs offered more money to than he got from the Redskins………
    Yeah it’s true we suck but there really wasn’t anyone out there worth going after. Better to save the money towards the next draft & offseason FA period. No sense in wasting anymore money than we already have.

  11. Please sue this Sileo clown. He is a blowhard and he ruins morning talk radio in this area. You can’t listen to him. It’s like listening to fingernails scratching a chalk board. No one calls his show so he has to ramble and babble for minutes at a time. Hopefully Clear Channel will realize that his show sucks and now that they’re getting sued they can get decent radio talent. A nationally syndicated show would be the way to go since the Tampa sports scene is weak at best.

  12. dam pats fan sounds like you need to take your ass back to boston. let me guess boston has the best sports talk radio in the world right? your a clown. i hate seeing clowns like you driving around tampa with all there redsox logos flashing , then they get eliminated and up goes the patriot logo, then they get eliminated and up goes the celtics logo, its a repeat cycle, with a month long stretch of depression following each sport.

  13. Of course the Glazers are going to deny all of this, they want to milk the Buc fans out of every penney before they move the team.
    And Buc fans will gladly submit to this.

  14. Warning: this will be ugly.
    Hawkster, you make this easy. That thing that you’re seeing from all of the New Englanders that use your sleepy little collection of strip joints, ABC Liquor Lounges, and Waffle Houses as a cheap vacation/winter escape is called TEAM LOYALTY. You see Hawkster, we have been wearing Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins/Celtics gear our entire lives. Our parents wore them. Our grandparents wore them. In many cases our great and great-great grandparents wore them.
    It’s understandable that you don’t understand this concept because the place where you live was basically a port for potassium and oranges up until the 1980s. If you ask 10 people in Tampa where they’re from 9 will name the city or state that they moved from. Ask 10 people in the Boston area the same question and they will say Boston-even if they’re from Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire or western Massachusetts. As an aside-most graduates of the Tampa public schools could not identify, yet alone spell any of those states. Heck, half probably can’t spell Boston!
    In short, what you and most gen Y sunbelters just don’t get and will never get is the sense of community that pervades New England. That is partly manifested with our love of, allegiance to, and pride in our local institutions. You see people changing from one Boston team to the next as bandwagoning (of course you do, because bandwagoning is all you know). But what it really is is a celebration of the next season. And lately the ending of one team’s season is when they get the celebratory Duck Boat Ride through the crowded streets of the city to celebrate a championship. The last ten years have been off the charts in the Boston area as far as success in sports goes. But we’ve supported our teams since the 1800s in many cases. And most of those years were decidedly not off the charts. Your excellent and exciting to watch baseball team went to the World Series last year and still couldn’t fill their stadium this year.
    I remember when I was stationed in Tampa with the Air Force back in the 80s they named Wade Boggs and Hulk Hogan Tampa Bay “sportsman of the year” in 1986 and 1987 respectively. It doesn’t get much sadder than that…oh wait…the same year Bo Jackson was drafted #1 by the Bucs and sat out a year of football rather than sign with them.
    We have a word for people like you. Pathetic. I’d like to keep going here but I have to decide if I want to spend this 20 bucks I found on the street on a case of Sam Adams beer or a beachfront condo in Dunedin. (I’m leaning towards the beer. The condo will probably be 15 bucks next week!)
    Have a nice day hater. (I’m thinking that there will be many New Englanders that get the irony of this post and my name and zero Tamponians(?), Tampites(?), Tampons(?) will.)
    (PS for what it’s worth Boston has 3 sports radio stations including the highest rated station in the country. Best in the country? Maybe. Better than Tampa talk radio? Definitely.)
    “dahawkster813 says:
    October 29, 2009 5:57 PM
    dam pats fan sounds like you need to take your ass back to boston. let me guess boston has the best sports talk radio in the world right? your a clown. i hate seeing clowns like you driving around tampa with all there redsox logos flashing , then they get eliminated and up goes the patriot logo, then they get eliminated and up goes the celtics logo, its a repeat cycle, with a month long stretch of depression following each sport.

  15. Don’t worry hawkster, all these New England transplants will be flying the Bucs flags again when Eddie Debartolo buys the team from the miserly Glazers and turns this thing around. By the way, I was born in Tampa and I’m enjoying a decent career as a pharmaceutical chemist despite being unable to spell “Boston.”

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