Jones-Drew says the Jags are the best team in the league

In college, UCLA running back Maurice Jones-Drew was stuck in the shadows of USC’s Reggie Bush.  (The diminutive Jones-Drew also once got lost behind a keg of beer.)  Since they both moved to the NFL, Jones-Drew has been the far superior player.

But now Jones-Drew has moved the oneupsmanship into a new arena.  A day after Bush said that his 6-0 Saints can go undefeated, Jones-Drew said that his 3-3 team is the best in the league.

I think the Jaguars are,” Jones-Drew said Wednesday, according to the Florida Times-Union.  “We have a lot of young guys who are
starting to get their feet under them.  You guys expect me to say
anybody else?”

He was then asked if his answer is an honest one.  “That’s a very honest answer,” Jones-Drew said.  “I’m a fan of the
Jaguars.  I’m one of those fans, regardless of what the team does, I
still love them.  Each week, I think they’re going to be awesome.”

And this is precisely why coaches don’t like it when their players are required to speak extemporaneously.

We know what some of you will say.  What else should Bush or Jones-Drew say in situations like this?

For Bush, when asked if his team can run the table, he could have said this:  “We can win every game, and we can lose every game.  Our goal each week is to win.  And we hope that when the dust settles we have enough wins to go to the playoffs.”

For Jones-Drew, he had an even easier way out.  “The best team is the team that wins the Super Bowl,” he could have said.  “And if we want to be that team we’ve got work to do.  I hope my teammates are ready to roll up their sleeves with me.”

So, yes, there are ways to answer these loaded questions honestly and without possibly providing other teams with extra motivation come Sunday or Monday night.

Fortunately for us, plenty of players have yet to figure that out.

45 responses to “Jones-Drew says the Jags are the best team in the league

  1. You ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers. What is he going to say? we’re mediocre, we are just alright, we actually arent good at all. Give me a break already. The backlash would be 1000 times worse if he would have said something among those lines.
    He’s always been a great fantasy player for me this yr.

  2. …and if New Orleans played Jacksonville 10 times they would win…..probably 8?
    Favre says this is the most talented team he has been on…..Bush predicts a perfect season, and so on. I think you may have to go to Washington, Oakland, St. Louis, etc. to find someone without an over the top with optimism/pride view of their team.
    Nothing wrong with that!

  3. …and Richard Seymour says the Raiders will be in the play-offs….and Larry Johnson has a less than complementary opinion of news reporters….

  4. Good work Florio providing the proper answers, I guess you do read our comments after all.
    Why in the hell can’t these guys just shut up? I dont understand why every day another player says this or that regarding how great they are. Just when you thought the “me” attitude was at its worst another guy opens his mouth.

  5. I understand what you are saying, however, “Loaded Questions” are much easier to respond to when you are READING them and have time to think out an answer! When asked in person, point blank, and you only have a split second to decide what you are going to say, it’s a lot more difficult! This guy gets paid to run with the football.. not to be quick with PC answers! LOL

  6. He could have just been honest and said, “we suck but at least we are better than Redskins, Patriots, Rams, Lions, Bucs, Raiders, and Cowboys,”

  7. “Pro Football Talk is the best source for NFL news on the planet” – Mike Florio
    What Perez Florio should have said, “we, my employees and I, strive to find information that will seem relevent to the lives of our readership. Sometimes, we can’t find that information. However, we don’t want to lose our readers or make them feel that their time spent here is wasted.”
    Cornflorio continues, “In keeping with such, we endeavor to splice quotes, rumors and unsubstantiated, unnamed sources’ information so that we can bluster our way until we can find the aforementioned relevant and newsworthy facts that continue to entertain and reward our readers’ time such that they are.”
    “We will not substitute no information for actual information and that’s what drives us to become the best source of NFL news on the planet.”
    Will Witherspoon doesn’t breathe, he holds air hostage!

  8. The whole concept of “providing motivation for other teams” is ridiculously overrated. If a guy needs to look at a bulletin board for motivation he doesn’t belong in the NFL, period, and any coach worth his salt knows that. The media on the other hand still clings that that old-fashioned, high school level tactic.
    The only players MJ-D is motivating is his own team. And that’s a good thing.

  9. If he said no he would be criticized for not supporting his team….
    This is a lame story…
    I never understood why Florio had so many haters on here…
    Every day I am getting it more….

  10. What did Bush say that was so bad? “Can you go undefeated?” “We can.” Not “We will.” “We can.” And since the Saints are 6-0, they and the Colts and Broncos are the only teams who can. Bush gave an honest and thoughtful answer to the question, but you media types always take quotes out of context and distort the actual meaning. Yesterday ESPN put Bush’s quote and a line from Sean Payton’s press conference back-to-back to make it seem like Payton was chastising Bush for what he said when in fact the two quotes were completely unrelated.
    And really, I want players on my team to believe that instead of giving some stupid BS spiel that has no meaning.

  11. I love the MJD said this. Players should have passion for their teams and be motivated by more than just a pay check.
    Trent Edwards was asked a few weeks ago by the media in a postgame presser that if he were a fan, would he boo his team’s performance. He replied with “I’m not a Bills fan, I am a Bills player.” To me that shows how detached he is from the sentiments of those who fill the stadium and wear his jersey and are passionate about their hometown team. I am glad that some players are actually fans of their team, it shows some passion.

  12. # chapnasty says: October 29, 2009 9:53 AM
    Good work Florio providing the proper answers, I guess you do read our comments after all.
    Why in the hell can’t these guys just shut up? I dont understand why every day another player says this or that regarding how great they are. Just when you thought the “me” attitude was at its worst another guy opens his mouth.
    Are you kidding me, he was talking about how great he thought his TEAM was, what is he supposed to say? There is nothing wrong with having confidence in your team and thinking that you are the best. You just sound like a goof with that comment.

  13. You really sound like an idiot here. First off you had time to think about your answers. You werent engulfed by reports and asked the question live. Secondly I think his answer is better then yours. I guess thats the difference between athletes and guys who talk about athletes. MJD is a winner and is going to talk like a winner and thats what your suppose to do.

  14. Mr. Florio, you are lawyer, as am I. As a lawyer, I’m surprised you left out an important sentence spoken by MJD which would have provided an accurate context. MDJ said that he “is trying to change the culture around here” including the city so that folks stay true to their team, win or lose. With that context, I think his comments are certainly commendable for one of the few leaders of the Jaguars.
    Go Jags Go!

  15. I get really sick of reporters baiting players into saying these things and then rushing out and trumpeting to the world “ZOMG HE MADE AN OUTLANDISH CLAIM!!111!!1!”
    Jones-Drew has it right: Did they expect him to say anyone else?
    Did they expect Richard Seymour to say “Man we suck, let’s just forfeit the rest of the season!”
    Did they expect Reggie Bush to say “Of course we’re going to lose!”
    This little game is getting old.

  16. Bulletin board material doesn’t work when it’s positive stuff like how good your own team is. It is only effective (and that only to a very small extent) when a guy disses his upcoming opponent.
    The media goes ga-ga over quotes but to the players and most fans it’s benign.

  17. Jones-Drew would have come across as less of a liar had he said three monkeys flew out of his butt last night…after he was abducted by neon colored space aliens.

  18. # Steeler4life says: October 29, 2009 10:02 AM
    He could have just been honest and said, “we suck but at least we are better than Redskins, Patriots, Rams, Lions, Bucs, Raiders, and Cowboys,”
    There are intelligent fans that root for every team…..even the Steelers….unfortunately….Steeler4Life is not one of them. He still can’t bring himself to admit his team is not better than the Patriots…so he tosses New England into his “list” of so called “bad” teams the Jags are “better” than. Bravo….you are now the dumbest man on earth !

  19. MJD is a great player, but I’m not sure how often the synapses are firing upstairs. His question was basically the same as any question found in the logic portion of a placement test.
    Q: Which is the best team in the NFL?
    A. My team
    B. The Rams
    C. The Saints
    D. Whatever team wins the Super Bowl that year
    Most 10th graders know how to answer that question properly.

  20. Stupid, out of context, out of touch post, awful really. This what so and so should have said, why don’t you make that a regular addition to the site.
    “What SHOULD have been said”
    You’re lame, just don’t post if this is all you got.

  21. @Nikhil.
    It’s precisely because he’s a lawyer that he left out the rest of the quote: then he couldn’t control the angle of the story & put it in the context that he wanted his misguided story to go.
    In other words, Florio wouldn’t be able to take something positive a player on a struggling team said to help boost his team’s morale & faith in him as their feature player & turn it into another flatfooted assumption that all players are the same, mouthy & irresposible saps that he was raised to be.

  22. “Stupid, out of context, out of touch post, awful really. This what so and so should have said, why don’t you make that a regular addition to the site.
    “What SHOULD have been said”
    You’re lame, just don’t post if this is all you got.”

  23. This is why players hate talking to the media. If they give Florio’s answer, they’re criticized for giving player-speak cliches. If they give Jones-Drew’s or Bush’s answer, they are criticized for being slef-centered morons. If they don’t talk at all, they are criticized for being surly pricks.
    How about we criticize the stupid reporter who asked him who the best team in the league is? How did that have anything to do with Sunday’s game with the Titans?

  24. and MJD is on drugs. His team has not beaten anybody. Until you beat teams like New England, New Orleans, Giants, Vikings, Cowboys or teams with excellent records, I do not want to hear such non sense coming from a player who has had 3 great weeks out of 6. Show up a little more MJD and not just half the time and maybe, just maybe you can say your team is the team to beat. Everyone just think about this. Jacksonville is always blacked out on tv and by MJD saying this, he is hoping to get more fans in the stands. I’d go to a game if it were closer only because I am a football fan not to see the Jags but the other team, lol

  25. I’m a Colts fan, and I say good for MJD. Players need to have a passion for their team and believe that they can top anyone in the league.

  26. I love that PFT gives pussy-footed losers, who’ve never strapped up their chin and walked across chalk lines, an arena to voice their myopic opinions. Pretty ironic when these key-pushers ask: “why won’t these guys shut up?”. At least when they talk, people listen, idiots…

  27. Bob Loblaw:
    “They’re not even the best team in Jacksonville.”
    So Bob Lowballs, who is the best team in Jacksonville?

  28. Personally, I’d have been pissed if he said “we’re the worst .500 team ever. We barely beat the Saints and we’ll probably be the first Titans victim of the season. ”
    You said the right thing, Mojo. Anyone who’s watched football for more than a couple of weeks knows that the Jags aren’t the best team – or even in the top half. Keep on carrying the flag. At least people are talking about something now other than 30,000 empty seats.

  29. Winning the Super Bowl does not make you the best team in the league – it makes you the winner of the Super Bowl.
    Why people continue to equate winning a championship with being the best is beyond me.
    Fact of the matter is no one can prove MJD is wrong.

  30. my favorite part of this whole forum is the people who constantly read florio and constantly bash florio… what a great country we live in. you can read articles by people who you think suck. oh the joy.

  31. so mr_snrub, what you’re saying is that the team that wins the super bowl is just ok, the best team actually lost before that game. i get it.

  32. No eph521, what I’m saying is that “best” is a subjective term that’s thrown about way too much in sports. With the exception of college football no sports league is designed to determine who the best team is.
    Best is something for the media and fans to argue. Teams measure themselves by championships – something that isn’t subjective or debatable.
    If you’ve ever played sports you’d know the feeling of occasionally winning and not being the best team. Best is something you care about absolutely zero.

  33. @ mr_snrub
    Please tell me you’re kidding. I fail to believe that any human being who can acquire access to the internet and, presumably, go to the bathroom without assistance, would actually understand what you just said. How can a team lose to another team on its way to the Super Bowl and still be the best team in football? You defy logic.

  34. @mr_snrub
    I can say without a doubt that the Jags ARE NOT the best team in the NFL but they are better than the Lions, Rams, Cowboys, Patriots, Chiefs, Bucs, and Titans.
    MJD is wrong.

  35. mr_snrub:
    I got your back. Anyone that has played sports, (which no one on here clearly has, except for Madden) understands that sometimes the best team loses. Whether it’s just the best team on paper or actual overall physically best team, it is what it is.
    I know this is hard for most of you to fathom, but sometimes the best team has a bad day. Here’s an example for you. Cleveland beats the Colts. That’s called an upset. Say it with me UPSET.
    Clearly the Colts are the best team, but for that day Cleveland was the better team. Class is dismissed!!!!

  36. We’re not talking about colts getting beat up by the browns.
    We’re talking about Championships.
    …& the “With the exception of college football” argument is as weaker than my grandmother’s bladder during golden shower hour.

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